Is This what love feels like?

When Harry Styles decides to have a part time job at KFC he happens to cross a beautiful girl called Ashlee Murch she's 19 she has redish brown hair, a small button nose, greenish blue eyes and has a great figure. What will happen between the two? Will they end up dating then find out he's cheating on her? or will she tell him some good news, but he takes it the wrong way? What would she do then? Will she decide to live with her other 7 close friends or will she just end her life then?


1. What is he doing here?

Walking through the town of Cheshire, I hear all the morning birds singing their songs and the daily paper man dropping the newspaper on people’s driveways, that’s when I realise I’m still in my work uniform. I start work in half an hour, so I decided to walk there. Once I arrive at work (KFC), I went behind the counter and said hello to my team mates and my two managers that were on today. I walked around to the staff room and collected my time card and put it on top of my bag. I checked the time in the staff room and saw that it was 11:10, wow that only took me 10 minutes to walk to work. I went back into the office and looked at my roster; I’m on drive-thru tonight. I go and get Nicole one of my managers to ask her to take out one of the tills so I can count it before I start work. After 15 minutes of counting my till I quickly walk back into the staff room, grab my hat and name badge and put it on, whilst waiting for the five minutes I notice that there is one new trainee, he has short curly brown hair and emerald green eyes that looks like they would sparkle in the sun.  He smiled at me and asked. “Hey I’m Harry, I’m new here and I need help with something, could you please help me?” I smiled back and replied, “Yeah sure, what is what you needed help with Harry?” just as he was about to ask me what he needs help with I hear girls screaming out “HARRY STYLES WE LOVE YOU! CAN WE PLEASE HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH? I realise that I’m talking to the Harry Styles from the band One Direction, that’s when I assume, “Let me guess, you would like me to hide you away from the craze fans?” he nodded quickly and I sighed and said “No problem, will be back in a second.” I started to walk away towards the entrance of KFC when I felt someone pull my hand back, I turned back around and saw Harry with a confused look, as soon as I was about to ask what’s wrong he quickly shot out of his mouth, “hey umm… what’s your name?” I giggled a little then said “My name is Ashlee, Ashlee Renee Murch”  “That’s a really cute name for someone as pretty and beautiful like you.” I blushed slightly and replied with “Err… thankyou” he just nodded and I walked away to work on these crazed fans. As soon as I walk out all I can hear is way more screaming then before, I knew I wouldn’t be able to talk over top of them with my inside voice, so I decided to use my Army voice. “GIRLS GO AWAY, HARRY WORKS HERE IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, MANAGEMENT AND ALL MY TEAM MATES WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF YOU ALL LEFT UNTIL HARRY FINISHED WORK! THANKS NOW GO AWAY.” All the girls quietened down and left without a word, as soon as I was able to turn around all I saw was all my team mates staring at me with gaped mouths. I smiled than walked back into the staff room and clocked on, I started walking away when yet again my arm was pulled at, I turned back around and saw Harry with a smile on his face, then he asked. “Hey err…Ashlee, what time do you finish today?” “I finish at 3 today how about you?” “I finish at 2:30, I was wondering maybe err after we finished work, I could take you out to dinner, like somewhere nice and flash, what do you say?” I thought about it for a moment then I smiled and replied with “sure I would love to Harry, here is my address and my phone number, (67 Bronwyn Ct Cheshire, (05) 3344 5667) give me a call when you’re ready and text me what time you are going to pick me up” I gave him a piece of paper and walked away. I grabbed my till and started my shift.

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