Dearly Beloved

When Ashly and Hannah move to England little did Ashly know she would fall in love with One Directions own Louis Tomlinson. Choices will be made some good some bad. What will happen when they both have to make the biggest decision of there life.


1. X-Factor


Ashly's P.O.V.

It was a cold November evening on a Wednesday. Hannah and I were sitting on my couch huddled underneath blankets and keeping warm with some steaming hot chocolate watching The X-Factor. "Why can't I have a talented voice like her? Like c'mon it's like impossible for a 13 year old girl to have that amazing of a voice. IT'S NOT POSSIBLE!!" said Hannah. She had brownish gold hair just past her shoulders and these deep blue eyes that you could stare into forever(as told by others). "You have an amazing voice are you kidding me!. I think you should audition for The X-Factor. But yah seriously it's not possible. Her voice is just too talented."

"Hey I'm gonna go use the bathroom real quick before it comes back on. Be right back" Hannah said as she walked out of the room and into the bathroom. While she was using the bathroom I decided to get up, stretch, and make us some popcorn. "Hey hurry up it's back on!" I yelled. After about 10 minutes in the bathroom she finally emerged. "What took you so long? Were you taking a crap or something?" "Why yes I did thank you very much. Got a problem with it?" she was giving me the evil eye now so I glared back. "I am eye raping you right now." I said. "It's not considered rape if you like it." Hannah said with a smile on her face. There were a few seconds of scilence then "HAHAHAHAHA!!!" we both busted out in laughter. Man, the conversations me and my bubz have when we were together. 

12:47 P.M. 


"It's getting late, I'm going to bed. See you in the morning bubz.(my nickname for Hannah)."

"I'm fixing to go to bed now to. Time to hit the hay."

"Since when do you talk country.?"

"Since I felt like just now. Well night bubbles."

Next Day.


Gosh who left the curtains open I thought to myself when I woke up in the morning. I slowly rolled off the side of the bed and got up and checked my phone...10:30 already? As I was walking out of the room I almost woke Hannah when my stomach rumbled. "Time to get some food to fill my wittle tummy." Usually I don't eat breakfast but this morning I just decided to eat a small pop-tart. "Morning Ash." Hannah said walking in half dead. She looked like a complete zombie. Her hair looked like a rats nest, drool on the side of her face, and makeup smeared from last night she must have forgotten. 

"Morning bubz! I'm going to go hop in the shower then we can figure the plans for the day.  Good good." Slowly I walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. My chesnut brown hair looked like a mess and I took off my glasses and looked into my blueish green eyes. Quickly I jumped into the shower putting shampoo and conditioner in my hair then washing up my body. I was done within 20 minutes. After the shower I went back to the room and put on some clothes. I put on a white long sleeve shirt that was form fitting, black skinny jeans, and some gold sparkly flats with a bow in the front. For my hair I put it up in a messy french bun. All ready for the day. 

Hannah's P.O.V.


I was sitting at the kitchen table when I saw Ashly walk into the room. "Why you look fancy this morning. Going out on a date.?" "No i'm not thank you very much and how do I look fancy this is what I usually wear." said Ashly. " Well sorry i can't give you a compliment once in a while. I'll be back, gonna hop in the shower." 

45 minutes later


Finally I finished up with my shower. I went back to the room me and Ash were staying in for the holidays. Ashly and I both had enough credits to graduate early so we were graduating after holiday so we bought a house and yah...long story. I curled my hair and put on my make up, smoky eye like usual. For clothes I put on a pinkish blouse, ripped skinny jeans, and for shoes I put on some sandals. There, all ready for the day. So I walked back into the kitchen and bubbles and me decided what to do. "How bout we go out to lunch at olive garden? Some girl talk time." "Sounds good." I said. So with that we grabbed our bags and keys and headed out to lunch. 

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