vampire love

a vampire named taylor nightshade meets harry styles what will happen will he become a vampire ? will he ever find out?if so how? when?where?why?....find out when u read vampire love
(new coming up book about wearwolves and one direction )
this might be two books or more but plz enjoy the story


5. i regret leaving u

taylors pov


he just left me there....i cant belive it i went back to my flat and cried in my pillow i bit myself but it did nothing but leave a mark scars up and down my legs an arms from other vampires,.......i wonder if harry will tell im so worried ! i went to school the next morning i tried to sta away but at lunch i sat on the floor by the wall and harry sat by me which brung the whole group over an the girls i hissed at him bringing out my teeth but not showing anybody else an said stay away i walked over to another wall i saw them talking harrys eyes got watery and he ran off to the bathroom louis followed niall came over and sat beside me  he siad whats going on between u and harry ? i said im a monster thats what ! he said no ur no i asked him can u keep a secret he said yah i said even if its scary he said sure i grabbed his hand and took hm outside away from everyone and brung out my teeth he gasped  said plz dont tell he said i wont but can itell the boys?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? i sai if they dont tell anyone he hugged me at that moment harry an louis came out i tucked in my teeth an looked away harry came up to me and said im sorry i dident mean wat i did niall and louis were talking in whisper niall was telling him louis came up to me and said SHOW ME SHOW ME !!!! i stuck out my teeth and hissed at harry i walked away tucking my teeth in an went inside back to eat with niall he put hi arm around me an we walked in

harrys pov

she went in with niall i felt horrible  ran inside wth louis behind i sceamed STOP PLZ TAYLOR  makeing a scene everyone looked at her and i she just kept walking and sat at a sseat with niall i was so mad they started talking everyone went back to eating and chatting taylor laughed and rubbed her stomac

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