the mistaken love

jade has a horrible life shes gets beat, bullied has no friends that is untill she mistakenly bumbs into a certain harry styles will it be love at first sight or will jade fall for someone else in the band. to find out read this


1. Jade's pov

I was awoken to the sound of my step dad yelling at me to get my ass out of bed " jade get your fucking ass out of bed right now" i groaned i didnt want to get out of bed but got out anyway.I took a 5 minute shower then got out. I looked in the mirror and was utterly disgusted with the person starring back at me. I have dirty blonde hair that flows half way down my back in loose curls i have big eyes that are an ugly shade of green. fed up with looking at how ugly i was i started to harshfuly brushing my hair to get all the nots that lay tangled in my hair out.After i finished i went to my closet and pick out an out fit consisting of a purple tee, skin tight jeans, a purple beany and my black converses. After that i grabbed my bag and snuck out of the house.

my note - heyy sorry for the short chapter this is my first movella so pleaz no hate next chapter will be about jade telling you about herself and her life story and stuff sorry this was a boring chapter more exciting ones coming up so dont stop reading now thanks lovelys
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