Fun Time with One Direction

A 17 year old girl,Flora, spends some time with her uncle while her parents are away on an alone time vacation. Her uncle,Paul, has a special thing that she doesn't know. Flora isn't big fan of music and boys. She likes to spend time on her future.


1. Getting Ready to Fly

Flora's POV

"Flora! We have to go in an hour! Hurry honey!" Mum said

Flora was also getting ready because she was in Florida and she has to go to England so Uncle Paul could take care of her. It was the first time that she had went on an airplane. She was frightened a bit but Uncle Paul bought her tickets and they were first class seats so Flora felt more comfortable

"Ready?!? LET'S GO!" Dad yelled.

"READY!!!" I replied. 

As we got in the taxi to go to the airport Live While We're Young starts playing. I get pretty annoyed because I wasn't a big fan of One Direction. I decided to get my phone out and go on Twitter and Instagram. When I get on my phone I always get distracted. I never wanted that song stuck in my head. 

~ 10 Hours Later on the Airplane ~

I wore a pink cardigan with white skinnies, gold earrings, and tannish high heels. I had brought an extra pair of black flats in case my feet started hurting.

I got a bit lost.

... I called my mum...

"Where's Uncle? I have no idea what he looks like"

"He's tall and strong and big. He might have his wedding ring on. I'll send you a picture."

-She sent the picture-

Okay, now since I know what he looks like I'll find him. 



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