A Wizard, A Dancer, A Pager, A Vampire

What will happen to the Pretty Little Liars? Aria is a pager at this strange library where the Grimm magic is real. Spencer found out her parents had hidden her Hogwarts letter and she goes off to a place where she truly feels like she belongs. Hanna moved to Paris and started dancing and singing at the Opera Populaire, where a phantom haunts it and is determined to keep Hanna under lock and key. As for Emily she got bitten and turned into a vampire, now she currently resides with Bella, Edward, and the rest of the gang. Can the Liars make it through their crazy new lives or do they still need each other? read to find out:)

Authors note: For Aria I picked The Grimm Legacy, for Spencer I think it is obvious it is Harry Potter. For Hanna I picked The Phantom of the Opera. And last but not least I picked Twilight for Emily :)


17. Her Boyfriend Broke up with Her- Spencer's P.O.V.

We all loaded into the car and I must say, we were a sight to see. There I was, a brunette with an expression that was a mix of fear and confusion, a red head behind the wheel (on the right side, I was really confused as to why at first) with a crazed look in his eyes, a boy with a lightening bolt scar that was looking out the window, and a wild haired girl who was telling me fun facts on the way. We were airborne in no time.

"You know, when we were in our second year, these two bumbling idiots took this car to Hogwarts. True story. They wreaked it and nearly killed themselves! Just twelve years old and driving a car." Hermoine informed me.

I looked over at Ron, but he was too focused on driving to return the glance.

"We're still alive aren't we?" He replied back

"Beats me how though."

"I'm the chosen one, remember? That's how." Harry said laughing.

Hermoine replied with a slap to the arm.

I chuckled and looked at Harry. He smirked and shrugged his shoulders. I grinned back and turned to Hermoine.

"I was going to ask, how do we exactly get to Hogwarts?"

"Good question, there is a train that will transport you there. Platform 9 3/4."

"Could you guys show me when we get back? Wait, what exactly is our plan here?"

"We've gotta know what kind of danger your friend is in. Can you explain to us what exactly is going on?" Ron asked

"She broke up with her boyfriend."

The car came to a halt mid-air, and everybody turned to look at me with their mouths wide open and their eyes popping out of their heads.

"You cannot be serious! We could've been preparing you. Send her some chocolate and a get well card!" Hermoine yelled at me.

"Bloody hell!"

"I'm completely joking guys geez! I'm not that ignorant! It's actually a lot darker than that. You can continue driving Ron and I'll explain everything. Okay?"

He grumbled an okay and we were off again.

Harry looked into my eyes and I began.

"It all started when our friend Ali went missing. We were all hanging out as per usual. Everybody was drinking, and eventually either was too wasted or too tired, but nevertheless they fell asleep. I too, fell asleep, but was awoken by a scream. I knew it was Ali's. So, I went out to search for her. I couldn't even find her tracks. Fast forward a couple of years, and we start getting anonymous messages from a person that referred to themselves as A. We had other names of course, bitch was probably our favorite. But whoever A was would stop at nothing to get what they want. It would take our secrets and make them into a noose and tie it around our necks to hang us with. It has killed before, guys. He tricked me into thinking my boyfriend was dead for godsake. Anyway, she started getting texts again, and the rest of us moved on. Hanna's in Paris, I'm here, and Emily is god knows. I couldn't live with myself if Aria died alone." I started getting a little teary eyed just talking about it.

"She won't die, I promise you Spencer. After all we are wizards." Harry said with a reassuring smile.

He does have a point, I am a wizard. That bitch better hide. Spencer is coming and bring all hell with her.

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