One Direction Imagines!

This story isn't exactly going to be a story. This book is a complete set of imagines! If you want an imagine written about you, just write in the comments your whole name, your eye color, your hair color, and which boy you would like to be with for the imagine! You can also add any additional information, such as if there's a specific place you want it to take place, if you want two of the boys fighting over you, if you don't want the boys to be famous in the imagine, etc.
I will basically write about anyone and anything! So please just comment below, and let me know :)


19. Dana Styles 1D and Harry!

Dana walked out of the doctors office, her face paled a a confused smile on her face. She has had suspicions, but now she knew. She was pregnant with Harry Styles child. He was currently at an interview about her in downtown New York, asking about how their marriage was going. She wanted to tell him so badly though. She picked up her cell phone and started calling him. "Hey babe listen I'm walking on stage right now... Say hi to the crowd! I can't talk!" "Harry it's important!" Dana cried into the phone. She heard the audience "oohh" behind him. "What is it?" Asked the interviewer, whom she didn't recognize. Dana went quiet. "Harry I'll just tell you later..." Suddenly the interviewer got the crowed chanting "Come here! Come here! Come here!" Dana thought, she couldn't just not go. And she's never been good at lying. She finally started nodding, and when she realized they can't see her she breathlessly agreed. She started walking to the address that the man gave her. When she arrived a woman was waiting outside to guide her in. "Can I just have a min..." Before Dana could finish she was on stage, the audience clapping and Harry embracing her. She was overwhelmed, it was all too much. "Harry.." Dana started to be interrupted by the interviewer. "Harry..." She tried again but he didn't hear. She couldn't hold it in anymore and just broke down into tears. "Woah woah..." Said the interviewer. Harry suddenly looked extremely concerned. "Baby what's wrong?" He asked her, grasping her hands in his. She started sobbing, and whispering was not a skill she could do right now. "I'm pregnant Harry," she said as she started smiling, and the room went silent. Harry looked stunned, but then he started to smile. "We're having a baby," and just as she finished the room started a thunderstorm of cheers and Harry picked up Dana and held her in his arms. "I bet it'll be the perfect baby in the world," whispered Harry into Dana's ear. "I love you so much, Dana." "I love you too, Hazza." So yes, they experienced their big moment in front of the world, but they were in love. Nothing else mattered. All they cared about now was their new family member


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