One Direction Imagines!

This story isn't exactly going to be a story. This book is a complete set of imagines! If you want an imagine written about you, just write in the comments your whole name, your eye color, your hair color, and which boy you would like to be with for the imagine! You can also add any additional information, such as if there's a specific place you want it to take place, if you want two of the boys fighting over you, if you don't want the boys to be famous in the imagine, etc.
I will basically write about anyone and anything! So please just comment below, and let me know :)


25. Lexi_Malik and Zayn!

Lexi and her friends from school were walking around the mall in London. They were on spring break from their freshman year of college, and all traveled there together. The three girls decided to go to splurge a little, and bought new clothes, lunch, and new shoes. They were having a good laugh, away from the stress of school. 
When the went to the music store, Lexi was checking out the guitars in the front, and her friends were in the back where the CD's were. Suddenly girls were screaming and piling into the store, and she was being trampled completely. "Stop! Stop! Help me!" Lexi cried out, falling under all the sets of charging feet. As she was feeling herself go unconscious, she felt a strong hand grab her arm, and pull her out from under the feet. Lexi knew it was one of her friends, so she knew she was safe, and slowly fell into unconsciousness. 
The Next Day
Lexi opened her eyes and recognized she was in a hospital room. Around her were balloons, stuffed animals, flowers, and many presents. She felt touched that her two friends must have decorated the room. One of her friends sauntered in, and ran to her side with a smile when she saw she was awake. "How are you doing, Lex?" She asked. 
"I'm doing alright, thanks for saving me. But what happened?" Lexi asked. Her friends shrugged and shook her head. 
"It wasn't us that saved you, we got the call that you were in the hospital after the riot in the mall, we had been looking for you for about ten minutes when we were getting frantic and received the call."
"Wait, then who saved me?" Asked Lexi. Her friend smirked. "Who?" Lexi pressed. 
"I'll let him tell you," and she got up and departed. Lexi leaned back and rested her head on the pillow, pondering who had been her savior. With a hair band on her wrist, she pulled back her brownish, redish, blackish hair into a ponytail behind her head. Soon there was a knock on the door. "Come in!" Lexi called, anxious to see who it could be. 
The man to walk in was the last person on Earth she expected. 
The man had brown eyes that pierced her golden ones. "Hello miss, my name is Zayn Malik." 
"I know who you are," Lexi said in a daze. "I mean, I'm a big fan of one direction," she corrected herself as she blushed. 
"I'm sorry the boys and I almost got you hurt, we didn't mean for anyone to recognize us in the mall, but someone recognized us, and people started running. I saved you as fast as I could, I'm just sorry I wasn't fast enough," at the last line, Zayn looked down at his hands. 
Lexi felt terrible, so she reached forward and grabbed his hands in hers, and he looked up into her eyes. She took in his perfect face. His eyes, lips, and nose were perfect, and he had perfect bone structure, and his voice was perfect. "Don't be sorry, I'm alright!" Lexi said with a smile and a small giggle. 
"No, I want to make it up to you," Zayn protested. Lexi started countering his argument, but he had made up his mind. 
"I want to take you out on a date Lexi, but not just because of what happened. I've been talking to your friends, and from what they say, you sound like an amazing girl. How would you feel about coming as my date to my show tonight, and then we can find a quiet restaurant for dinner after? I really want to know you, Lexi." Zayn finished. 
Lexi smiled, bit her lip, and nodded. "Great! I'll drive you home when the doctor says you can leave, and then after, I'll pick you up at seven!" 
Until the doctor said she could leave, they laughed and talked together, having an amazing time with each others company. 
Later that night, Lexi was all dressed up, and Zayn picked her up with the other boys in a limo. She had a great time with Niall, Harry, Liam, and Louis as well as Zayn on the way, and then the show went perfectly, and obviously hysterical. Lexi had always dreamed of being backstage a one Direction concert. 
At the end of the concert, Zayn started speaking. "Can I call my friend Lexi on to the stage?" Lexi walked out slowly, and Zayn grabbed something from backstage, and then approached her, got down on one knee, and pulled a rose from behind his back. 
"Lexi, can I ask you to be my girlfriend? I've enjoyed the time I've spent with you so much, and I don't want there to be any reason for it to end." Lexi couldn't believe her ears, but she smiled ear to ear, and agreed, as the crowd started cheering, the loud noise buzzing in her ears, but she figured shed have to get used to this, with Zayn Malik as her boyfriend!


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