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Ezera is just a normal girl, when one day she comes across a boy. She has never felt this way before. One of her best friends Cherry, the person she shares all her secrets with turns against her.
WARNING: Swear words are used


3. Miscommunications

Ezera's P.O.V

It was already 1:30, Harry and the others were still sitting there laughing and talking. Kayla taps on my shoulder. I turn around to face her. "Hey, you can take the rest of the day off, we aren't that busy today." I smile and give her a hug, "Thanks Kayla" Then I go to the back to collect my things and to text Cherry.


Harry's P.O.V

Its been fun this couple of hours just chilling with my mates but when I look over to see what Ezera was doing I didn't see her I didn't want to raise suspicion that I was watching her the whole time but I was a little worried. But I chose to ignore it and continue to talk to everyone.


Ezera's P.O.V

I collect my things and take out my phone and I text Cherry.

Ezera: Hey Cherry! I finished work early, wanna come meet me?

Cherry: Sure!! I was actually on my way now, see you soon ;3

I put my phone in my pocket and walked to the area where the boys were sitting. "So how long are you guys planning to stay here?" I ask as they all turn to look at me, then Harry spoke up. "Well we actually wanted to stay and wait for you" He smiled a smile that made me feel butterflies in my stomach. "Well I'm waiting for my friend so we could hang out maybe you guys wanna tag along?" Niall smiled then asked "Is there gonna be food involved?" We all laughed at his comment.

But then I realized I didn't know all of the group's names. So they introduced themselves. The one with the amazing hair was Zayn. The quietest one out of the group was Liam, he was quiet but he seemed nice to be around. And the funny one was Louis he seemed the closest to Harry. "Its nice to meet you all." Then I remembered there was the fair in town. "If you guys want we can go visit the county fair?" They all nodded their head in agreement as I sat down with them to wait for Cherry.


Harry's P.O.V

I can't wait till the fair this will give us time to get to know each other better. I thought to myself smiling. Then I notice her phone sticking out of her pocket. I snatched it from her and waved it in the air teasingly. "I wonder who's this could be?" I say with a smile. She gives me a look that only makes me want to tease her more. "Harry give it back!!" She says. I chuckle and waved it in front of her, just far enough so she couldn't reach. Everyone is laughing at this point and I eventually gave her phone back to her. She was so cute when she was angry.


Niall's P.O.V

I see Harry teasing Ezera and I think its hilarious. Then I get a text from the girl I was seeing. I just recently sent her a text asking if she wanted to go out. She said that she was going out with a group of friends so she couldn't, but that's ok I mean don't want to take her from her friends. Besides it's not like we are boyfriend and girlfriend. We were just seeing each other.

Then I saw her come into the coffee shop and I was so confused. I walked up to her and asked, "Cherry why are you here?" Then I hear Ezera's voice behind me. "You know Cherry Niall?"

I turned around and laughed. I guess I have to explain all of it, How I met Cherry in the park after she broke up with her boyfriend, and how we hung-out a couple of times. But things weren't serious...yet. It turns out that Cherry was Ezera's friend she was waiting for. So me and Cherry got  to go out again after all. "So should we go then everybody?" I ask. Everyone nodded and started walking towards the door.


Ezera's P.O.V

I didn't know Cherry knew Niall. Why do I feel like I don't know as much about my best friend then I thought I did. I mean I tell her everything. Does she know more about me then I know about her?

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