vampire love

a vampire named taylor nightshade meets harry styles what will happen will he become a vampire ? will he ever find out?if so how? when?where?why?....find out when u read vampire love
(new coming up book about wearwolves and one direction )
this might be two books or more but plz enjoy the story


1. stumbling with life

taylors pov

today sucked in school i got bullied of my last name so after school i sucked the blood all out of their skin ha suckers tasted good but im a animal vampire i eat fish and sharks animals like that nothing else i only eat other thingif they are a threat or hurting   somthing else my mothing and fATHER died my step father abused me so i ran to another country he hasent found me since police arested him once so they know and there not searcing for me i live on my own for now in a  house in cheshare england i love to go fishing at night

harrys pov

i saw this girl get  joked about but thought nothing of it she was pretty but i dont think she was for me from what i can see i bumped into her she said oh omg im so sorry okay so now im thinking polite but not good enough for me to think that i wonder how i could figure out who she is and how she acts without getting close to her ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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