One Direction Imagines!

This story isn't exactly going to be a story. This book is a complete set of imagines! If you want an imagine written about you, just write in the comments your whole name, your eye color, your hair color, and which boy you would like to be with for the imagine! You can also add any additional information, such as if there's a specific place you want it to take place, if you want two of the boys fighting over you, if you don't want the boys to be famous in the imagine, etc.
I will basically write about anyone and anything! So please just comment below, and let me know :)


35. Grace_Loves_Harry and Harry<3

Harry reached over for Grace’s gloved hand and took it in his own, as he kissed her on the cheek. They each had on jackets, gloves, hats, and boots. They were holding hands and walking to the Eiffel tower. “Harry, why are we going tonight?” Grace asked him as she looked into his green eyes that twinkled as he smiled. “Harry! It’s cold!” Grace complained.

                He just laughed as he pulled her into his arms for a quick hug. “You’ll see baby girl,” he said as snow started falling gently from the sky. The crystals started sticking to their noses and eye lashes, blurring their sight. Harry soon broke the embrace and grabbed Grace’s hand, starting to pull her to the Eiffel tower once again. She just laughed as they caught snowflakes in their mouths, and ran closer and closer to the tower.

                “Harry! Can you tell me why we are going yet?” Grace complained as they were finally in front of the tower. He shushed her, to make sure that she lowered her voice before someone heard her, and he kissed her quickly on the top of her nose, then a quick peck onto her lips.

                “You will see momentarily,” he said, flirtatiously, as he winked and started pulling her up and into the tower. They ran up about 10 flights of stairs, giggling and laughing, and never taking a break. By the time they were at the top of the tower, it was around 7:30 at night, and a magnificent feast was spread out for them on the balcony.

“Aren’t people usually not allowed up here?” Grace asked Harry as she walked to the edge of the balcony. Harry wrapped his arms around her waist and smiled at her.

“I pulled a few strings for you, I know that you’ve always dreamed about seeing the view from up here, so I talked to governor about letting us,” Harry explained.

Grace looked at him in disbelief, “And he just… Let you?”

Harry nodded. “Yeah, the governor and I go way back…” Harry said sarcastically.

They sat together and watched the sun set in the big beautiful sky, and it looked like a painting, with each new star a new idea an artist had on a canvas. After they were finished eating, Grace laid back into Harry’s eyes and he started pointing out constellations to her, explaining their origin and what they stand for.

They spotted O’Ryan’s Belt, the Big Dipper, and Scorpio, when Harry stood up, letting Grace slowly fall backwards until her head was resting lightly on the blanket. “What are you doing?” Grace whined. “I was so comfortable,” she stated. Harry chuckled.

“I need to grab something quickly, love,” Harry said as he stood up and grabbed something out from behind a corner. Grace sat up and looked over at him, what could he be doing?

He pulled something behind his back and then walked over back with Grace and pulled her to her feet. “I’ve been wanting to talk with you about something for quite some time now,” he said as he casted his glance down at the ground, breathing deeply and sighing madly. He looked scared, or nervous, or excited, Grace couldn’t even tell. He finally gathered his wits and looked up, smiling hugely at Grace.

“So we’ve been together for exactly four and a half years tonight, I checked before I came. And I just want you to know Grace, these have been the best almost five years of my life. The times we’ve spent together are going to be one’s I will always remember. The Christmas’ we’ve spent together, our first kiss, even snuggling with you on the couch on rainy days watching Disney movies, I’ll remember it all. How could I not? It’s the greatest thing that has ever happened to me,” Harry started to look at the ground again, nervously.

“But the past, that’s not exactly what I’m focusing on right now,” Harry said, even more anxiously. Grace started to get scared, he kept talking about always remembering the past, but now he’s saying he doesn’t want to focus on it. Is he saying Grace is only a thing of the past? Is he breaking up with her? She felt tears prick at her eyes, trying desperately to break loose, but she held them behind trapped doors, staying strong for Harry.

“Which is why I want to focus on my future,” Harry took one final deep breath, and Grace closed her eyes, not wanting to believe it. She’s in love with him; she could never live without him. The thought of this actually happening was killing her from the inside out.

But when Grace opened her eyes, Harry was on one knee in front of her, holding a diamond ring in his hand, and smiling at her so hopefully. “Grace, I love you with everything I am, and what I hope to always be. I said I want to focus on my future, because you are my future. Our new family will be my future. I’ll never wander, I’ll never stray. Grace, you’ve got my heart in the palm of your hand. I love you so much I can barely handle it, and whenever I went on tour and we weren’t together, I think that’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. And if you accept my offer, then we’ll never have to be far apart that long ever again. So Grace, will you please do me the honor of becoming my wife, and marrying me?” Harry looked up at her with begging eyes and pleading lips, as they trembled, maybe from the cold and maybe from the nerves. But when Grace smiled, and let her tears break loose, Harry knew.

He jumped up and grabbed her in his arms, spinning her around in circles, and crying as well. He put her down and slipped the ring onto her finger, and kissed her passionately. They were in love, and this was only their beginning.  

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