Dearly Beloved

When Ashly and Hannah move to England little did Ashly know she would fall in love with One Directions own Louis Tomlinson. Choices will be made some good some bad. What will happen when they both have to make the biggest decision of there life.


3. Start of A New Life


A/N: Hello my little birdies!! (my nickname for you guys) How do you guys like the story so far? I don't think it's all that good. But anyways I wanted to let you all know that my friend Ashly who also has fan-fics on here. She is an extremely talented writer and my best friend forever. Anyways Ashly will be co-writing Dearly Beloved (which is this story btw) with me. Check out her page and read her fan-fics they are amazingly good. Love you guys! fan/vote/comment! xoxo


**Few Weeks Later**

--Ashly P.O.V.--

I was up way before Hannah that usual. That girl could sleep for days on end. One time she didn't wake up until 4:30 in the after noon and I had to dump ice down her shirt just to wake her up, you should have seen her reaction. Anyways, I had gotten up this morning at around 6:45 and I decided to be nice and make breakfast for Hannah when she woke up. I decided to make some pancakes and put together a bowl of fruit for her, aren't I the nicest friend. Well anyways I knew Hannah probably wasn't going to wake up for another few hours so I waited on making the breakfast. 

I had some time to kill so I plopped down on the couch and turned on the telly. Nothing was on so I decided to turn on Dora, maybe finally she'll teach me how to say hola today. "Hola kids! Did you know hola means hello?" YES!! Finally!! So now that I learned how to say hola I still probably had another hour or so before Hannah got up so went to take a shower. 

--10 minutes later--

I hopped out of the shower feeling all refreshed. It was about time Hannah was going to wake up so I started on making the pancakes. Finally I could smell the pancakes myself so I figured she would smell it and hop right out of bed. Just as I thought within 2 minutes she walked out "I smell food! Give me the food woman or I will drop kick you ass across this house again woman!!!" With that I jumped out of the way soon as she jumped on the island and grabbed pancakes like a crazy woman. "Slow down!! Your like a pshycopath waiting to kill the next person." 

"Sorry! I love food. Therefore I go insane when I smell food. Problem solved."

"This is why you are my very best friend bubz."

"Why thank you." she said with a huge grin and scrunching her nose up. That girl is so adorable. We both sat down at the table and ate our food and began to chat. "So we leave tomorrow for London. You excited Ash?"

"Yes of course I am. That's one step closer to our master plan of kidnapping One Direction."

"Ohmygosh. I completly forgot about our master plan.!"

"Well after breakfast you wanna go shopping one last time before take-off?"

"OF COURSE GIRL!! I'm ready to shop till I drop girl!" 

"Alright then. Hurry up and finish then get ready."

"Girl I'm fixing to take my own sweet time on my food."

"Ok. Ok Calm yo tits!" We both went into a fit of laughter and then we finished our meals. 


--Hannah's P.O.V.--

I was awoken that morning by this sweet wonderful smell of food. I began to sniff the air like a dog trying to figure out what the smell was..."PANCAKES!!!" I quietly screamed. Running to the kitchen I saw Ashly placing the pancakes on the table yelling "I smell food! Give me the food woman or I will drop kick yo ass across this house again!" Then the next thing you know I'm running, jumping, and sliding across the island in the kitchen to the pancakes. Ashly was screaming something at me but I was to intrigued in my food to care what she was saying. Ashly and I both got the rest of our breakfast and we sat at the table talking about tomorrow. 

Tomorrow we had to leave early in the morning for London. I was pshyced that I got accepted to the college. After I finished my breakfast I jumped in the shower, brushed my teeth, straightened hair, put on clothes and I was finally ready. Today me and Ashly were going to go shopping before we left for England. I guess this was the start of a new life. 


Hey guys! Sorry for the sukitude of this chapter. i'm super tired and I had a busy day today. So Yah sorry it's so short. Again. AshlyLuv will be co-writing this fan-fic with me so she will be writing the next chapter. vote/fan/comment. love you guys xoxo


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