Heart Attack

Things you can’t explain. Like, why these two particular humans fell so deeply and madly for each other. And why their relationship has to be such a hard one.

**A/N - The writer of this story is Sophie**


5. Reunited

Amelia’s P.O.V:


My eyes flickered open at 6:30am on the morning of the 10th of September.  I layed in bed with the sheets up over me, and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.  This was the day I’ve been desperately waiting for, for the last month.  Today, I would be reunited with my boys and Danielle.


A month ago I could Louis and asked what they were doing from today till the 17th, as mum, dad, Lexi, Regan, Maddy and I were planning on talking a trip to the Gold Coast to celebrate my 20th birthday, which is on the 12th.


Me: What are you, the boys and Danielle doing from the 10th to the 17th of September?

Louis: Um, nothing’s on our schedule, but its Nialler’s 18th on the 13th.

Me: Do you know if he’s got anything planned for it?

Louis: Nah, nothing yet.  Why?

Me: Well my family, Maddy and I were planning a trip up to the Gold Coast to celebrate my birthday.  I guess we were wondering whether the six of youz would like to join us.  And we can celebrate Nialler’s too.


Since that call, mainly Louis and I have done a lot of organising, and the boys and Danielle are due to arrive at the Gold Coast Airport at noon.  I jumped out of bed and walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth.  Regan was already in there at the time.


Regan: Hey sister.

Me: Hey brother.


We laughed.  Regan I have always got along well and always have good laughs.


I brushed my teeth, and then applied a light amount of makeup, while still talking to him.


Regan: Excited?

Me: Yeah, so pumped.

Regan: I can’t believe you’re 20 in two days.

Me: Stop making me sound so old!  I’m even older than all of the boys!

Regan: Yeah, but Louis’ only a few months younger than you, isn’t he?


Louis.  I love that name.


Me: Yeah.

Regan: Do you think you’ll tell him how you feel?


Yes, I had told my almost 14 year old brother about my feelings for Louis.  He’s actually very mature for his age, and I know I can always trust me with keeping secrets like this.  I have never told any of the girls at uni, because I figured they’d just say it was only me making a big deal out of my crush, but that wasn’t it at all.


Me: Um, I don’t yet.  We’ll see how things play out.


He nodded, and walked out.  I finished doing my makeup then walked back into my room to get dressed.  We were all hoping to leave by 7:30am, so we could stop at McDonald’s in Grafton for breakfast.


I had picked out my outfit last night, which was a pair of yellow, blue and pick denim shorts, and a white knitted singlet.  I matched that with a pair of nude crocheted sandals, a cheap ring that I picked up from a market and a basic necklace.  I brushed my hair out, and curled it quickly with my high straightener.  When I was ready, I smiled into my mirror.  Hopefully this was enough to win Louis over if it was necessary to again.


I grabbed my bag and checked I had everything that I needed in it.  I first checked my wallet.  Credit card, driver’s license, and $45 in cash (plus everything that is always in there).  My phone and everything else was in my bag, so I put it over my shoulder and walked out to the kitchen to see my mum.


Mum: Someone’s looking very pretty this morning.

Me: You say that every day.

Mum: But there’s something different about today.

Me: Maybe that I gave my hair a quick curl?

Mum: Yeah, that’s it.  You only curl your hair for special occasions though.

Me: Well, today’s a special occasion.

Mum: Not out to impress anyone are you?

Me: Mum, you know I am.  Don’t act like you don’t know.

Mum: I don’t think you have to do anything to impress Louis honey.  He already has a crush on you anyway.

Me: Might.  Like I’ve been saying since the beginning, he’s probably over it.

Mum: Well we’ll see in a matter of hours won’t we?

Me: Yep.


Our luggage was ready in the lounge room, so I went and got my car out of the garage.  Dad was already packing his car and mum’s at the time.  I then went back inside and got mine and Regan’s luggage putting it in the car, as Regan had previously said he wanted to be driven up with me.


When I had done that, I went back inside to check that Regan was ready.  As I walked in, I almost ran into him.


Me: Hey, could you help me get my board on the roof?

Regan: Yeah, sure.


I got my surfboard out of the garage (it had its cover on, and I left it on) and brung it out the front.  Regan had got out the ropes that I keep in my boot and we then begun to tie it to my roof racks.  By the time we had finished that, it was 7:15am.  Maddy came over at that time too, and we waited an extra 15 minutes until mum, Lexi and dad were ready then we headed off.


Louis’ P.O.V:


Wow, I’m excited.  Soon, we will be touching down in Australia and I’ll finally get to see my girl again.  I bet she’s looking so beautiful right now…


My thoughts were interrupted by my phone beeping, indicating at text.  When I seen that it was from Amelia, I couldn’t help but smile.  It said:


“I’m at terminal 7 waiting for youz.  How long will youz be do you think? x”


Harry: Aww someone got a text form his special girl!

Me: What?  How do you know?

Harry: You should see you blushing.

Me: I can’t help it.  I just… I love her so much.

Harry: I know; you don’t stop reminding us.

Me: Shows you how much I love her then, doesn’t it?

Harry: I guess.  When will you tell her?

Me: Hopefully when we get some time alone.  I still haven’t worked out how I’m gonna tell her yet.

Harry: Don’t think about it.  Just do it!

Me: Yeah, I guess.


Our flight attendant walked past, and I stopped her.


Me: Excuse me, how long do you think it’ll be until we step of this plane?

Flight Attendant: About 15 minutes?

Me: Okay, thanks.


I texted Amelia back.


“15 mins!!  So excited to see you!! x”


Within another few minutes, there was another text from her.


“Yea, me 2.  The airport’s pretty busy today, so I’ll stand on a chair so youz can see me x”


Awesome, so I’d get to have a good view of her.


“That would b great x”


Amelia’s P.O.V:


The airport was fairly busy today, so my family, Maddy and I worked out that I would go in and get them, then bring them all outside back to our cars where they were all waiting.  I had brung my car with us, and mum and dad brung both of there’s too, because there would be 12 of us in the end, so we’d need that many cars.  


When I got to the terminal, I texted Louis telling him that I was waiting for him, and he texted back that they’d be about 15 minutes.  It was 11:45am right now, so they were right on time.   


It got to 12pm, and out the big windows I saw a big jet labelled “British Airways” pulling in close to this terminal.  I then started to get butterflies in my tummy, as I knew I was minutes away from seeing Louis, of course the other boys and Danielle.  I was mainly excited about Louis though.  Yeah, over the past months I’ve had pictures to stare at, but now I was getting to see him in real life again.  I was busting to see those sparkling blue eyes, and his amazing smile, as I had missed them so, so much.


I took this as cue that it was time to get up on the chairs, as I said I would.  I was standing up there for about 4 minutes waiting, and I surprised that I didn’t get asked to get down.  Maybe it’s because I looked all sweet and innocent with this pretty flower in my hair.


The first person came out of the terminal, and my tummy flipped.  It wasn’t one of the boys or Danielle, but that meant they were coming, right?!  I began to feel goose bumps all over my body, knowing that they could be seconds away. 


A minute and still no sign of-


Niall!  Harry!  I jumped straight down from my chair and pushed through the crowd.  When I got to them I laughed at Niall’s goofy grin, and Harry’s cheeky smile, then gave them both a quick hug separately.


Me: Oh my god, I can’t believe youz are here!

Harry: Me neither.  Flights to Australia are like the longest flights I’ll ever go on!

Me: Quit the complaining, youz are here now!  Think about that!

Niall: Ami, we are gonna make these our best birthdays ever.

Me: Absolutely, but Nialler you’re gonna be 18!

Niall: I know I can’t believe it.

Me: Where’s everyone?

Harry: They should be coming.


I turned around and looked up the terminal walkway, and sure enough I spotted Danielle and Zayn making their way up to us.  When Danielle saw me, she gasped and began to run to me.  When she did, she almost knocked me over.


Me: Wow, knock me straight over why don’t you?

Danielle: Sorry, I’m just so happy to see you!  And I’m in Australia!  And it’s your birthday in… 2 days!

Me: Everyone keeps reminding me and it makes me feel so old!  Having a ‘2’ in front instead of a ‘1’makes me feel like I suddenly hold so much more responsibility or something.  It’s an odd feeling.

Danielle: I remember feeling like that.  Don’t worry about it, because everyone has or will be in the same boat as you at some stage.


Zayn caught up, and gave me a hug.


Zayn: God, I’ve missed you.

Me: Yeah, me too, but we’re gonna have heaps of fun over the next week.

Zayn: That I know for sure.


Again, I looked back up the terminal walkway, and there was no sign of Liam or Louis.


Me: Are you sure they’re coming?

Niall: Yeah, there they are!


He was right.  Liam and Louis just walked around the corner and were walking up towards us.  Sure, Liam’s like a brother to me, as are the rest of the boys, but I COULD NOT keep my eyes off Louis.  I didn’t really have a good view of him from here, but I could see that smile glued on his face.  He was obviously happy, and I’d hate to see him in any other mood. 


Another tummy flipping moment.  Louis’ head moved up to my eye level, and he stopped in his tracks.  He said something, and I couldn’t hear it, but I saw the word “wow” get mouthed.  Was he talking about me?  Maybe he still had that crush on me.  I felt myself beginning to blush, so I looked down and avoided eye contact.  I didn’t want him to see me like this for our first moments together again.


Louis’ P.O.V:


Me: If I fall to the ground right here, it’s because I suffered a heart attack, alright?

Liam: Ah, okay?


I couldn’t believe this.  Amelia was even more beautiful than I had ever remembered, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.  I had my eyes set on her, and yep; she noticed.  She blushed and stared down at her feet, as always. 


Liam: Lou, come and sweep her off her feet.

Me: Yeah, let’s do this.


Liam and I continued our walk out into the airport.  Every step I took closer to Amelia, the more butterflies developed and I kept falling weaker and weaker at the knees.  Liam was slightly ahead of me, and gave her a hug before me.  Once he moved away, I moved closer to her, until I was right in front of her.


Amelia’s P.O.V:


After Liam hugged me I knew Louis was next, as he was obviously the last one.  It was kinda weird the rest of the boys and Danielle being here at the time, but I just forgot about them for a moment.  It was all about Louis for now.


He stepped right up in front of me, and I was still staring down.  I started to realise it was kinda rude of me, so I looked up at him.


Louis: Hey gorgeous.


He leaned in and kissed me tenderly on the cheek, like he did when we parted at Heathrow two and a half months ago, except this time it was even better for some reason.  His lips felt softer than ever, and I would kill to have them on mine.  God, he knew exactly how to make a girl feel special.  I’m guessing that’s because of how many girls he had around him growing up.  Anyway, back to reality.


I couldn’t help but giggle, not because of him being funny (he wasn’t even saying anything at the time), but because of how absolutely cute and adorable he was.  He chuckled after me, almost in the same way I did.  Could he be doing it for the same reason?


Louis: How’ve you been?

Me: Yeah um…

Louis: Yeah?  I didn’t know it was possible to have been yeah.

Me: You didn’t let me finish!

Louis: Sorry, carry on.

Me: I’ve been great, but the worst part has been missing Danielle and the boys.  And you.


Louis’ P.O.V:


And me.  She could have just said Danielle and you boys and not leaving me separately.  Did that mean something?


Niall: C’mon you two lovebirds!

Me: Idiot.


Amelia giggled.  I was glad I was capable of making her laugh; as that is like the only thing I’m good at when it comes to getting girls to notice me.


Niall: Hey, I heard that!

Me: You were supposed to.


Niall gave me and death stare, and I just smiled.  The boys and I always have enjoyed calling each other names, but we have never got into a serious fight or anything, and I don’t think we ever will.  We don’t take life serious enough for that to happen.  We began to walk away from the terminal, with Amelia leading us, since we had no clue where we were going.


Harry: So where’s everyone?

Amelia: Oh, I forgot to tell you.  They’re waiting out at our cars because we thought it was a bit busy here today.

Harry: Oh, fair enough.


It took 10 minutes get through the busy crowd, and then we arrived at the carousel to collect our luggage.  Once we had got it all, Amelia began to direct us towards the exit.


Amelia: Would you like me to help you with any of that?

Me: Nah, I’m fine.

Amelia: Lou, when I arrived in London, you carried some of my luggage for me, so I should only do the same for you.  Please?

Me: Oh, okay then.  Would you like to carry my skateboard for me?

Amelia: Sure, I’ll carry anything.


I passed her my skateboard, and we continued our walk.


Me: Please tell me you remembered yours?

Amelia: Yeah, I did this time.

Me: You should have brung it when you came to London.

Amelia: I know, I guess I didn’t think about it.

Me: Does Maddy have one too?

Amelia: Yeah, and Regan also.

Me: Awesome, we could all go on rides together.

Amelia: And where we’re a staying it’s really convenient, cause there’s like a shared pedestrian, bike and skate strip of path that runs right along the beach.

Me: So, we’re staying near the beach?

Amelia: Yeah.

Me: Cool, so how far is it away from here?

Amelia: Only about 5 minutes.

Me: Oh, awesome.

Amelia: We’ve stayed there a few times before, and I have to say it’s my favourite hotel on the Gold Coast.

Me: It must be good then.

Amelia: It is.  It’s funny, because its right in amongst all these shops and right near where we walk into the hotel, there’s Baskin Robbins, McDonald’s, Gloria Jeans and The Coffee Club.  It’s amazing.  And also, a two minute walk north there’s Nando’s.

Niall: Huh?!  I heard Nando’s!

Me: Yeah, Ami was just saying that there’s a Nando’s a two minute walk from our hotel.

Niall: Seriously?

Amelia: Yep. 

Niall: That’s sick.

Amelia: Of course it is Nialler.  Of course it is.


It was great having this time with Amelia to catch up, and I felt so lucky to be hearing that amazing, cute and adorable Aussie accent again.  I mean I heard her over the phone and all, but it was way better hearing her in real life.


Amelia’s P.O.V:


We walked out of the airport and into the lovely spring weather.


Me: Welcome to Australia!

Niall: Yay!

Liam: It sure is nice swimming weather.

Me: As I was telling Lou before, we’re staying in a hotel right across from the beach, so every time I get the chance I’m gonna be out in the water.  Especially since I got a new board yesterday.

Harry: Oh, really?

Me: Yeah, it was my birthday present from mum and dad.  They gave it to me yesterday, so then I could bring it with me.

Zayn: So you haven’t tried it out yet?

Me: Nope, and I can’t wait to.

Louis: Well, we all can’t wait to see you surf Ami.


I looked across at Louis and smiled.


Me: Thanks.


I received a smile in return.  I was so stoked that everyone wanted to see me surfing.  Every time I’m out there dad would probably want to come as well, which I liked.  I didn’t want their full attention to be on me, although something told me that Louis’ would be.  Yes, I was convinced he still had a crush on me.  It was just something about the way he looks at me, and don’t think he would give me a kiss on the cheek if he wanted us to be ‘just friends’.


Louis’ P.O.V:


Yeah, I couldn’t keep my eyes off Amelia’s beautiful body and yeah, I was absolutely desperate for her to be mine, but I decided I wouldn’t tell her how I feel just yet.  At least, not today.  I had a week, and we had only just arrived, so maybe it was a bit much to handle in one day.  All the unpacking, all the sorting out what we’re gonna be doing for Amelia and Niall’s birthday, and for the rest of our time here.  Maybe if everything’s sorted in the morning I can take her out for breakfast and tell her then.  We all need to get settled in first.


As we walked through the carpark I began to study Amelia a bit more.  Has her hair always been that curly?  I don’t know, she might have curled it, but I didn’t care.  All I knew was that she was so, so gorgeous.  I had hugged her a few times before, but I wondered what it would feel like to actually embrace her romantically.  I wondered what her kisses felt like, and what it would feel like to cuddle up to her on a cold night. 


When I had hugged her before, I got a rush left me wanting more, so if I actually do get to hold her romantically, I’d never want to let go.  I still remember the time I held her hand for the first time at Heathrow.  It was magic, and I really wished I could feel that same magic again.


Danielle was exactly right.  Amelia wasn’t too good for me.  What I had been thinking all along was right.  We are absolutely perfect for each other, like we were made and produced to be together.  Wait a second.  If we were made for each other than the same things as me would be running through her mind, right?  Then it occurred to me.  That’s why she blushes all the time when I complement her.  That’s why when she was in London she watched every time I took my shirt off.  She likes me, at the least.


Now I couldn’t wait to tell her.  I have never looked forward to something so much in my life.  When I finally zoned back into reality in the distance I saw a group of 5 people leaning against some cars. 


Harry: Can I?

Amelia: Of course!


Harry began to jog up towards them.  They were Amelia’s family and Maddy.  Amelia had met my family, and now it’s my turn to meet hers.  When we got to them, I noticed one of the girls couldn’t keep their eyes off Zayn, and it was pretty funny.  I presumed she was Amelia’s sister, because she told us a while ago that her sister had a celebrity crush on him.  Zayn’s reaction was funny as well.  You could tell that he realised, and was avoiding eye contact with her.  Anyway, Harry introduced us all.


Harry: Alright, this is my Aunty Alison and Uncle Aaron.  To you, they are Mr. and Mrs Tesla.

Mrs Tesla: No, don’t listen to him.  You can call us Alison and Aaron.


It was actually quite amazing how alike Alison and Anne looked, even though they weren’t identical.  If they were, I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.


Niall: You and Anne actually look heaps alike.

Alison: If you saw us standing next to each other, you’d think very different.  Personality wise we are similar, but not looks.

Harry: Anyway, this is my other cousins, Lexi and Regan and of course, Maddy over here.  Everyone, this is Danielle, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Louis.

Me: It’s so nice to meet you all, and we’re gonna have a lot of fun over the next week.

Aaron: Definitely.


I figured I had to be nice and make a good first impression, because this was my future girlfriend’s family!  Besides, you only get first impressions once.  Liam, Danielle, Maddy and Niall had already struck up a conversation.  Amelia looked across at me and smiled, so of course I did the same thing.  I was definitely ready to be seeing her smile in my presence for the rest of my life. 


Amelia: Alright, who wants to come in my car?

Me: How many seats are left?

Amelia: One.

Me: Shotty!


She giggled.


Amelia: Alright, well let’s get your luggage in my car then.


Amelia opened her car boot and piled it in with the other bags that were already in there. 


Amelia’s P.O.V:


Mum: Ami, can I talk to you for a minute?

Me: Yeah, hang on.


I then turned to Regan, Maddy and Louis.


Me: I won’t be long.

Louis: Take as long as you need.


I gave him a smile, and I noticed Regan wink at me.  I gave a jokingly death stare then walked over to mum.


Me: Yes mum?

Mum: Louis’ cuter in real life than in the pictures.

Me: You can’t talk about my future boyfriend like that!

Mum: Hey pipe down, he’ll here you.

Me: He’d have no idea I’m talking about him.

Mum: Anyway, do you think he still has that crush on you?

Me: Yeah, I think so.  There’s something about the way he looks at me.

Mum: Mm, I agree.

Me: So, what do you think of him?

Mum: He’s definitely very polite and nice.  You know, I approve.

Me: Thanks.

Mum: Welcome.  Now, we’ll meet youz out the front of the hotel.

Me: Alright.


I walked back to my car and jumped in the driver’s seat, as everyone had already got in and were waiting for me.  I my head I was thanking Maddy for letting Louis sit in the front.  I hadn’t told her about my feelings for him, or his crush on me, but something told me she had her suspicions.


On our way to our hotel I kept looking over at Louis.  He had his head leaned up against the window and was looking out at the scenery.  It was so funny, and I couldn’t help but laugh at him.


Louis: What?

Me: Just you.

Louis: But I didn’t even say anything!

Me: I know.


He shook his head at me, with a cheeky grin on his face then, looked back out the window again.  We soon arrived out the front of the hotel, and I parked my car in a nearby spare carpark.  We all hopped out and leaned against my car.  Louis looked up at our hotel, and then looked back at me.


Louis: This is where we’re staying?

Me: Yep.

Louis: Awesome.


Everyone else soon arrived beside us, and mum and I went inside to check in.  We only went in because dad and I had our surfboards on top of our cars, and we wouldn’t want them stolen.  Especially mine because I’ve only had it a day.


Danielle’s P.O.V:


The boys and I were so lucky to be staying here; it was so lovely.  We had awesome food places all around our hotel (Niall would love that) and the beach was just magnificent.  I couldn’t wait to get there for a swim, and I think Amelia was planning on going out there later for a surf.


I had met one of Amelia’s best friends, Maddy, and she was so amazingly nice.  We were already getting on quite well, and I could tell the three of us (Amelia, Maddy and I) would become very close together.


Louis’ face dropped when Amelia walked into the hotel out of his sight.  I overheard him saying to Harry on the plane that he was going to tell her how he feels when they get some alone time, and it wouldn’t be that hard to since they were to be sharing a hotel room together.  I know he’s said that he’s ready to tell her and all, but something’s telling me he might chicken out at the last minute. 


I know Louis’ always been the kind to tell a girl how he feels, but he feels a connection between them both like he has never felt before, so maybe he might feel pressured and feel like she’s too good for him again.  If this happens, I’ll have to try and convince Amelia that telling him about her feelings is the right thing to do. 


The reason I’m trying so hard is because I really want them together.  Every time they’re standing next to each other or whatever I feel like letting out a long “aww!”, because they look so cute together!  When they do become a couple, I’ll like be trying to get them trending all the time on Twitter.


Louis’ P.O.V:


Amelia and Alison walked back out to us, and I was happy again.


Amelia: Alright, so I have 10 room keys.

Zayn: 10?

Amelia: Yeah, two for each room.

Niall: You better not lose them.

Amelia: Trust me Nialler, I’m not that unreliable.

Niall: You sure?

Amelia: Definitely.  Anyway, unfortunately we have all been put on different floors.

Regan: Oh, that sucks.


Amelia came over and stood next to me, leaning against her car.  She had all the room keys, plus a few pieces of paper.  In other words, her hands were full.


Me: Ami, would you like me to carry something?

Amelia: Um, yeah.  Thanks.

Me: Nah, it’s alright.


She handed me the 10 keys.  Well, they weren’t really keys, more like cards.  They still did the same thing though.


Amelia: So, this joint has 20 floors and we’re on 5, 9, 13, 16 and 18.


Amelia’s P.O.V:


In the end, we decided my family would be on floor 5 (mum has a fear of heights), Liam and Danielle on 9, Niall and Maddy on 13, Louis and I one 16, then last but not least Zayn and Harry on 18.  We all then got back in our cars and drove down into the basement, parking in our allocated parks.


By 12pm, we had taken our luggage up to our rooms and taken mine and dad’s surfboards to the reception (they had previously said that they’d take care of them there).  We met in the lobby than walked up to Nando’s for lunch.


It only took us a few minutes to walk there, but I had a very good view the whole way there.  You’ll see what I mean.  Mum, dad, Regan and Lexi was walking behind me, the boys ahead, and Maddy next to me, with Danielle on the other side of her.  They were having their own little conversation, so I just admired Louis.  I couldn’t help but smile, as he was laughing and having fun.  He turned around and threw a glowing smile at me, and I couldn’t help but giggle back. 


God, I couldn’t wait to be with him.  I wasn’t sure when it would happen, but it would one day.  I will make sure if it.


Louis’ P.O.V:


While we were at Nando’s we ended up deciding what we’d all be doing over the next few days.  After we were finished here Maddy, Niall, Amelia and I were going to go out skateboarding for a few hours.  Then, we were all going to go down to the beach, and Amelia and her dad were going to go for a surf.  I couldn’t wait until then.


We also worked out what we’d be doing for Amelia and Niall’s birthday.  For Amelia’s, we were going to spend the day at the beach, then go to some place called Sizzlers for dinner.  She really likes it, so I expect that I would too. 


Then for Niall’s, he said that he wanted to go to one of the theme parks, but didn’t know what one.  When we got back to the hotel we were going to get the brochures off the stand for each one, and he would choose that way.  For dinner he wanted to go out to some kind of club so he could have his first drink, and Amelia and Maddy suggested Jupiter’s Casino.  Apparently it’s one of the most famous casinos in Australia, so it should be good.  Amelia said she went there for her 19th last year, and it was awesome.  I think Danielle, Maddy and Amelia were planning on going out shopping in the morning to buy an outfit for it.


When we got back to the hotel we checked out the brochures for the five theme parks on the Gold Coast, and he ended up choosing Dreamworld.  When he chose that I noticed Amelia and Maddy giggle.


Me: What?

Maddy: Nothing, it’s just that Amelia and I have some great memories there.

Niall: Really?  Like what?

Amelia: Just… memories.

Harry: C’mon, spill!  Otherwise I’ll tickle you until you die.

Amelia: You wouldn’t dare!

Harry: Yeah, I would!

Amelia: Alright, whatever.  When we were 15 I think, we were at Dreamworld and we went on a ride called The Wipeout.  Anyway, before we got on they said that you had to leave all your valuables behind in the locker things they have.  I slipped my shoes off, but I completely forgot about my phone, which was in my pocket.  We got on there, and during the ride it fell out and into the water below.

Liam: Classic.

Zayn: Did you get it back?

Amelia: Nah, it wouldn’t have still worked anyway.

Me: Do you think it’d still be in there?

Amelia: Hmm, possibly.

Niall: We should look for it.

Amelia: I still won’t be able to get it because they won’t let us in, but still.  It’d be funny to see it.


We all went back up to our rooms and Niall, Maddy, Amelia and I went to get our skateboards.  While we were up in our room, Amelia changed her sandals to a pair of yellow low cut converse.  We then met Niall and Maddy back in the lobby and crossed the road to the pathway which went all the way along the front of the beach.


We got on our skateboards, and began our ride.  Amelia and Maddy quickly got a bit ahead of Niall and me. 


Me: Hey Nialler, let’s sneak up behind Amelia and Maddy.

Niall: Yeah, good idea.


We temporarily jumped off our boards and ran up behind them.  Luckily they didn’t hear us because of the sounds of their skateboards on the concrete.  Niall said “Boo!” to Maddy and I just pinched Amelia’s side.  They both turned around and laughed as we got back on our skateboards, riding beside them.


Amelia: Boys, there is no way you could ever scare us!

Me: We’ll find a way.

Maddy: I doubt it.


We stayed out skateboarding for about one and a half hours, and we stopped at Amelia’s family’s floor (5) on our way up to our own rooms.  Fortunately, everyone else was in there too.  We organised that we would go up to all our own rooms and get ready for the beach then meet back in the lobby in 20 minutes.


Amelia’s P.O.V:


When Louis and I got back up to our room, I went straight into my room to pick out a bikini from my suitcase.  Just as I was walking in, I felt someone grab my wrist stopping me, and there was only one person it could be.  Louis.  I slowly turned around to see his that smile I first fell in love with.


Me: Yes?

Louis: Just one thing.

Me: Which is?

Louis: Wear something fit.




Me: Um… what do you mean fit?!

Louis: Like… hot.

Me: Why?

Louis: Because, you know.

Me: No, I don’t know.

Louis: Well I haven’t seen you in a bikini for a while, so you should look hot.

Me: Why would you be so interested in me wearing a bikini?


He just shrugged his shoulders and walked into his room.  Yep, he definitely had a crush on me still.  I finally managed to get into my room, and I shut the door behind me, obviously because I was about to get changed.  I had bought four pairs of bikinis with me, because we’re staying across from a beach, so obviously we’ll be over there a fair bit.  I ended up picking out a pair that was light blue and purple.  They were in a kind of pattern like little square tiles.  The top piece had a bow in the centre, and the bottoms with one on either side.


I put them on, and it’s lucky that I’ve learnt to tie up things behind my back, because otherwise it could have got very awkward between Louis and me.  I then got a white crocheted see through top and a pair of white and pink shorts, putting them on over the top.  I grabbed a hair tie then put my hair up into a messy high ponytail.  Lastly, I slipped on my blue thongs.  Hopefully Louis would approve.  I grabbed my beach bag, and put in my towel, sunscreen, wallet, room card etc. 


I picked it up off my bed and my phone off the bedside table and then walked out into the lounge room, plonking myself down on the couch.  I received a text from Danielle.


“Make sure u wear something sexy for Lou!! x”


I quickly texted back:


“Funny since Lou has already told me to wear something fit x”


I almost instantly received one back:


“Ooh! x”


Louis soon came out of his room, and I turned around to look at him.  The problem was, he wouldn’t stop looking at me.


Me: Lou, what are you staring at?

Louis: What?  Oh my god I was staring at you?  Oh, I’m sorry.  I was just… eh… Sorry?


He began to blush a bright shade of red, I felt really bad for embarrassing him.


Louis’ P.O.V:


I didn’t even realise it, but according to Amelia I had been staring at the whole time.  I couldn’t help it though.  I’ve always been madly in love with her, so how could I not?  I seriously thought I was at the full capacity that I could love someone when she was in London, but after the last couple of months that I’ve spent without her, for some reason it has made me love her even more.  I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder.  And again, after seeing she again makes me want her so, so much more than I ever did.  I think soon I might explode because of how much love I’m holding for the one person.


I felt my cheeks burning, so I looked down at the ground avoiding eye contact, a bit like Amelia does.  Before I knew it I seen the familiar pair of legs situated right in front of me.  I then looked up into the eyes of my girl, and was greeted by that amazing, amazing smile.  She leaned in and gave me a little kiss on the cheek, but it was enough to give me the warm fuzzies.  As she moved back, I smiled and she giggled back.


Amelia: You ready to go?

Me: Um, yeah.

Amelia: You don’t sound very sure.

Me: Trust me, I’m sure.

Amelia: Alrighty then.


She walked back over near the couch and picked up her beach bag. 


Amelia: Let’s go.

Me: Hey, can I put my phone and wallet in with yours please?

Amelia: Yeah, absolutely.


She opened her bag and I passed her my things, her putting them and pulling the bag closed again.


Me: Thanks.

Amelia: Welcome.


We locked the door and walked out into the hallway, my towel over my shoulder.  We selected the button to go down, and as the doors opened funnily enough Zayn and Harry were in there.  When we all got down to the lobby, Danielle and Liam were already there, and everyone else soon arrived down. 


We made our way across the road, through the park and onto the beach.  We all chose a spot about halfway between the sand dunes and the water.  Alison, Aaron and Regan layed their towels down about 10 metres away from Niall, Harry, Zayn, Lexi and I, then the girls and Liam around 10 metres the other side of us.  Lexi was hanging around Zayn a lot (as expected), but she wasn’t looking at him with googly eyes like before.  They were acting more like they were becoming good friends now.


Amelia’s P.O.V:


I was standing up on my towel talking and laughing with Maddy, Danielle and Liam when I looked over at Louis just in time to see him taking his shirt off.  Wow, he looked like he had even more muscles and abs than last time I seen him like this.  I’d find a sneaky way to get my hands on him sometime this afternoon.


Louis’ P.O.V:


I began to rub some sunscreen into my screen when I looked up at Amelia, who was staring straight at me.  She had sneakily managed to see me take my top of again, just like in London.  She flashed me a cheeky smile then slipped her shorts off.  Without even thinking, I felt myself licking my lips as she took her top off afterwards.  She sat down on the towel and put her clothes in her bag, then looked over at me.  She had that same cheeky smile as before she took her clothes off.  I told her to wear something fit, and I definitely, definitely approved.  I don’t know if that was her way of getting even with me or what, but damn that girl is sexy.


Amelia’s P.O.V:


I started to rub sunscreen on my skin, while occasionally looking over at Louis.  Nearly every time I did, I received suspicious glares back.  I finished putting my sun screen on, when dad approached me.


Dad: You ready to come out baby?

Me: Yeah.

Dad: Are you three coming out to watch Ami?

Danielle: We wouldn’t miss it for the world.


I gave Danielle a smile, and she did the same back.  Then, dad did something that I wished he didn’t.


Dad: Hey boys, are youz coming out to see Ami surf?

Me: Daddy!

Dad: What?  Do you know how long they’ve been waiting to see you surf?

Me: How would you know that?

Dad: At least I know Harry’s been wanting to again.


It was true.  Louis told me that the airport earlier how much they couldn’t wait.


Louis: Yeah, of course!


I gave Louis a smile, and he winked back at me, then I giggled.  Again, because he was cute, not being funny.


I got up off my towel and brushed the sand off my hands and knees, when Louis approached me. 


Louis: Ami, I told you to wear something fit, but you look beyond fit.


I officially love British slang.  Although nowhere near as much as I love Louis.  Alright, how about this.  Louis using British slang.  Perfect. 


Louis’ P.O.V:


Amelia picked up her surfboard and stuck it into the ground next her, leaning against it.  I noticed her trail of sight on me chest.  Warm fuzzies all over again.


Amelia: And um, is it just me or have your abs and biceps grown since last time I saw you?

Me: So the working out has been paying off?

Amelia: Wow, you’ve been working out?

Me: Yeah, I’ve tried to make it to the gym as often as I can, but with the lifestyle I have, it’s hard.  But I usually get two days a week in.  Days I can’t make it I just do push ups or something at home.

Amelia: Hmm, impressive.

Me: Why thank you.


She pulled her board out of the sand and tucked it under her shoulder.


Amelia: You coming?

Me: Absolutely.


She giggled, and then began to jog towards the water, whereas I only walked.  Little did she know, the reason I’ve been working out has been to try and impress her.  It seemed as though it was working.  By the time I got to the water’s edge and stood next to Harry, Amelia has caught up to her dad, and they were both paddling out.


Harry: What was that all about back there?

Me: Well back in our hotel room I told her to wear something fit, and I was just complimenting her choice.  Plus, she commented on me having been working out.

Harry: Quit the compliments and ask her out already!

Me: I was originally gonna wait until after today to tell her how I feel-

Harry: Why would you do that?

Me: Well because I thought that if I told her today then it’d be a bit too sudden and like I’m desperate.

Harry: But you are desperate.  Do you think asking her to wear something fit isn’t acting desperate?


I thought about it for a second.  Harry was right.


Harry: If you really want her as much as I know you do, then why would you even be thinking about that?  Ask her out for tonight.  Tell her how you feel.


I would do exactly that.


Me: So how long has it been since you’ve seen Ami surf?

Harry: Exactly two years today.

Me: Really?

Harry: Yep.

Me: How good is she?

Harry: In my opinion, so good that she could take be able to take it up as a career if she wanted to.

Me: Wow.

Harry: Yeah, but she doesn’t want to.  She’s wanted to do business since year 9, and she’s very passionate about that, so I doubt she’ll change her mind.


The boys, Danielle, Maddy and I continued to watch Amelia and Aaron, but I wasn’t focused on Aaron at all.  Only Amelia.  She ended up stayed out there for about half an hour, and caught around 4 good waves.  Three words.  She was incredible.  I could tell the boys and Danielle were pretty impressed too.  When her and her dad came back to us, the boys and Danielle didn’t stop the compliments.  I didn’t say anything as I was too in awe.


After that, we all went back up to our towels, and everyone decided that they were going to go out for a swim.  Obviously Zayn wasn’t as he is afraid of open water, and Alison stayed to keep him company.  Everyone started to walk out, and I realised that Amelia wasn’t with them.  I looked back at her towel and seen her sunbathing on it.  I walked up to her, so that I was standing in front of the sun and she was getting none of it.  She took her sunglasses off and smiled at me.


Amelia: Lou, please get out of my sun.

Me: Your sun?

Amelia: You get what I mean.

Me: Alright, but first, why aren’t you out for swim?

Amelia: I’m kinda tired from my surf.

Me: Right.

Amelia: What about you?


How was I supposed to answer that?  I decided I’d tell the truth.


Me: The scenery’s better here.


She rolled her eyes, obviously knowing what I meant.


Amelia: Bring your towel over here next to me.

Me: Really?

Amelia: Of course.

Me: Okay.


She put her sunglasses back on and I walked over to my towel, shaking the sand off it.  I went back over to Amelia and lied it down again.  I sat down on it, and Amelia also sat up.


Amelia’s P.O.V:


Louis: Was the water warm?

Me: I wouldn’t say it was warm, but it was-

Louis: Ami, will you go out with me tonight?


That was rather sudden, but a good kind of sudden.


Me: Random, but I’d love to.


I noticed him sigh of relief and a smile appear across his face.  I couldn’t see his eyes as they were hid by his sunglasses, but something told me they were glowing of happiness.  I can’t believe I was finally going out with Louis, and something told me this was going to be the night I’ve been waiting for, for so long.  I might finally get to be his.  Fingers crossed.


Me: What do you want to do?

Louis: You know this place a lot better than me.


I tried to think what would make the perfect first date.  Then I got it.


Me: I know a good Italian restaurant about a 20 minute walk from here.

Louis: Anything with the word Italian in it sounds good to me.


We talked and laughed for a while longer.


Louis’ P.O.V:


At one stage, Amelia reached into her beach bag and pulled out her top, putting it over her swimmers.  She then stood up on her towel.


Me: What are you doing?

Amelia: I think I’m gonna go for a bit of a walk.  You wanna come?

Me: Yeah, sure.


I stood up as well and we began to walk north along the beach.  In the distance I seen a couple that had their arms around each other’s waists.  I wished that could be Amelia and I, and if everything goes to plan tonight then it will be.


We walked slowly up along the beach, with the water occasionally rushing around our ankles.  It was the perfect scene.  There were no screaming girls or paparazzi chasing me (no one knew us in Australia), there were high rise buildings in the distance, a beautiful beach that we we’re on, and soon to be my gorgeous girl beside me.  What more could I want?


Danielle’s P.O.V:


We ended up staying at the beach for a couple of hours, and then we made our way back up to our hotel.  I noticed Louis looking particularly happy for some reason.  I could tell Amelia and he weren’t together yet, so I had to find out what it was.  As we walked into the lobby and Amelia took her board over to the reception, I approached him.


Me: Someone’s looking super happy.

Louis: Yeah, I’m going out with Ami tonight.

Me: Like, as in a date?!

Louis: Yeah.

Me: Are you gonna tell her?

Louis: Yep, definitely.

Me: I hope it goes okay.

Louis: So do I.


I knew for sure it’d go okay, as I know how mad they are for each other.


Niall’s P.O.V:


Amelia, Louis, Danielle, Liam, Maddy and I headed to the pool and had a swim for a while before heading up to our rooms.  Liam and Danielle had a little make out session while we were in there, and it was pretty gross, but cute at the same time.


Amelia: Get a room youz two!

Liam: No can do.  Don’t look if you don’t like it.


Amelia looked across at me and shook her head.  I knew it was to do with Liam and Danielle, and I laughed.


After being in there for about 40 minutes, Amelia and Louis left and headed up to their rooms, as they were finally going on a date tonight, and Louis was planning on telling Amelia how he feels I think.  I hope it all works out how he wants it too, because I know how crushed he’ll be otherwise.

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