the rebound girl fron New York (harry styles fan fiction)

Aliya is from New York and dreams to meet one direction but what happens when she falls in love with Harry Styles and he falls for her too but then he breaks her heart and falls for her again and again what happens just read to find out.


2. The Victoria Secret Fashion Show

''Aliyah go put on your outfit,were on in 10'' my manager said,while i was walking i bumped into someone i looked up and it was Harry i said ''hi'' and he said ''hey'' and my manager yelled to get ready so i told harry ''sorry i have to go now so i'll talk to you later i guess'' so then i went to my style list she had my outfit and my makeup set i got dressed and put my makeup on then i went to the line then it was my turn and One Direction were performing !!!!!!!!!!!!!! so then i walked out and everyone cheered i blew a kiss to them when i went back Harry looked at me the whole time.It was time to leave because the Fashion Show was done so i got dressed and put everything away then Harry came up to me and  he said ''your really pretty'' and i said ''thanks so are you'' and he blushed he then asked for my phone number so i gave it to him then he gave me his i told him i'll call him later so we said our goodbyes BUT ! when i was leaving he kissed me in the lips then he took me to his house....TO BE CONTINUED.

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