Is This what love feels like?

When Harry Styles decides to have a part time job at KFC he happens to cross a beautiful girl called Ashlee Murch she's 19 she has redish brown hair, a small button nose, greenish blue eyes and has a great figure. What will happen between the two? Will they end up dating then find out he's cheating on her? or will she tell him some good news, but he takes it the wrong way? What would she do then? Will she decide to live with her other 7 close friends or will she just end her life then?


2. Harry's P.O.V my new job

Shit, I hate having fans chasing me to and from places, I ran into work and walked into the staff room, there standing there all by herself was the prettiest girl I have ever spotted. She had brownish red hair up in a bun with a hair net in, hiding under her work hat; she had no makeup on, exactly how I like a girl, no makeup to cover her face. I quickly walked up to her and asked. “Hey I’m Harry Styles, I’m new here, but would you please help me with something?” I asked her hoping she would say yes. She slightly smiled then replied, “yeah sure, what exactly do you need help with?” yes she was going to help me, I was about to reply when I heard girls screaming, she slightly giggled then she said “let me guess, you want me to hide you away from the craze fans?” she knew what I was thinking, pheww. I slightly nodded and smiled at her, she slightly blushed smiled back and started walking off, and I didn’t catch her name so I quickly grabbed her arm. She turned around with a confused look on her face, I quickly blurted out “Umm… sorry, but what is your name?” she sighed in relief then replied with, “I’m Ashlee, Ashlee Renee Murch” “wow what a pretty name for someone as pretty and beautiful as you” oh good one Harry. “Err…. Thank you” I let go of her arm and watched her go to the front of work then all of a sudden the most loudest voice came from that direction, and all the screaming and the squealing stopped and it sounded like Ashlee got rid of all the fans for me. She walked back around to clock on, but I happen to see her grinning. Wow she had one very loud voice. This was my chance to get to know her more. “Hey Ashlee, umm when do you finish today?” she smiled then replied “I finish at 3 today what about you?” she asked me when I finished cool as. “I finish at 2:30 today, I was wondering if you would like to come out for dinner after we finish work, so I can get to know you a bit more and thank you for before?” she smiled then replied with “ I would love to, here is my number and my house address, just text me when you’re ready and I’ll be waiting for you.” I couldn’t be any happier, she waved at me and walked off to the office, that’s when I snapped back into reality when my phone started ringing. I looked at the caller ID it was Louis, what does he want now?

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