Heart Attack

Things you can’t explain. Like, why these two particular humans fell so deeply and madly for each other. And why their relationship has to be such a hard one.

**A/N - The writer of this story is Sophie**


6. The Perfect Night

Amelia’s P.O.V:


When we got up to our room, Louis hopped in the shower straight away.  I went out to the balcony and hung our beach towels over the railing.  It was starting to get a bit cooler as it was getting later, so I’d have to put on some warmer clothes when we went out.


I stayed out in the balcony for a while letting the cool wind hit my face.  I’ve always thought balconies were good places to think.  What if tonight really was the night?  I would get to kiss the guy that I’ve been wanting too for so long?  Maybe it would be the last time I got asked to be a guy’s girlfriend.  Just thinking about this gave me butterflies.  This would be our night.


I couldn’t get Louis out of my head.  Maybe, just maybe he has more than a crush on me.  I thought crushes were something that you got over pretty quickly, I mean, we hadn’t seen each other for about two and a half months, so he should have easily forgotten about me and found another girl to crush on.


When I first met Louis back in June and fell for him at first sight, I used to think that someone of Louis’ fame could never fall for a normal person like me.  When the boys started telling me about Louis’ crush on me and I started noticing it for myself I realised that Louis is just a normal guy like Harry and the rest of the boys.  He just dreamed of becoming a singer, and is now living his dream, just like they are, except there are cameras and girls following them everywhere they go in the UK.  In my opinion, soon to be the whole world.


In some ways I’m just like that.  I dream of having a career in the business industry, and hopefully I’ll be living that dream soon.  We’re both completely normal people, and he could quite possibly have more than a crush on me.  We’ll soon find out.


I kept thinking more and more about this for about 15 minutes, and then I heard someone clear their throat behind me.  I turned around to see Louis with just a towel wrapped around his torso.  I couldn’t keep my eyes off him, because he was just so… hot.  After a while (a have no idea how long) I came back into reality.


Me: Um, I put your towel on the railing for it to dry.

Louis: Yep well I just came to tell you that the shower’s free.  Are you alright?

Me: Yeah, I was just out here doing some thinking.

Louis: About what?

Me: You.


I noticed a smile creep upon his face as I walked inside past him.  I went into my room and picked out an outfit from my suitcase.  It was a moron-brown dress, a pair of black stockings and a black blazer.  I chose a pair of light brown heeled boots that matched my outfit perfectly.  I laid that out on my bed with my shoes on the floor, and then took the towel and soap that was on my bed into the bathroom. 


Louis’ P.O.V:


I walked into my room and I had no idea what to wear.  I mean, I wanted to look for my first date.  In fact, my last first date if you get what I mean.  After stressing out over this for like 15 minutes I ended up picking out a pair of long brown checker pants, and a white t-shirt which to I added white suspenders.  I put that outfit on, and then looked in the mirror.  Good enough.  I got a pair of white sneakers out of my suitcase and put them on also. 


Amelia was out of the shower, so I went into the bathroom and gave my hair a little comb.  I then went back into my room and grabbed my wallet, room card and phone.  I put my card and wallet into my pocket then went out to the balcony.  I texted my mum.


“Just letting you kno I’m finally taking Ami out on an actual date! Luv u and the girls xx”


I told my mum about my feelings for Amelia the day that she arrived in London when Amelia was there in June.  My mum thought she was very beautiful and that she had an amazing personality.  She also told me that if I ended up being with Amelia than she would be the happiest mum in the world.  The two of them get along really well, and I can tell that mum can’t wait until the day she gets to call Amelia her daughter in law.  In other words, the day Amelia and I get married. 


That gave me a nice thought.  That Amelia and I could be up there saying our vowels to each other in a matter of years.  I mean I could propose to her right now and never regret my decision, although we are a bit young to be getting married yet.  My thoughts were interrupted by me receiving a text back from mum.


“I hope it goes ok and I’ll be thinking of u xx”


I was convinced it would.


 “Thx 4 your support through all of this. I luv u 4 it xx”


As I sent that text Amelia came up beside me, her hair blowing in the cool wind.  She lit up my world like no one else has ever before, and she was so, so beautiful.  It was so weird to think that after tonight I could be with such an amazing, gorgeous girl.  One that I’d never hurt or let go for anything.  Not even my career.


We ended up leaving by 5:30pm.  The walk to the restaurant was lovely, as the sun was just going down and the air was at a perfect temperature.  The scenery here was amazing, with the big pine trees in the park on the opposite side of the road, and the noise of the occasional seagull squawking.  This was definitely a place that I’d love to come back to on another holiday.  I mean, I manage to make Amelia mine, then I will be over here more often.


We got to the restaurant that Amelia had earlier told me about, which was called Earth n Sea.  We walked in and waited to be taken care of.


Waitress: Hi, how are you this evening?

Amelia: Good thanks.  Could we have a table for two please?

Waitress: Of course.  Right this way.


We were lead over to a table next to a plant box where we could see what was going on out on the street, and there was the noise of rolling waves in the background.  Perfect.  When we got to the table I untucked Amelia’s chair for her, and she giggled while sitting down.


Amelia: Thanks Lou.

Me: You’re welcome.


I walked around to my seat and sat down too.  The waitress layed two menus in front of us.


Waitress: I’ll be back to take your drinks soon.


She walked away, leaving Amelia and I by ourselves.  Just how I liked it.


Me: So, have you been here before?

Amelia: Yeah, a few times.

Me: Is it any good?

Amelia: No Lou, that’s why I’ve bought you here.


I loved it when she went all sarcastic on me.  It made me laugh.  I began to really think about Amelia and me and how similar we really are.  We both have a great sense of humour, we both like to take little bit of risk sometimes (that explains all our sneaking out to clubs when Amelia was in London), we’re spontaneous, confident (but not overly), outgoing, chatty, loud, and we both don’t take life too seriously. 


We’re also pretty sporting, both loving football and other sports.  Obviously her favourite sport is surfing, but couldn’t do that to save my life.  She’s also very musical, as I obviously am too.  She’s been playing piano since she was 7, and my Nan has taught me a fair bit.  We also both play a little bit of guitar, but she has been playing clarinet since she was 10.  I’m pretty sure Lexi has clarinet lessons with Amelia’s old teacher. 


Her parents even have the same professions as mine.  Her mum’s a nurse like mine, and both our dad’s work at their local councils.  I guess that was getting more on the creepy side. 


We began to talk about what we were going to eat for dinner.


Me: To be quite honest, I’m not really that hungry.

Amelia: Yeah, me too.

Me: Well why don’t we share something?


Yes, I was beginning to bring my romantic side out.  What’s more romantic than sharing a meal?


Amelia: Yeah, good idea.

Me: Pizza or pasta?

Amelia: Well, pizza is easier to share.

Me: True, but pasta is funner.

Amelia: Yeah, you’re right.  We’ll have pasta.  Now to decide what variation.

Me: I think we should let the expert decide.

Amelia: Who’s that?

Me: You!  You tell me what’s good here.

Amelia: Hmm, let me think.  Maybe the guy sitting across from me right now.

Me: Ami!

Amelia: Sorry, my favourite definitely has to be the fettuccine Carbonara.

Me: Fettuccine Carbonara it is then.


Our decision making was interrupted by the waitress having come back.


Waitress: Have youz decided on drinks?

Amelia: Yeah, I’ll have a coke please.

Me: Yeah, make that two.

Waitress: Alright, two cokes coming up.


She walked away, and Amelia and I got back to our own conversation.


Amelia’s P.O.V:


Louis: Do you wanna get garlic bread as a starter?

Me: Yeah, why not.


I was here at one of my favourite restaurants in the whole world with the guy I love.  There was only one way it could get even more perfect than it already was.  That is, with a few sneaky kisses thrown in, but we’ll see how the night plays out.


The waitress soon came back with our drinks, and she also took our food order.  The garlic bread arrived within 10 minutes, and we got that down pretty quickly.


Me: Ew, garlic breath.

Louis: Nothing a little coke can’t fix.

Me: I can’t say that’s a lot better.

Louis: Oh well.


He took a big sip of coke, and I couldn’t help but laugh.  20 minutes later, the Carbonara arrived.


Louis: Dig in!

Me: I think Nialler’s putting too much of an influence on you.

Louis: I’ll tell him that.

Me: No!

Louis: I’m kidding.

Me: Oh, good.


The eating of the Carbonara was definitely the most fun bit of our night so far.  The twirling of the pasta on our forks and the creamy bits that always got splattered over Louis’ face when he slurped it up.  He was actually very lucky not to get some on his white shirt.  Classic Louis making himself look like a complete idiot.  Come to think about it, he was probably trying to impress me.  I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t working.


When we finished it, I received a text.


Louis: Who is it?

Me: Harry.  He said that when we get back to come to him and Zayn’s room because Toy Story’s on TV and the rest of the boys, Maddy and Danielle are in there watching it.

Louis: Liam would be enjoying that.

Me: I know right.


We got a glass of water each to get rid of the creamy cheesy after taste that was left in our mouths.  After that, we walked over to the counter to pay.  I was about to take my wallet out of my bag, but Louis stopped me.


Me: Lou!

Louis: Let me pay.  I don’t mean to sound like I’m bragging, but I’m rich.  I could afford to out for a dinner like this every night if I wanted to.  And it wouldn’t even cost that much since we shared.

Me: At least let me pay half.

Louis: Do I look like I’m going to give in to that?

Me: No.

Louis: Well, you’re right.

Me: Fine.  I’ll be outside.


I walked out onto the street but still watched Louis.  I can’t believe I only just realised how hot he looked in checker pants.  Not many guys can pull them off, but Louis could do it perfectly.  After about 2 minutes he came out to me with a warm smile on his face. 


Louis: Alright, so it’s just after 7 which is way too early to go back, don’t you think?

Me: Yeah, definitely.

Louis: Would you like to come for walk?

Me: I’d love to.


Maddy’s P.O.V:


This was all too weird for my brain to understand. 


All of us were in Amelia’s family’s room (apart from Amelia and Louis) watching Toy Story, which was Liam’s most favourite movie trilogy of all time.  I mean, it was a rather childish movie, but I still thought it was great.  As great as it was, I wasn’t concentrating on it.  My thoughts were some other place.


Amelia told me when she got back from London at the end of June that she was over her celebrity crush on Louis.  Even if she still had it, that’s no reason to go out with him.  I mean, Amelia isn’t the time the type of the person that’d just go out with him for the attention.  She’s never been like that.


Anyone could tell that Louis really liked Amelia by the way he looked at her, and by how much time he spent with her.  I understood why he asked her out.  It just gets me as to why Amelia accepted his offer. 


At one stage, an ad break came on and Danielle walked into the kitchen I presumed to grab a snack.  Maybe she could give me some answers.  I walked in after her.


Me: Hey Dani, could I ask you something?

Danielle: Yeah, sure.

Me: Do you have any idea why Ami would say yes to a date with Louis?

Danielle: She has a celebrity crush on him, doesn’t she?

Me: She told me when she got back from London that she was over it.


Danielle was staring at the ground like she was hiding something from me.


Me: Dani, what aren’t you telling me?

Danielle: I… I was sworn to secrecy.

Me: Please?  My mind is in all different places, and I need to know why this is all happening.

Danielle: Argh, alright but you can’t tell Ami that I told you this.

Me: Deal.

Danielle: Ami…

Me: Ami what?

Danielle: Ami is in love with Louis.  A lot.

Me: What?  Why would she not tell me?

Danielle: I think she thought that telling you and your friends at uni would be a bad idea because youz would just think that it’s youz over reacting on her crush.

Me: I must admit she’s probably right. 

Danielle: You know she fell in love at first sight?

Me: Really?

Danielle: Yep.  She believes he is her true love.

Me: When I really think about, they’d make a very cute couple.

Danielle: Yeah, I agree.


This is suddenly making so much more sense to me.  This is why she is always texting, calling, Facebooking and tweeting him.  This is why she’s spent so much time with him today.  I can’t believe I didn’t see this before now.


Louis’ P.O.V:


Amelia and I walked across the road to the pathway, which is connected to the one that we skateboarded on earlier, except at the north end of the suburb.  We walked over to the wooden logged fence that separated the park from the sand dunes and sat up on it next to each other. 


I got my phone out and I took a picture of us both, and then set it as my wallpaper.  This picture will give me nice memories forever.  Memories of our first date.  Also, memories of our last moments as ‘just friends’.


I looked at the picture, then to her.  I can’t get over how amazingly gorgeous and beautiful she is.  Very soon I will be in one of two moods.  1, because I really hurt her will never be able to get over what I did, or 2, because the girl of my dreams is finally mine.  Fingers crossed it’ll be number 2.


Alright, let’s do this.


Me: Ami, I have something really important that I have to tell.  Something I should have told you way before now.

Amelia: Umm… okay.  What is it?

Me: Its’ that… I’m…

Amelia: Secretly married?  Secretly is a father?

Me: No, nothing like that.  At least not really.

Amelia: I don’t get what you mean.

Me: I’m… deeply, deeply, deeply in love with you.


There we go.  I said it.  I could tell she was rather shocked, but a slight smile crept across her face.  She looked up at me, and giggled.  She moved hand onto my knee, and I grabbed it in mine, our fingers intertwining.  It felt so right.


Amelia: Really?

Me: Really, but the thing is… I’ve been completely dishonest with you.  You’ve deserved to know how I truly feel about you this whole time and I’d hate to think that I’ve hurt you.  If I have I could never forgive myself.

Amelia: What makes you think I’d be hurt?  I’m really happy that you told me.

Me: Yeah, but I should have told you sooner.

Amelia: I don’t mind.  I guess it just kept me guessing more as to how you really did feel about me.  There’s just one question I have to ask though.

Me: You can ask me anything.

Amelia: How long have you loved me?


Amelia let go of my hand, jumped off the log and stood on the ground front of me.  She leant her arms on my knees, and stared up at me.


Me: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Amelia: Yeah, definitely.

Me: Well, there’s your answer.

Amelia: You mean you fell in love with me when we bumped into each other at Heathrow?

Me: Yep.  Within seconds of laying my eyes on your beautiful face.  You look gorgeous tonight, by the way.


She giggled, and I was so glad to know that she wasn’t hurt by me.  I don’t know what I’d do if she was.


Amelia: This is all too good to be true.

Me: What do you mean?


Amelia’s P.O.V:


Me: I fell in love with you at Heathrow too.


Louis loved me.  I couldn’t believe this was actually happening.  Maybe I’d wake up in the morning to find that this was all on big dream.  I looked up to see Louis’ reaction, and he had a big grin spread right across his face.


Louis: To think that the girl I’m so madly in love with actually loves me back.  Wow, and we both fell for each other at first sight.  That’s gotta mean something, right?

Me: What do you think it means?


Louis jumped down off the log and was now at my eye level, which was just how I liked it.  He wrapped his arms around my waist, bringing me in closer to him.  I rubbed my hands up his arms slowly, getting closer and closer to his shoulders as he talked in his soothing tone.  I have heard a lot of British accents throughout my time because of me having family over there, but Louis’ was by far the most attractive one I’ve ever heard.


Louis: I honestly think that we’re perfect for each other.  From the moment I looked into your eyes, I knew I didn’t want to be with anyone else for the rest of my life.  You’re so special, and you have no idea what you’ve done to my heart.  I always get butterflies in my stomach; I go weak at the knees, and my heart beats at a million miles an hour when I’m around you.  Ever since 12:38 on the 8th of June, you are all I’ve thought about.  You’ve changed my life and I have this gut feeling that falling in love as quickly as we did was all meant to be.  Ami, an infinity number of people could tell you you’re beautiful inside and out and that would still be an understatement.  Everything about you blows me away, and because of me meeting you, I’ve got to experience what love truly is.


I was completely speechless, but I know I had the biggest smile on my face.  My hands reached his shoulders, and I moved my hands down onto his chest.


Me: Lou, that’s the sweetest, most heart-felt group of words that anyone has ever, ever said to me.  Who knew that underneath that joker whose only aim in life is to make people laugh could be so romantic at heart?

Louis: Well I guess there are lots of things you don’t know about me yet.

Me: And I know something that I’m about to find out.  

Louis: What’s that?


Our faces were now inches away.


Me: Whether you’re a good kisser or not.

Louis: You’re gonna have to let me know if I’m not, because I’m gonna have to improve for you.

Me: Who are you gonna practise on?

Louis: Hmm, I wonder.


Louis’ P.O.V:


Amelia giggled, and then our lips crashed onto each other’s in a soft, gentle kiss.  While continuing to kiss, she slid her hands up my chest and around my neck.  She definitely knew how to treat a guy properly, as this was better than I ever imagined it would be.  We both began to smile slightly losing grip, but not totally.  I couldn’t get enough of her, and our lips began to move in sync again.  I have no clue how long we were kissing for, but all I can say is that it was the perfect moment. 


When we pulled away, Amelia giggled again.  She was so, so amazingly adorable.


Me: Do you approve?

Amelia: There’s room for improvement.

Me: Alright, I’ll work on it.

Amelia: I’m kidding Lou.  That was amazing.

Me: Yeah, I’d definitely have to agree.


We continued to stand there in that same position for bit.  My hands around her waist, and her arms around my neck.  I stared into her eyes, and began to become quite lost in them.  I was going to make her mine.  Officially.


Me: Amelia Rae Tesla, you are the most beautiful, gorgeous, hot, pretty and adorable girl in the whole entire world and I mean, I’m finding it so hard to get my head around the fact that I’m actually standing here with you like this.  I need to be able to go around to everyone rubbing it in that you’re my mine and I’m not sharing, so please, will be you be my girlfriend?

Amelia: Alright, but as long you’re not just using me like you said.

Me: Of course not!  You know I love you more than anything else in the world.

Amelia: I didn’t know that, but I knew you loved me.

Me: Well, I do.

Amelia: Even over your career with the band and everything?

Me: By far.  You have no idea how much you mean to me, and I’d quit the band any day to be with you.  You’re my everything, and I love you more than you could ever understand.

Amelia: Aww, I love you too Lou!  Hey, that rhymes!

Me: I will never get sick of your sense of humour babe.

Amelia: I would hope not.


She leaned in for a second kiss, and she got it.  It was slightly more passionate this time, and was equally as amazing.  I’d say it lasted about 20 seconds, until we pulled away because of us struggling not to laugh and therefore not managing to keep our grip to each other this time.


Amelia: C’mon Romeo, let’s get back before Niall steals all the food from Harry and Zayn’s hotel room.

Me: He probably already has.

Amelia: Oh well.  At least we tried.


Amelia’s P.O.V:


Louis put one arm over my shoulders and me sliding one of mine around his waist as we began to walk back in the direction of our hotel.  He smelt so good.  He smelt like Louis.


Me: Hey, speaking of food, we probably need to get some for us.

Louis: Alright, but we’ll only get stuff for breakfast.  We can go back and get some more stuff tomorrow. 

Me: It has to be in the afternoon remember.  Maddy, Dani and I are going out shopping in the morning for Jupiter’s.

Louis: Can’t I come?

Me: I’d love you to, but you’re gonna have to ask them.

Louis: That I shall do.  If they do allow me to come, then I might even buy something brand new for myself.

Me: Sounds interesting.

Louis: You’re gonna have to help me though.

Me: I may have a bit of an idea about girls’ clothes, but not really guys.

Louis: All you’ve gotta tell me is if I look any good or not.

Me: You’d look good in a paper bag.


Still holding on like we were, he leaned across and gave me a kiss on the forehead, and I couldn’t help but smile.  I’ve wanted this for so long, and it’s finally becoming a reality.  I know when he, Danielle and the boys leave I will miss him like crazy, but I’m just going to make the most of this time while I can.  Maddy and Danielle better allow him to come in the morning.  I know they said that we should have some girl time, but having Louis there would be so much more fun, and it’d definitely make me a lot happier.


Me: You know I was considering moving to London when I finish uni.

Louis: Really?!

Me: Yeah, I loved it there so much.  I’d get heaps more career options over there too.  Plus, families three hours away, the boys and Dani are there, and of course you.

Louis: How long after uni?

Me: I don’t know.  Maybe in the New Year?

Louis: Well I can’t wait until you do.

Me: Neither can I.


He looked across at me and smiled.


Louis: I don’t know how I ever deserved you, and I promise you that I’ll never let you go.

Me: You promise?

Louis: Yep.

Me: I’m gonna remember that.

Louis: Go ahead, because I can guarantee it’ll never happen.

Me: It better not, because I don’t know what I’d do without you.


That was the truth.  I’d do anything when I’m in love, but I wasn’t just in love with Louis.  He’s my life now, and I’d go to the end of the world for him.


Louis’ P.O.V:


We got to the supermarket soon, which was just on our hotel side of Nando’s, where we went earlier.  We got some bread, butter, strawberry jam, orange juice and a bottle of creaming soda for later if we wanted it.


We ended up getting back to our room at about 7:40pm and we put all the groceries away. 


Louis: Babe, can I ask you a question?

Me: Of course.

Louis: Who have you already told about your feelings for me?

Me: Four people.  Mum, Regan, Liam and Dani.

Louis: Hmm, I shall kill those two when we get up there.

Me: Why?

Louis: They knew that you loved me all this time but didn’t tell me.

Me: Did they know about your feelings for me?

Louis: Yeah, as well as the rest of the boys and my mum.

Me: They probably didn’t because they wanted us to find out ourselves.  I’m kind of glad they didn’t.

Louis: Yeah, you’re right.


We finished up packing away the things, then I grabbed me phone off the bench, putting it in my pocket.  I grabbed Louis’ hand as we walked out, the door shutting and locking behind us.


Me: Wait, did you grab a card?

Louis: I’m way ahead of you.

Me: Oh, good.


I always worry when it comes to things like that.  I guess in some ways I suffered from a little bit of OCD.


Me: Babe, I think I might go down and tell my family our news.  Why don’t I meet you up there?

Louis: Alright, but I’ll miss you.


I laughed, not really sure if he meant it or not.  I mean, it would be really sweet if he did. 


He put his hands around my waist, and pulled me in close.  He then leaned in and kissed me tenderly, as I put my right hand on his neck for support.  His kisses were amazing.  I didn’t even know that it was possible to have this feeling in your body when you kiss someone, a bit like there’s a firework going off in you.  It had never happened with any of my ex’s, so this was all so new to me.  All I know is that I loved it the feeling of it.


Louis’ P.O.V:


To be honest, I was actually quite worried about if Amelia’s family would accept me or not.  The typical celebrity would just go and sleep around; completely forgetting about their girl, but in my opinion I wasn’t a typical celebrity.  I was so, so dedicated to Amelia and I could never even think to hurt her.  She’s been hurt by guys before, but that’s something I could never do to her.  She’s deserves a lot better than that.


Amelia’s P.O.V:


I soon got down to my family’s room, and I knocked on the door three times.  I waited for around 5 seconds, and then door opened to mum’s smiling face.


Mum: Hey, how’d your date go?

Me: That’s actually why I’m here.  To tell you all.

Mum: Alright, well come in.


I walked through the door and dad, Regan and Lexi were all sitting on the couch watching TV.


Lexi: You’re back early.

Me: Yeah, we had our dinner and went for a bit of walk and came back.  We weren’t expecting to be out that late anyway.

Dad: Tell us, how’d it go?

Me: Well, let’s just say that I officially have the most amazing boyfriend in the history of the whole world.


Lexi spat out the peanuts she was munching on, and they flew onto the coffee table.  It was obvious she was in shock.


Dad: Excuse me young lady.  That was very rude.

Lexi: Sorry, but how does she manage to get a member of the most anticipated British boy band at the moment as a boyfriend?  After one night of dating?

Mum: It’s a lot more complicated than that Lex.

Regan: Besides, she’s beautiful.  Anyone would be lucky to have her.


God, I loved my brother so, so much.  I gave him a smile, and he winked back at me.


Dad: Congratulations darling.

Me: Thanks daddy.  Mum, could I talk to you for a second?  In private?

Mum: Sure, come out on the balcony.


I followed her out, and that same cool wind hit me as earlier.


Mum: You have no idea how happy I am for you.  I know you’ve wanted this for so long.

Me: I know.  I don’t think it’s even sunk into me yet.

Mum: Your sister will come around.  She’ll soon see the positives in this.

Me: Like when the boys become big here and she’ll be so popular at school.  Not just because of her sister being Louis’ girlfriend, but just the fact that she’s Harry’s cousin.  Imagine how much attention Regan will be getting from the girls.


We both laughed.  It was funny to be thinking all these things that could happen to us, and how dramatically our lives could change.  I mean, mine already has, me finally being with Louis.


Mum: Have you told him that you love him?

Me: Well do you wanna know how it all happened?

Mum: I guess.

Me: He told me that he had something to tell me that he should have told me ages ago, and you’ll never guess what it was.

Mum: That he’s had a crush on you all this time.

Me: Nup.


I began to giggle, and I think she soon picked up on why.


Mum: He… he loves you?!

Me: Yep, and guess what else?

Mum: I don’t know, you tell me.

Me: He fell in love me at first sight.

Mum: No way.


I swear mum could act so much like a teenager again sometimes.  It was funny though.


Me: Yes way.

Mum: He really is your true love after all.

Me: Yeah.  He said he doesn’t want to be anyone else’s for the rest of his life.  He says I’m all he thinks about and that I’ve changed his life.  

Mum: Hmm, sounds familiar.


I laughed, as I knew she was talking about me.


Mum: Do you believe what he says?

Me: Yeah, I do.  I mean, I know Carter and Ben hurt me, but I can’t picture Louis doing that.  I knew that from the moment I met him.  I don’t know how, but I did.

Mum: Honestly, I could never trust those two if it came to end of the world and they were the only ones left and me, but I trust Louis.  I’ve known half a day, but yet I’ve seen the way he looks at you.  His eyes hold so much love, and I think the two of you will be together for a while yet.

Me: Yeah, I know.  Anyway, I guess I better get back up to him.

Mum: What are youz doing for the rest of the night?

Me: The boys, Danielle and Maddy are up in Harry and Zayn’s room because Toy Story’s on TV now.  Who knows after that?


I think she picked up on what I meant.


Mum: Just make sure protection is always used.

Me: Mum?!

Mum: Sorry, but I don’t want you getting pregnant at this age.

Me: No, I don’t want to be either.

Mum: Yeah, I thought so.

Me: I love you mum.

Mum: I hope you’ll never let go of that because of how much you love Louis.

Me: I promise that will never happen.

Mum: Good.  I love you too darling.


I gave mum a quick hug than walked back in side.


Me: Bye guys.  I’m going up to everyone.

Dad: What are youz doing up there?

Me: Watching Toy Story.

Dad: Right, have fun.

Me: I will.  Love youz!

Regan: We love you too!


I walked out of their room and back out into the hallway.


Louis’ P.O.V:


Amelia was taking while, so I hoped everything was alright.


That’s when the seven of us heard three knocks on the door.  I immediately jumped up and began to walk towards the door.


Harry: Ooh, I wonder who that could be.

Me: I know.  A very, very beautiful and special girl.

Maddy: Aww, that’s so sweet Lou.

Me: Yeah, well I’m a sweet guy.


As I reached the door, and when I opened it, it revealed my girl.  My gorgeous, gorgeous girl.  She had a warm smile on her face that made me feel weak at the knees.  She walked up to me and put her hands in mine.  They were so soft, like an angels touch.  What am I talking about?  She is an angel.  At least, she’s my angel, and always will be.


Me: Hey beyond beautiful.


She giggled then gave me a short kiss.  One of our hands let go as we walked back into Harry and Zayn’s room. 


Niall: Aww, here they come!  Our two lovebirds.

Amelia: Yep, that’s us.


We walked over to a spare spot on the single couch wear I was sitting before.  Niall, Zayn and Harry were on the other one, and Danielle, Liam and Maddy were sitting on the carpet on cushions, Danielle and Liam in each other’s arms.  I couldn’t look at them and be jealous anymore, because I could have that myself now.


I sat down on the couch, and Amelia stood in front of me.


Amelia: Am I supposed to sit here?

Me: Of course babe.  I wouldn’t let you sit anywhere else.


She smiled, and then sat sideways on my lap.  She put her legs up over the arm rest to my left, and leant her head on my shoulder, her soft her brushing up against my neck.  The ad break finished, and Toy Story came back on.


Liam: Yay!


Amelia laughed, and I just shook my head at him, holding her close to me with one of my hands.  I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have Amelia as mine now.  Once the boys and I leave here, I know it’s gonna be so hard without her.  I missed her that much over the past months that sometimes I would cry myself to sleep, which the boys didn’t know about.  Now that she’s finally mine, I will miss her way more than before, and I might possibly be upset and in a crap mood every single second of the day and night.  I honestly can’t wait until she moves over to London.


I looked down at Amelia and she looked like she was about to fall asleep, but still had that adorable smile on her face.  She must have noticed me looking at her, because she moved her head so she could look up at me, and her smile grew even bigger.


Me: You tired?

Amelia: Nah, your shoulder’s just very comfortable to lean on. 

Me: Oh.


We continued to get lost in each other’s eyes as I stroked her hair and she was doing something with my hair, but I wasn’t sure what.  We were talking quietly, because otherwise Liam would get grumpy because he couldn’t hear the movie properly.  I didn’t want him grumpy, because we’re all supposed to be happy here and having fun.


Me: What are you doing up there?

Amelia: Just playing with your hair.  Don’t you trust me?

Me: Of course I do, I was just wondering.

Amelia: Yeah, whatever.

Me: No seriously, I-


I was cut off my Amelia’s warm lips on mine.  She was kissing me tenderly, and it was just so nice.  She slowly moved her right hand up to my neck and the side of my face, and I moved my hand to her back, supporting her.  The kiss remained soft and gentle all the way through, but I couldn’t let my grip slip away from her.  Sparks were going off all through me, and that’s something I hadn’t felt in my whole life until I first kissed Amelia earlier tonight.  That just shows how much we’re meant to be.


Harry’s P.O.V:


Things like this don’t happen every day.  Your closest cousin and your best mate falling so, so hard for each other.  I mean, I wasn’t totally sure how Amelia felt about Louis, but something told me she loves him just as much as he does her.  You can see it in her eyes when she looks at him, and she’s always blushing when Louis compliments her on her beauty.  That’s not surprising though, as she’s always been a blusher.


They were sitting on a single couch along from the one I was on with Zayn and Niall, talking quietly to each other, no doubt little romantic things.  Not many people realise it, but Louis actually does have a really, really romantic side.  Lots of people think all his does is make people laugh and play pranks, but that’s not him at all.  It’s the exact same thing with Amelia.


Things got a bit awkward for me, especially when Amelia leaned into Louis and started to kiss him, him obviously kissing back.  They were glued to each other, and as I much I thought I shouldn’t be watching, I couldn’t help it.  Yeah, it was weird to start off with, you know, two people I’m so close to getting it on, but then after a while, it actually became really cute to me.


As I looked around the room, I noticed that Liam was the only one still focused on the movie (of course).  Everyone was watching Amelia and Louis, smiling.  At one stage Zayn said something highly inappropriate and totally uncalled for.  Not that I never do…


Zayn: You most well just do it right here!


Amelia and Louis instantly broke apart and Louis had an annoyed look on his face.


Louis: Malik!  I was enjoying that!

Zayn: Yeah, we could tell.

Danielle: That was so rude Zayn!  I thought it was cute.

Me: Yeah, me too!

Liam: Oi, pipe down a tad would youz?

Danielle: Sorry baby.


Amelia got up off Louis’ lap, and grabbed his hand, pulling him up off the couch.  She then led him out to the balcony.


Harry: Nice one Malik!

Zayn: You’re right.  That probably was uncalled for.

Harry: Not probably.  It was uncalled for.

Liam: Didn’t you hear what I said before?  Shut up!


Amelia’s P.O.V:


Louis and I walked out onto the balcony.  I wasn’t upset at Zayn or anything, but I felt the two of us needed some time alone.  I know we’d be getting that when we head back down to our room later, but I wanted to be with Louis all the time that I could.  No, I needed to be.  We needed to make the most of the time we had together before the boys and Danielle leave.


I leant up against the railing and stared out at the ocean.  This was the highest room that any of us had booked, so the best view was here.  As I had walked towards the railing, Louis didn’t follow and just stayed back near the door.  I had a slight suspicion that he was checking me out, but I didn’t mind.  He’s my boyfriend, so he’s allowed to, even though I think I’m nothing worth checking out.


I stood at the railing for about 30 seconds, and then I felt a pair of familiar strong arms creep around my waist from behind.  Louis.  He softly pulled me back so I was closer to him, which I liked.  He was so nice and warm; I wished I could stay there in his arms all night long.  He leant forward and kissed my right cheek.  I couldn’t help but smile.


Louis: Sorry about Zayn.  He’s never been in love before so he has no idea what we’re feeling for each other.

Me: It’s okay; I’m not upset at him.

Louis: Really?  Then why’d we come out here?

Me: I just need some time along with my guy.

Louis: Need?


I turned around and faced Louis, our faces inches away.


Me: Yeah. 


We closed the gap between us and kissed again, but yet every single time it was a whole new experience.  There was only one thing that remained the same.  The taste I got out of it.  This kiss ended after about 10 seconds, unfortunately.


Louis: At least out here if no one to interrupt us.

Me: True.

Louis: So, what did you family think about this?  About us?

Me: Mum is absolutely elated for us, dad and Regan are just happy if I’m happy, and Lexi?  She is completely shocked and so, so confused.  And I can tell, jealous.

Louis: So no one really has anything against me?

Me: Nah, why would they?

Louis: Well I thought that since I’m getting rather famous maybe your parents wouldn’t trust me.

Me: Why wouldn’t they?

Louis: Maybe they might think I’d… you know… sleep around.

Me: No way.  They trust you, and so do I.  100%.

Louis: You sure?

Me: Absolutely.  I’ve became so close to you and I can tell that you’d never do anything of the kind, unlike my ex’s.

Louis: I could never think to hurt you like they did.  You deserve way better than you got from them.  Anyway, I think I better let my mum know the good news.

Me: Yeah, good idea.


Louis’ P.O.V:


I let go of Amelia and got my phone out of my pocket.  She looked back out at the ocean leaning against the railing, so I did the same standing beside her.  I dialled mums home number then waited for her to answer.  


Mum: Hello?

Me: Hey mum, it’s me.

Mum: How’d your date go?

Me: Yeah, it was great, that’s actually why I called you.

Mum: Okay, so what happened?

Me: Well, you’d be happy to know my Ami is finally mine.


I looked across at Amelia, and she smiled at me.


Mum: Oh my god, I’m so happy for you both!

Me: Thanks.

Mum: What are youz up to right now?

Me: We’re out on the balcony of Zayn and Harry’s room.  Everyone’s up here watching Toy Story.

Mum: Oh, of course.

Me: Yeah, Ami and I just came out here to have some alone time.

Mum: Aww, that’s nice.  When do you think could get to see her again?

Me: Um, I don’t know.

Mum: Soon hopefully.  You’d surprised how much the girls and I are missing her.

Me: Alright, I’ll tell her that.

Mum: Actually, could I talk to her for a second?

Me: Yeah, sure.  I love you.

Mum: I love you too Boo Bear.


God, I hate that nickname.  I bought my phone down from my ear and put my hand over the microphone.


Me: Babe, my mum wants to talk to you.

Amelia: Really?  About what?

Me: Probably just to say hello or something.


Amelia’s P.O.V:


Louis passed me his phone and I put it up to my ear.


Me: Jay?

Johanna: Ami, how are you?

Me: I’m the happiest I’ve been for a long time.

Johanna: Would I be able to guess why?

Me: I think you know.

Johanna: Yeah.  I wouldn’t believe how much Louis talks about you.

Me: Really?

Johanna: Yep.  He’s been home a few times between when you left London and now, and you’re all he talks about to me.  You have no idea how much he loves you.

Me: Yeah, well he says to me that he loves me more than I could ever understand.  Funnily enough, that’s exactly how I feel about him.

Johanna: You’re kidding.

Me: No.

Johanna: Well, I think you’re the most beautiful girl in the whole world, and I’m so happy that you’re both happy.  The girls and I, we all miss you so much.

Me: I would like to get over to England sometime soon, but until the end of next month I’m gonna be flat out with uni.  It’ll be hard, but I’ll try.

Johanna: When’s your graduation?

Me: The 28th of October.

Johanna: Oh right, well there’s just one last thing I have to say.

Me: What’s that?

Johanna: Make sure Lou takes good care of you.

Me: I’m sure he will.  I trust him.

Johanna: If he doesn’t he’ll be hit over the head with a baseball bat from me.  We grew up with 5 girls around him almost every second of the day, so he should know how to treat one properly.

Me: I think he does.

Johanna: I would hope so.  Hang on; I think Lottie wants to talk to you.

Me: Alright, well put her on.

Johanna: That I shall do.  I’ll probably call you on your birthday, so I’ll talk to you soon.

Me: Alright, cya.


I heard a little bit of rustling around, then a few seconds silence on the other end of the line.


Charlotte: Ami?

Me: Hey Lottie, how are you?


Louis smiled at me when he heard that I was talking to Charlotte.


Charlotte: Awesome, but I miss you so much!  You should come over here again soon!

Me: Like I said to your mum, I’ll try but I’ll be really busy with uni.

Charlotte: Okay.

Me: I mean, after uni I guess I’ll be over there a fair bit, considering that I’m with Lou now.

Charlotte: What?!  As in a couple?  As in a holding hands kissing kind of couple?

Me: Wow, nice alliteration.

Charlotte: Thanks, we did some work on alliteration at school yesterday.  Anyway, are you?

Me: Yeah, we are.

Charlotte: Oh my god, this is so exciting!  It’s also kinda weird that my brother and the person I think of as my big sister is going out.

Me: Sorry about that.

Charlotte: Nah, its fine.  I think youz are cute together.

Me: Aww thanks.

Charlotte: You’re welcome.  I think I better go, because Phebs won’t stop annoying me to play with her.

Me: Trust me; I understand how annoying little sisters can be.  I have one.  Say hey to Fizzy, Dais and Phebs for me please?

Charlotte: Of course, and you say hey to Lou for me.

Me: Of course.


I soon hung up and passed my phone back to Louis.  We stayed out on the balcony in each other’s arms for a fair while after that.


Sometime throughout the night, I went onto Facebook and changed my relationship status to ‘in a relationship’.  I was so, so happy about Louis being mine, and I wanted to scream it out to the whole world.


I may have had no luck when it comes to boys with Carter and Ben, but before them, I did have a boyfriend for a while that was actually trustworthy, who was Jake.  We first met in year 9 when he first came to my high school.  I was the first person to befriend him, and he soon became close friends with all the boys in my friendship group that I used to hang out with at recess and lunch and on some weekends.


At the start of year 11 (2008 when I was 16), I began to gain feelings for Jake, and I was never brave enough to say anything since they were the first lot of real feelings I had ever got for anyone.  Then around April some of my friends told me that Jake liked me, and I never believed it until July when he actually asked me out for real.  We would go out a couple of nights a week, then in the middle of August he confessed his feelings for me, then did I, so we were an official couple.  He was my first proper boyfriend.


We were together for nearly a year, then I started to realise that I wasn’t feeling anything close to what I used to feel for him anymore, and that I guess I was getting bored of him.  I ended up telling him how I felt, and it turned out that he felt they exact same way, so we broke up.  I’m still friends with him now, but he’s off at uni in Sydney, so we keep in contact through Facebook.


When we broke up we even made a promise to each other that we would invite each other to our weddings.  He has a girlfriend now that he met at uni, and has been with for nearly a year and a half, and he even admitted to me that he’d like to marry her one day.  I’m actually really happy for him, and I’m hoping that he will be for me too. 


I was still on Facebook, and I noticed he was online, so I decided to start a chat with him.


Me to Jake: “Hey, I thought I’d let you know that I’ve got a boyfriend I love more than I ever loved you :) Sorry”


We always joke to each other about the times that we were together.  I mean, I guess now I won’t be as much because I have a guy in my life that I truly, truly love and won’t want to be talking about previous relationships.


Jake to me: “Yeah, I noticed your relationship status has changed, and that’s ok.  You know I have a girl in my life now that I love more than I loved you”


Me and Jake: “I don’t care.  My guy’s amazing :)”


Jake to me: “What’s the lucky guy’s name??”


Me to Jake: “You’ve probably heard me talking about him before.  Louis Tomlinson.”


Jake to me: “Isn’t that guy that’s Harry’s best mate and in that boy band?”


Me to Jake: “They aren’t just a boy band Jake, they’re One Direction!  They’re releasing their first single in about two weeks, and I know they’re gonna be MASSIVE here”


Jake to me: “We’ll see”


Me to Jake: “I know they will be, and you can hold me word to that”


Jake to me: “Alright, happy bday for Monday btw”


Me to Jake: “Thanks heaps :)”


Louis’ P.O.V:


The movie ended up finishing at around 9:00pm, and we all then headed down to own rooms. 


Before we headed out, Liam, Danielle, Amelia and I organised that we would go on a double date tomorrow night.  I thought it would be so fun to do, as Amelia being the expert on knowing where everything is here, said that there’s a good club in Surfers Paradise called Titanium (Surfers Paradise is a suburb further up the coast, and according to Amelia is what they call the hub of the whole Gold Coast).


Amelia also asked Maddy and Danielle if I could come shopping with them in the morning.  They agreed, so I was happy that I’d be able to spend some extra time with my girl.  Yeah, Maddy and Danielle would be there two, but that’s okay.  Amelia and I agreed earlier out on the balcony that we would spend the rest afternoon by ourselves.


We ended up organising that we’d meet in the basement at 9am.  I’m not sure what the boys would be doing in the morning, but I’m pretty sure Zayn would be planning on sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping.  That boy has a serious problem with his jetlag.


Amelia and I arrived in our room at around 9:10pm, and we slipped our shoes off at the door.  We both walked into our rooms and get changed into our pyjama’s.  We then came out into the kitchen, and Amelia sat up on the bench as I poured two glasses of creaming soda.  I passed one to her, and then sat up on the bench next to her, while drinking mine. 


When we finished them I slid them both along the bench stopping at the edge of the sink.  I grabbed Amelia’s hand and let our finger intertwine.  She leaned her head on my shoulder, and I noticed her staring down at our hands, her thumb rubbing my hand.


Me: You alright?

Amelia: Yeah, I just… I feel like I’m going to wake in the morning and all that’s happened tonight will be a dream.

Me: Yeah, me too.

Amelia: Hang on, if this was a dream, then we wouldn’t be talking about it being a dream, would we?

Me: Hmm, I guess not.

Amelia: Just in case it is a dream, let’s make the most of it.


She giggled as I began to lean in.  I reached her and kissed her lips stronger and more intensely than I ever had before.  I slid one arm around her waist, and she moved one hand up to my neck, so there wasn’t a hope of us maybe knocking each other off the bench because of how hard we were kissing.  I wished I could have layed down on top of her or something but it would be a kind of hard landing for her on the bench, and there was no way I could ever hurt her.


We needed a softer surface to do this on, so I slowly pulled away so she wouldn’t think there was something wrong if I did it too fast.


Me: Come with me.


I jumped off the bench and picked her up so I was carrying her bridal style.  She giggled a bit as I carried her to my bedroom.  I think you can guess what happened there…

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