Over Again {A One Direction Fan Fiction}-BOOK ONE

Gabby Richards was never one to be in a crowd.She never liked attention or being in the spotlight.
But Harry did.
Harry Styles was her best friend and they did everything together.He was one of those people who loved the 'girl' attention and being the main attraction.He ran with the popular group-not really the type of people who would be friends with someone like Gabby.
Gabby and Harry planned to spend the summer together while they were both on vacation with their families.But will that be hard to do when Harry mets new people and start to forget about Gabby?

Will Gabby be willing to let her best friend go?


1. Prolouge

  A blanket of sunshine fell upon us as the sand beneath my feet massaged my toes and the sound of the waves crashing caused a wave of warmess to come over me all at once.I kept my gaze lowered at my feet,blocking my view from the sun.The body walking beside me was silent and so was I.It wasn't really an akward silence,just our usual comforting silence.A breeze came through,sending strands of my hair flying in random directions.I didn't really mind and it didn't bother me,I was used to it.

   The beach was our getaway and was our place to go whenever we came on vacation.We would walk up and down the beach for hours and hours until it was dark.Once,we stayed out until it was midnight.THat was the best day ever.We had many summer days like that and some where we would stay in and eat junk food or watch movies all day.Today we planned to stay out and have the most fun we could,because we were leaving tomorrow.We didn't want to and I was dreading going back home,but we did have school in a couple of weeks.It will be our freshman year and I was scared.Our first year of highschool-it was just too much to think about.I just wanted to walk up and down the beach without that thought on my mind.


    I lifted my head up and turned to face him.He turned to face me,his green eyes staring into my muddy brown ones.I smiled as his brown,curly hair blew through the summer breeze,reminding me that summer is almost over and we might not see eachother as much.My smile slightly faltered and I falt his hand grip onto mine.He smiled down at me as we continued to walk."You okay?" he asked.I nodded my head before letting it fall gently against his shoulder.

  We've been friends since we were in diapers.Our parents knew eachother from way back and they were best friends,too.Harry's mom was there for my mom when she had me and my mom was there for Harry's mom when she had him.They had eachother's back no matter what.And that's how me and Harry are.

  "Harry?" I spoke for the first time in a little while."Yeah?" he replied.I lifted my head from his shoulder and looked up at him."Do you think that 9th grade will change us?" I asked him.Another silence fell upon us as we stopped walking."Do you think so?" he said.I smiled a little."We're best friends.Nothing could break us apart," I confessed.He smiled,which caused me to smile even bigger."That's what I thought!" he said.I giggled at him before he pulled into a bear hug."Love you," I mummbled into his shirt." I love you,too." he replied.He squeezed me once more before letting me go.He quickly picked me up and swung me over his shoulder."HARRY!" I screamed,laughing."Hold on!!!" he yelled back at me.

  I repeatedly pounded his back,talling him to let me go,and he kept saying "NEVER!".I finally gave up and let my body go limp and just hung there as he continued running."Done yet?" I asked camly.He let me down,slowly.Once I was back on my feet,I hit him in the arm."OUCH!" he yelped out in pain."And that's for picking me up!" I stuck my tounge out at him.He chuckled at me and I giggled a little.

  After that,we began to draw stuff in the sand near the water.I drew hearts and he drew more random stuff.I made a giant heart and wrote our initials inside of it."Styles!" I called for him.He rushed over to me and I showed him what I did.


Harry smiled down at it before he took the stick away from me."What are you doing?!" I shrieked.He just ignored me and wrote something down.He stood up afterwards and handed me the stick back.



Moments like these made me wish that we didn't have to grow up or move on.

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