vampire love

a vampire named taylor nightshade meets harry styles what will happen will he become a vampire ? will he ever find out?if so how? when?where?why?....find out when u read vampire love
(new coming up book about wearwolves and one direction )
this might be two books or more but plz enjoy the story


2. unwanted love

taylors pov

i couldent ait till 7 to go fishging was only 2 though! i ran i somone on the way to one of my classes and i said omg oh im so sorry helped him pick up his things and i kept walking i got to my class and got hungrey lunch was in a few minutes and i got out a book an read RING RING RING the bell rang i flung out te door th teacher was saying somthing but i dident care i ran to lunch an got food sat down at a table a girl named dani an a girl named eleanor sat at my table then a group of boys started walking toward us one brown headed guy with a blue and white striped shirt sat by elli (i call her elli) and black mohawk guy sat by dani (danel) then a curly head beautiful green eyes sat by me SWEET i was too hungrey and i had to eat human food made me even hungier ugh a blonde sat by head and another brown head sat by blonde i asked thier names black head said zayn ,the striped shirt guy said louis ,blonde said niall,curly hair said harry ,and another brown head said liem cute names and their british bonus one of them is irish though



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