vampire love

a vampire named taylor nightshade meets harry styles what will happen will he become a vampire ? will he ever find out?if so how? when?where?why?....find out when u read vampire love
(new coming up book about wearwolves and one direction )
this might be two books or more but plz enjoy the story


3. dateing yet????!!!!!!

 harrys pov

a couple weeks later me and her e like brother n sister but i think even the boys know were this is going  later in the day i sat on the couch by her we watched a movie (paranormal activity ) she got scared and stuck her head in my chest and was shivering  rubbed circles on her back after i asked her out she said yes sure an we hugged i kissed her forehead and we went to make dinner


louis pov

i was evesdropping on their  converstion he asked her out she said yeaa they came back in i ran pstairs to tell the boys they all cheered and when they cae up the boys took him inanother room and i was stuck with taylor i said soo u said yesss.....??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she blushed and said howd u know i say i have super carrot powers she giggled and went to find harry she walked in right as they were coming out harry looked totally red all over his face i was on te floor laughing an rolling around when a subsideing pain on my balls i noticed that taylor kicked e IN MY BALLS! i screamed in pain she laughe an so did harry i got mad and red i held my breath and i finally breathed harry hugged her i tripped them and they fell on top of each other i heard ooooo....s coming from the boys all i did was yell KISS HER KISS HER KISS HER !!!!!!!!!!! and he did an they got up

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