Is This what love feels like?

When Harry Styles decides to have a part time job at KFC he happens to cross a beautiful girl called Ashlee Murch she's 19 she has redish brown hair, a small button nose, greenish blue eyes and has a great figure. What will happen between the two? Will they end up dating then find out he's cheating on her? or will she tell him some good news, but he takes it the wrong way? What would she do then? Will she decide to live with her other 7 close friends or will she just end her life then?


3. louis p.o.v

Harry just left for work, and when I last saw him he was getting mobbed by a lot of fans, I’ll wait about half an hour then give him a call to see if he is okay, but if he wasn’t okay he would call me right? I put my phone away and called Eleanor downstairs, I don’t think she is awake yet, so I might go waker her up. I walk upstairs to see Eleanor still asleep, aww she looked so peaceful and gorgeous when she was asleep. I walked over to our bed and sat on the end of the bed, I tucked a piece of hair from her face behind her ear, she started to stir. She rolled over onto her side and slowly opened her eyes, as soon as she saw me she smiled then said “Good morning Lou” I loved her morning voice, I smiled back at her and replied “Morning Boo, how did you sleep?” she leant up and kissed my cheek, she then said “yeah  I slept alright, what are we going to do today?” I smiled then picked her up bridle style and carried her down to the couch, no one is home at the moment, so I sat her down on the couch and made her a cup of tea, she took a sip then replied “Thanks Lou, you do know  I love you right?’ I smiled and responded with “of course I do and I love you too.”

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