vampire love

a vampire named taylor nightshade meets harry styles what will happen will he become a vampire ? will he ever find out?if so how? when?where?why?....find out when u read vampire love
(new coming up book about wearwolves and one direction )
this might be two books or more but plz enjoy the story


4. hunting dangers

taylors pov

later that day harry and the boys went to their room it was 6;30 but i dicided to go anyway i was really hungrey but i totally forgot that there were hunting  times for other vampires too! and grabed shoes keys big black jacket put the hood up an just before i left harry came up to me and said were  ya going i said for a walk be back in a while an with that i walked out the door leaveing my phone an purse behind i got out on the streets and saw a lot of people i was wondering why people were out it would be hard to eat when there were so many then an animal (cat ) came running down the street two people raced for it and fought then one ate it i now remebered its flesh vampires time to eat ...... i ran one caught up said see an animal i said no he paused and looked at my eyes they were blue\brown and he said WEVE GOTTA FISH VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!! it went dead silent and they all walked over i brung out my teeth undid my hood took it off andstarted to fight them one by one very hard to do i knew i couldent fight long but i will try

harrys pov

i went looking for taylor the i saw a fight up ahead i heard hissing and screaming by a girl i though TAYLOR! i started to run when i got close enough i stopped dead in my tracks i looked it was vampires they stopped i saw taylors hair i said her name she turned an i saw teeth big teeth she hissed at me turned around and started a fight with one but they ran off leaveing me an her i looked at her fear in my eyes tears in hers i started running away she screamed "PLZ STOP I CAN EXPLAIN" !!!! i dident stop i got home slammed the door the boys were worried wheres taylor liam said  waled upstairs and before i closed the door i screamed DEAD ....... i heard the boys talking low but i heard niall crying hard i thought long an hard then i felt bad that i just left her but she lied and is a flesh eating criminal ...! buut i still wanted her ...i wanted to hug her see her kiss her i missed her already even a vampire i loved her an always will!!!!!!!......

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