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Ezera is just a normal girl, when one day she comes across a boy. She has never felt this way before. One of her best friends Cherry, the person she shares all her secrets with turns against her.
WARNING: Swear words are used


7. The Date

Ezera's P.O.V

I was a little nervous when Harry was late. Was he standing me up? I though. No that can't be true Harry liked me I'm sure he'll be here. A couple of minutes later I looked at my watch it was 12:05 He said he would be here at 12:00. I took a deep breath I know it's only been 5 min. but this was the first time I've been on an actual date so I was worried. But then I though of Harry an it just made me smile. Even though we only started to be an item yesterday I can say that I love him.

I heard my phone go off so I reach into my pocket to see I got a text from Harry.

Harry: I'm sorry babe I'm running a little late

Ezera: It's ok I'm standing outside to when ever you get here I'll be here

Harry: I really am sorry

Ezera: Its fine just hurry up and get ur butt over here ;3

Harry: Haha will do, see you in a bit <3

I close my phone and put it back into my pocket. I wonder what Harry was doing.


Harry's P.O.V

Shit, I'm so late its like 12:15. I think to myself while I'm driving to her building. I pull over and shes wearing this beautiful purple sundress. I climb out of my car holding a bouquet of roses behind my back. "Hey Ezera I'm sorry I'm late." I say as I lean in and give her a kiss on her cheek. "Hey Harry and like I said before it's fine." Her eyes fixed on the flowers she said, "What's that?" I take the roses and hold them out in-front of me. "They are for you."

"Is that why you were running late?"

I scratch the back of my head "Yeah..." I didn't want to lie to her but I asked Louie to go pick up some flowers for me while I was walking her home. Now that I think about it. I remember everything that happened last night. I kissed Cherry. Shit shit shit I can't leave it like this I need to talk to Cherry. 


Ezera's P.O.V

Harry seemed distressed so i had to ask, "Harry is something wrong?" He looked at me as if i just took him out of some deep though. But he smiled as if everything was normal, "Yeah everything is fine, shall we go?" he said holding the car door open. "Sure" I walked into the car and harry closed the door behind me. He was such a gentleman. 

He drove us to a Cafe where we had lunch, chatted, joked around. After that we went to an arcade. He won me all sorts of stuff. Then I saw one of those photo booths. I tugged on this sleeve, "Harry can we take a picture?" He laughed "Sure I would like a picture of my lovely girlfriend." I blushed as we both walked over to the booth. 

We took some silly photos at first but then at the last shot we were suppose to take a serious couple like photo. But at the last second he kissed me on the cheek. "Harry!!"  I said giggling. He grinned an showed me the photo. "But its adorable right?" I couldn't say no cause it was adorable. "Yes it is adorable." We made two copies, one for me and one for him.

We left the arcade and we were both sitting in the car when I brought up his birthday. "So Harry what do you want for your birthday?"

He looked at me, "Well i have everything I need right here" This comment made me blush then I nudged him. "I'm being serious I'm your girlfriend I want to get you a present." Then he gave me the worst answer possible. "Surprise me." "HARRY that doesn't help at all" He just laughed.


Harry's P.O.V

We got to her building. I got out of the car to help her out. "I had fun today Ezera" She blushed and smiled "So did I." When ever she blushed I couldn't help myself. And this time I really couldn't help myself. She started saying "Well I'll see you-" When I cut her off with a kiss. A deep long kiss. I pulled away and looked into her eyes "I love you Ezera" She gave me a peck on the lips. "I love you too Harry" Then I had to let her go so she walked into her building and I waved good bye. My heart was pounding so fast. Then I remembered I need to get Cherry's number from Niall. So I got into my car and drove home

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