Dearly Beloved

When Ashly and Hannah move to England little did Ashly know she would fall in love with One Directions own Louis Tomlinson. Choices will be made some good some bad. What will happen when they both have to make the biggest decision of there life.


5. Off To London


~Ashly's P.O.V.~

*beep beep beep* "HANNAH GET YO BOOTY UP!! WE GOTTA GET READY!!!" I didn't want to get up but today was going to be a good day. We're moving to London. :D

"So you decided to go huh?" Hannah said while throwing clothes at me.

"Yeah. It's important to you and we might see One Direction!!"

"Hey! I'm part of kidnapping 1D plan to.!"

"I know girly. Now get your big booty self into that bathroom and get ready! We're gonna be late.!"

"OK OK!! I'm going." She walked into the bathroom and closed the door. Now time to figure out what I was going to wear. Hmm let's see. I opened up my closet and looked to see what was unpacked that I could wear. I threw on my blue plaid shirt, dark skinny jeans, and my converse. Next stop, hair. I put my hair into a fishtail bride and threw it over my right shoulder. I grabbed my suitcase and threw it up onto my bed, opened it up, and threw in the remaining clothes that were in my closet. What in the name of mickey mouse is Hannah doing in there?!? "Hannah! Hurry Up!!!"

"Don't get panties in a twist. I'm almost done."


~Hannah's P.O.V.~

"Don't get your panties in a twist. I'm almost done." It took me a while in the bathroom becuase I was curling my hair. I still wanted to look nice even though were going on an airplane. You never know I could meet the man of my dreams there. Yah never know. So after about 45 minutes of curling my hair I walked out of the bathroom and went to change out of my pajamas. To save time changing I picked out my outfit last night cuz I knew it be forever for me to get ready. Anyways I changed into my navy blue sweater with the british flag design on it, my dark skinny jeans, and my black uggs.

After I changed I waked to Ashly's room but she wasn't there. So I walked to the kitchen to grab a small breakfast and there she was just sitting there, looking annoyed. "Finally your done."

"Yes I'm done. We can grab some food then we'll head to the airport."

"Let's go to McDonald's!!!"

"Fine...let me grab my bags and call my mom to tell her it's time to pick us up and we can go." About 10 minutes later my mother arrived and me and Ashly walked out the door. "Hey mom. Could you drive us to McDonald's real quick we haven't had breakfast and were paying for ourselves."

"Sure thing hun." About 5 minutes later we were at McDonald's and we ordered from the drive through, we both got pancakes with a hashbrown on the side. I payed and we began to eat in the car while we drove to the airport. Another 15 minutes later we arrived at the airport and my mom walked us in. "I'm gonna miss you so much baby."

"I'm gonna miss you to mom. I love you we gotta go."

"Alright be safe. Call me when you land."

"Ok i'm gonna miss you."

"So Ash you wanna go get some starbucks?"

"Sure." We sat in the starbucks that was in the airport until they called our plane to start boarding. "Well looks like it's time to go." Ashly and I boarded the plane and found our seats. It was about 45 minutes before the plane departed so I put my headphones in and home by phillip phillips was on. After I started listening to my music I decided to take a nap and slowly darkness fell over me.

~Ashly's P.O.V.~

I was really sad that we were leaving my hometown but hey this will be fun and hopefully I'll meet one direction, make louis fall in love with me, and we'll have 5 kids. This plan will be perfect. I looked over to ask Hannah something but I saw she was asleep so I plugged in my headphones and played games until the flight was over.


"We will be landing very shortly. Thank you for choosing us." The sound of the flight attendant woke me up from my nap. As I awoke I stretched my arms out and not realizing Hannah was next to me I punched her in the jaw on accident.

"Hey what was that for?!" 

"I'm so sorry! I forgot you were there." 

"Mhmm. Your lucky I love you otherwise I would go all Jackie Bond on you." 

"What in the world is Jackie Bond.?" 

"You know, Jackie Chan and James Bond. I put there names together therefore Jackie Bond was born!" 

"I have no clue how to respond to that but okay." After a little more of our random discussion on secret agents we finally landed in the glamorous London. I was so ready to get off this stupid plane.

~Hannah's P.O.V.~

I knew for sure my jaw was probably gonna bruise. Man that girls got a good punch. Anyways Thank The Lord we landed. This girl has got to get some food. Mama's gotta eat yah know! After a slow move off the plane we finally got into the area in the airport where people pick you up and stuff. "So. What is the plan now? I guess we should go find a hotel right?" 

"Yah. Since you forgot to look for apartments!"  

"Hey it's not my fault! That video of the baby and the dragon distracted me! It was hilarious." 

"Yah yah come on let's get out of here I'm getting claustrophobic." 

"Let's do this thang


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