Back Staber

Ezera is just a normal girl, when one day she comes across a boy. She has never felt this way before. One of her best friends Cherry, the person she shares all her secrets with turns against her.
WARNING: Swear words are used


5. Magical Night

Ezera's P.O.V

After we said our goodbyes to everyone. Harry offered to walk me home because it was dark and he was worried. I happily agreed. This night seemed almost magical I couldn't help to think that I was dreaming or I was still sleeping. I couldn't believe Harry Styles asked me to be his girlfriend. I know I don't know much about his past but I mean its all about the future so I'm happy we are together.


Harry's P.O.V

I'm so happy to be with Ezera. Just holding her hand, walking her home makes me happy. As we get closer to her apartment I ask, "So do you wanna hang out tomorrow?" She didn't say anything for a moment. I guess she was thinking. "Sure I'm off the next week so if you wanna go somewhere we can." I chuckled,"Well I was thinking that next Monday you can come to my party"

"What party?" She asked me

"Well it's kind of my birthday next Monday and I was hoping you could be there to be with me."

Her face got so red, I thought It was adorable. "So Is that a yes." I asked as we got to the door of her apartment building. "Yes Harry I would love to!!" I laughed at her enthusiasm and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I smiled and whispered in her ear, "G'night beautiful" I didn't even have to look to know that she was blushing. I slipped a piece of paper in her pocket.


Ezera's P.O.V

My heart was racing so fast I wasn't sure If he could hear it but it was thumping in my head like a bass drum. It was so loud and embarrassing. "Good night Harry I'll see you tomorrow for our date." I blew him a kiss as he walked away. I took out the piece of paper and it had his number on it. I squealed and put it safely back into my pocket.

I walked through the door and walked up to my apartment thinking of what will happen tomorrow. I open my door and I see Cherry sitting on my couch. I gave her an extra key so It wasn't a surprise to me. But what was surprising was that she wasn't with Niall. "Hey I thought you were with Niall?"

"Yeah I was but it wasn't working out so I came here to wait for you so we can gossip and such" she winked at me. cause when she said "gossip and such" she meant lets get ready to go to a club. I was kind of tired so I didn't want to go. "I'm exhausted Cherry maybe some other time." She gave me a sad face, "Alright well can I borrow your pink dress then?"

"Sure just bring it back please"

She laughed cause last time she borrowed a dress she lost it so she promised she would bring it back. "Good night cherry" I walked into my room put Harry's number into my phone and texted him

Ezera: Good night babe see you tomorrow

After that I fell onto my bed, I was to tired to even change. So I just dozed off to sleep.

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