One Direction Imagines!

This story isn't exactly going to be a story. This book is a complete set of imagines! If you want an imagine written about you, just write in the comments your whole name, your eye color, your hair color, and which boy you would like to be with for the imagine! You can also add any additional information, such as if there's a specific place you want it to take place, if you want two of the boys fighting over you, if you don't want the boys to be famous in the imagine, etc.
I will basically write about anyone and anything! So please just comment below, and let me know :)


39. 1DLover1244 and Zayn!


Jolene was finally ready, dressed and in costume for her first ever performance. She had been a dancer her entire life, and somehow she managed the chance of a lifetime, dancing backup for One Direction. She was backstage with the other dancers, all dolled up for their first show of the tour tonight. She was wearing a white knee length poofy dress, and all the dancers had different colors.

The show was about to start, when Paul Higgins arrived backstage. “Alright, it’s time for you guys to meet the boys,” he said. Suddenly the doors opened again, and five boys in preppy outfits sauntered in laughing with each other. “Boys!” Paul called out, and they went silent and looked at him. “These are the girls who will be dancing backup for you on tour!” The boys suddenly exploded with excitement.

“We’ve been looking forward to meeting you girls for months!” Harry exclaimed as he hugged Jolene, then each of the other girls after.

“Wow, you girls are even prettier than the last group of dancers we had on tour,” said Liam, hugging all of them right after Harry did. Each boy left a compliment, and then went to hug the girls, until only Zayn was left. He was staring at Jolene, no shame or fear; he was just smiling at her, and looking into her deep brown eyes.

“Hi, I’m Jolene,” she said, trying to break the almost awkwardness going on in-between them, and she took a couple steps closer to him, as he blushed a little red.

“I’m Zayn, it’s nice to meet you,” he said quietly, as he reached over and hugged her. “I’m excited for you all to be dancing backup for us, you’re all absolutely gorgeous,” he mumbled, not speaking louder than a whisper. He put his lips near his ear and whispered, “But secretly, I think you’re the most beautiful one here.”

Jolene felt herself turning red and getting more nervous around Zayn, when Paul called attention. “The show is starting in about sixty seconds, so we should all get  to places,” he offered, so all the boys caught up with each other, and then started racing to their backstage position, and the girls got in their formation line backstage, and entered when there was ten seconds before the boys entered.

Jolene stepped up to the microphone when there were five seconds left, and the slideshow of the boys behind her, and the audience were getting louder and louder progressively. “ARE YOU ALL READY FOR ONE DIRECTION?” she yelled as the music to ‘Up All Night’ started playing, louder, louder, LOUDER!

Suddenly the boys popped out from the bottom of the stage, and started singing, and Jolene had never felt more magical in her entire life. All of the audience was screaming and cheering, and she was so blessed to be part of this fantastic performance.

She danced throughout the entire concert, never even getting tired because she was having too much fun doing what she loves for her favorite band in the world, but she couldn’t help but notice something. Once or twice every song, she would catch Zayn looking back at her, and they’d make eye contact, smile, look down, and then continue the set. Jolene could feel herself falling madly for Zayn, but how would she know if he was like this with every new girl that came along? Her heart had been broken before, and she didn’t want it to happen again, especially not with Zayn, because she did really like him.

Soon the show ended, and everyone gathered backstage, and had a huddle. “Here’s to the greatest tour we’ll ever have,” Harry started.

“Here’s to the best backup singers,” Louis said.

“Here’s to the best manager,” Niall said, clinging to Paul’s leg.

“Here’s to the best fan’s,” Liam spoke.

“Here’s to beautiful backup dancers,” Zayn said, as he grabbed Jolene’s hand and squeezed it, and although Jolene was nervous to speak in front of anyone, she did anyway.

“And here’s to the band that will forever change the lives of millions of girls around the world,” she said, never losing eye contact with Zayn, and both of their hearts smiling.

After a few minutes, the huddle was over and everyone was going home for the night. When Jolene was putting on her coat, Zayn grabbed her hand. “Hey Jolene, want me to drive you home?”

“I guess so, I was going to have to find a cab anyway,” Jolene said, trying to seem nonchalant, although she was screaming with joy on the inside.

On the drive home, they laughed, talked about past tours he’s had, and talked about Christmas approaching, until they arrived at her flat, and it started snowing. “Let me walk you in,” Zayn said, as he jumped out and opened Jolene’s door for her. They walked up the porch to her door.

“I’m really looking forward to spending more time with you,” Zayn admitted, sheepishly. Jolene nodded, and Zayn looked up at the snow, when his eyes widened. Jolene looked at him questioningly. He pointed at the top of her porch, and took a step closer to her. “Mistletoe,” he whispered.

Jolene looked into his eyes, as he grabbed her hands in his. “Can’t break a Christmas promise,” she whispered, as their lips touched as delicately as the snowflakes falling on their hair above them.  



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