One Direction Imagines!

This story isn't exactly going to be a story. This book is a complete set of imagines! If you want an imagine written about you, just write in the comments your whole name, your eye color, your hair color, and which boy you would like to be with for the imagine! You can also add any additional information, such as if there's a specific place you want it to take place, if you want two of the boys fighting over you, if you don't want the boys to be famous in the imagine, etc.
I will basically write about anyone and anything! So please just comment below, and let me know :)


34. rockme_09 and Niall Horan<3


It had been such a long day, and all Makenna wanted was to get home from school. It had been over six months since she had seen her life long best friend, Niall Horan. Yes, she had been best friends all her life with that beautiful, blonde, Irish celebrity. She had watched his climb to the top, cheering for him and the boys all along. 

But now he was finally home from the tour, and she couldn't wait to see him. Her day had gone terribly. A bad grade on her science exam, a fight with her other best friend, and she honestly just wanted her Nialler back. 

Makenna arrived home, and expected Niall to be there in about an hour. She changed into her most beautiful white summer dress with pink and orange flowers dotting across it, and started to walked outside. 

Makenna walked to her front porch, and then looked up. Standing in front of her was a blonde boy with piercing blue eyes, dressed in a red collared shirt with khakis and his usual supras. The second he saw Makenna, his current nervous expression transformed before her eyes into the happiest she had ever seen him before in her life. She ran at a full sprint into his arms, crushing the red roses he had been clasping so hard his knuckles were white. 

Makenna set the flowers on the ground, and continued to hug him. When they pulled apart, just enough to see each other’s faces, Niall whispered "You look more beautiful each time I see you." Makenna looked down, but Niall removed a strand of reddish brown curls. He was looking deep into her green-blue eyes with his, and were silent a moment. 

Niall suddenly become very rigid once again. "What's wrong? Are you okay, Nialler?" Makenna questioned Niall once more. 

"I'm just nervous, I guess." Niall admitted, quite sheepishly. 

"Why?" Makenna laughed to him. He was acting so different, so oddly quiet for her usual best friend. 

"Listen, Makenna," Niall brought her to sit on the front porch steps. "I guess there are a few things I need to tell you." Niall took a deep breath, and began speaking again. 

"Since I left last for the tour, I couldn't get you out of my mind. Your eyes, your laugh, it's like they were permanently etched into my brain! I wanted to call you or text you, but I was so busy and every time I thought about you, I got completely off my game." Niall was blushing ferociously. "I guess what I'm trying to say, is I guess the saying is true. 'You don't know what you have until it's gone,' and when I was gone, I guess Makenna, I realized I'm in love with you."

Makenna gasped in shock, and felt her heart stop and her stomach flutter. Niall just admitted he loves her, did she feel the same? She has always known she feels something for him, but what is he going to do now? 

Niall got down on one knee, holding the roses up in the air once again. "Makenna, I know we have been best friends all our lives, but is there any way I can convince you that we could be so much more?" Makenna just smiled at the ground, blushing as red as Niall now. "Please accompany me to be my date to the One Direction tour ending party tonight?" 

Makenna accepted the flowers and nodded, smiling ear to ear. They departed in the limo, and spent the night laughing like best friends, but falling in love each time they looked into each other’s crystal blue eyes again. 


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