Heart Attack

Things you can’t explain. Like, why these two particular humans fell so deeply and madly for each other. And why their relationship has to be such a hard one.

**A/N - The writer of this story is Sophie**


3. Back In The Loop

Amelia’s P.O.V:


In the morning I walked out into the kitchen, where I found Louis.  Making tea I think.  When he heard me walk in, he turned around and greeted me with a slight smile.  He looked at me for a while, scanning me up and down, but I couldn’t concentrate on that. 


Just like last night, he was shirtless with the same pyjama pants on.  He made me fill with a warm feeling, one that I had never experienced before.  I wished I was his, I wished I could just go up to him and kiss those soft lips, and hold him close.  Yes, this could be kind of disturbing, but put my hands all over his abs.  I killed me realising that all of this could never be possible, that he could never fall for me the same way that I had.


Louis’ P.O.V:


I was out in the kitchen making Amelia and I tea, then I heard those familiar footsteps.  I turned around to find the girl that should be mine, the girl that I knew I belonged with for the rest of my life.  She was the girl that I would one day be standing up on that platform with, exchanging vowels to.  The girl that would be the mother to my kids and me be a parent with.  The girl… I would grow old with.


My eyes scanned her body, up and down.  She was the perfect girl for me.  The thing that stood out to me this morning was the mess her hair was in.  I had always thought girls that had messy hair were adorable, but Amelia and all the other little things that made me love her… wow.


I swear I was staring at her for about 30 seconds, watching her uncontrollably blush.  God, she was amazing.


Me: Morning love.

Amelia: Yeah, morning.


She sounded a bit upset, and it really, really killed me to think she was upset.


Me: Hey, what’s wrong?

Amelia: I just got a call from my best friend Maddy back in Australia.

Me: Shouldn’t you be happy to hear from her?

Amelia: Usually, but today was different.

Me: Why?

Amelia: She called me to tell me that she had broken up with her boyfriend that she’s had for a year and a half now.

Me: Oh, what happened?

Amelia: She caught him cheating.  I feel terrible for her, because I know what she’d be going through right now.

Me: You’ve been cheated on?

Amelia: Yep, twice. 

Me: Idiots.


She giggled, obviously agreeing.  I’d do anything to be hearing that adorable giggle for the rest of my life.  Those guys must have very, very thick heads if they ever thought to cheat on my girl.


Amelia: Yeah, and the second guy called me a stupid slut and hit me across the face because I wouldn’t give him another chance.

Me: I don’t see why he should get another chance.  I mean, just say I was yours.  If I cheated on you, which I would never do anyway because you’re the most amazing person I know, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.  I know you’d deserve someone a lot better than me.


She smiled right at me, and I got lose in those gorgeous, gorgeous blue eyes again.  Damn.


Me: Hey, does Maddy have a crush on any of us lads?

Amelia: Yeah, Liam.  Why?

Me: Maybe we can arrange for him to give her a call later.  That’d cheer her up.  Surely.

Amelia: Yeah, I think it would too.  Good thinking.


Amelia’s P.O.V:


Me: So, I see you’re making some tea.

Louis: Yeah, I always have a cup of tea every morning when I get up.

Me: Hey, so do I!

Louis: Well it’s lucky I made you one too then.


He poured the boiling water into the two cups, and then slid one across the bench to me, taking out the tea bag first.


Me: Thanks, that’s so nice of you.

Louis: You’re welcome.


I gave him a friendly smile, and he looked straight into my eyes again, making my heart melt.  When we finished out teas, we put our cups in the dishwasher.


Louis: So, what would you like for breakfast?

Me: I think I’ll just have toast, but I can get myself.

Louis: Nah, you’re the guest.  I can do it.

Me: Lou, I’m very capable of doing it myself.

Louis: Yeah, I realise that but… you’re never gonna give up, are you?

Me: Nope.

Louis: Okay then.

Me: Thank you.


By the time we had both finished our breakfast, it was nearly 9am.  We put our things in the dishwasher, and then we went to get ready for the day.  We were brushing our teeth at the same time in the bathroom, which was a good laugh.  Afterwards, I went into my room to pick out my outfit for the day. 


I ended up picking out a pair of blue denim shorts, and a grey singlet, which I then layered an orange blouse over the top.  I took my hair out of the high ponytail it was in from last night and then brushed it, parting it slightly to my left, and leaving it out.  I applied a small amount of makeup, as always, and then smiled at myself in the mirror.  I walked out into the kitchen to find Louis just finishing putting the dishwasher on.  God, I wanted him.  By then, it was 9:45am. 


Louis’ P.O.V:


I finished getting ready and I went out to the kitchen to put the dishwasher on.  I did that then turned around to see Amelia smiling back at me.  She had her hair let down, and the way her waves just fell perfectly around her face and over her shoulders.  Wow.  It felt weird to know that I was in the presence of the most beautiful girl in the world.  I began to wonder how I ever have deserved to be rewarded like this.


Me: Hey gorgeous.


She giggled.  She was so amazingly adorable that it left me wanting to kiss her so desperately.


Me: What would you like to do today?

Amelia: Um, I don’t know.

Me: Well, Styles texted me about half an hour ago saying that he was just leaving and would be about 3 hours, so that means he should be here at about a quarter past 12.

Amelia: Ah, okay.  Why don’t we just stay here this morning then?

Me: Alright, well soon I’ve gotta go out and get some groceries, so you can stay here if you don’t wanna come.

Amelia: Yeah, I probably should make a start on my assignment anyway.


Amelia walked into the lounge room where she left her laptop last night and I went into my room to grab my wallet and phone.  I then walked back out to where she was.


Me: I think I’ll go now.  I’ll probably be about half an hour.

Amelia: Well, have fun.

Me: Is it possible to have fun while you’re grocery shopping?

Amelia: It could be.

Me: Yeah, whatever.


Amelia’s P.O.V:


We gave each other a little wave as Louis walked out the door.  I got started on my assignment, and fiddled around on Twitter at the same time.  To my shock, I had nearly 400, 000 followers.  It was odd, because Louis hadn’t even mentioned my name in his tweet last night.  I soon discovered why this had happened.  Harold.  He had tweeted about me.


“Everyone should follow my amazing cousins from Australia @AmiRTesla, @Lexi1994 and @regantesla!!!  I can’t wait to see you in a few hours @AmiRTesla!!! x”


Lexi and Regan would have been happy to know that they had just as many followers as I did.  There were lots of things going around that Harry was in Australia, and even #Harrydownunder started.  He obviously hadn’t cleared up that he wasn’t in Australia, so I thought I would.


“@Harry_Styles isn’t in Australia guys.  I’m in London visiting him :)”    


Louis had only been gone for 5 minutes when I heard a knock on my door.  Maybe he had forgotten something, but shouldn’t he have a key?  Anyway, I got up and went to open the door.  I smiled when I found that it was Niall, Liam and Zayn. 


Me: Hey!

Niall: How are you this morning?

Me: Yeah, good.


I moved out of the doorway so they could get in, and of course Niall headed straight to the kitchen.  Liam and Zayn sat down on the couch, and I turned off my laptop.  I figured with the boys here I wouldn’t get much work done.  It’s okay though, because the assignment isn’t due until next week, and I could knock it down in a few hours.


Me: Hey, guess what?  Harry tweeted that everyone should follow me, my brother and my sister, and now we have about 400, 000 followers each.

Zayn: And you’re going up.

Me: What do you mean?

Zayn: You’re at 450, 000.  I think it’s because Harry said that he’s seeing you in a few hours, and because you tweeted, whereas Lexi and Regan haven’t.

Me: Well, they’d be asleep now, so they wouldn’t even know about all this yet. 


Niall came out of the kitchen with a grumpy look on his face.


Niall: There’s like nothing here to eat!

Me: Lou’s at Tesco, so he’ll bring back food soon.

Liam: Yeah, we ran into him downstairs.

Me: Oh, right.  Nialler, just sit down.  He’ll be back before you know it.

Niall: Whatever.

Liam: So, are you looking forward to seeing Harry?

Me: Definitely.  I haven’t seen him since he auditioned for The X Factor.

Zayn: How long’s it been since you’ve seen Anne?

Me: Easter, so not that long.


Eventually Louis came back, and the place was fully lit up again.  In my eyes anyway.


Niall’s P.O.V:


When Louis walked in, the way he looked at Amelia, it was with so much love in his eyes and smile.  I looked over at her, and she had the same looks.  There was definitely something going on there. 


Amelia: Hey Lou.  Did you have fun?

Louis: You know what?  I actually did!

Amelia: Awesome!


I’m so confused.  Amelia followed Louis into the kitchen, and from what I heard, they were putting the groceries away into the cupboard. 


Zayn: Is it just me, or did Ami actually look at Louis the same as he did to her?

Niall: Nah, she did.

Zayn: They would make such a cute couple.

Niall: Yeah, I know.


Liam’s P.O.V:


I decided to stay out of this part of the conversation.  I wasn’t gonna tell the boys about Amelia’s feelings for Louis, because by the way she I was talking yesterday I think she wanted it to stay between us.


Amelia’s P.O.V:


Once Louis and I finished unpacking the groceries, we went back out and joined the boys, who were playing Fifa again.  God, these boys loved that game, although I can’t complain, because I enjoy it too.  They seemed fairly entertained doing that, so I decided to turn my laptop back on for a bit and play Sims 3.  I’ve always loved Sims, and it is definitely my all-time favourite game.


I decided I wanted to make a new family to add to one of my towns, Blue Water Heights.  I had no idea what I wanted to do though, so I just named them simply the Thingybob’s.  I began to make a father/husband, when Louis came and sat next to me.


Louis: What you doing?  Oh, Sims.

Me: What don’t you like Sims?

Louis: No, I love it.  Are you one of those seriously obsessed players or do you just like it?

Me: In between the two.  I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed, but I have all the expansion and stuff packs to this series.

Louis: Yep, you’re obsessed.

Me: I am not!

Louis: Whatever.  So, who’s this?

Me: No one in particular.

Louis: You should make Harry and I.

Me: Yeah, good idea.


I went back and changed the guys last name to Tomlinson, and named him Louis.  It was really supposed to me playing it, but Louis ended up playing it just as much as I was.  Although I ended up building their house, because Louis thinks he isn’t very good at that part of it, whereas I think that’s what I’m best at in the game.   I built all the walls and completed Louis’ room and his ensuite, and then my phone beeped.  I looked at it and seen that Harry had sent me a text.


“We’re here!  I forgot 2 bring my card with me, so could u plz cum down and get me? x”


I texted back:


“I’m on my way.  Can’t wait 2 c u!! x”


Me: Looks like your house is gonna have to wait.

Louis: How come?

Me: Styles’ here!

Louis: Can’t he come up himself?

Me: He said he forgot his card.

Louis: But you can’t leave me standing there with a half built house!

Me: Why don’t you give it a go?  If it’s terrible I’ll change it when I get back up.

Louis: Yeah, alright.

Me: I’ll be back soon boys.

Zayn: Where are you going?

Me: To get Styles.

Niall: Is he here?

Me: Didn’t youz here everything I just said to Lou?

Liam: Well, it’s rude to sticky beak.

Me: Excuses, excuses.


I grabbed Lou’s card, I ran out the door and quickly got down the lift.  As the lift doors opened on the ground floor, I saw Harry and Aunty Anne right there.  I ran out of the lift and straight into Harry’s arms.


Harry: That’s the way!  Knock me straight over!

Me: At least somebody has some enthusiasm to be greeting their cousin that they haven’t seen for over a year!

Harry: Yeah, but I don’t expect to be knocked over.

Me: I missed you too Styles.

Harry: Oh, you know I missed you.

Me: Yeah, deep down you do.

Harry: Hey!


I had to laugh.  I also gave Aunty Anne a hug.


Aunty Anne: Well at least I’ve missed you.

Me: It’s good to know that at least one of my relatives loves me.

Harry: Hey, I even tweeted to the whole world that I can’t wait to see you!  That must mean something, right?

Me: Yeah, I guess.  And funny that how when the Harry Styles tweets about me that I suddenly get nearly half a million followers.

Harry: I didn’t realise you didn’t want me to.

Me: Nah, I don’t mind.  It’s just funny how everyone responses to what you say.

Harry: That’s what happens when I’m someone that has that kind of…

Me: Sex appeal?

Harry: Yeah.

Me: You’re so up yourself Harry Styles.  See, Lou’s the complete opposite.  Last night, I was saying that I still had a crush on him, and he said he doesn’t see why.  At least he’s still down to earth and doesn’t take all this fame stuff to seriously like you do.

Harry: You know he has a crush on you, right?

Me: Yeah, yeah Liam told me.

Harry: Don’t you believe him?

Me: No way.


Harry shook his head at me.  What was that supposed to mean?


Me: Anyway, let’s go up.  The boys are up there too.


Harry, Aunty Anne and I went up the lift, with Harry carrying his luggage.  He took a lot for one night, even more than I would, and I’m a girl!  We knocked on the door, and to my satisfaction, Louis opened it for us.


Louis’ P.O.V:


Yeah, Harry was back.  Who cares?  The main thing was that Amelia was back in my sight.  I gave a friendly smile, and she smiled back.  A million people could tell her that she’s beautiful and yet that would still be an understatement.


Me: Who are you?

Harry: Harry.  Harry Styles, you know the guy?

Me: Nope, I’ve never heard that name in my whole life.

Harry: Yeah, whatever.


Harry pushed past me with his luggage taking it up the hallway into his room.


Me: Hey, you can’t just barge in my flat like that!


No answer.


Me: How are you Anne?

Anne: Good thank you.  How about you?

Me: Yeah, good.  Come in. 


I’ve always thought Anne was nice.  Amelia must definitely take after her.  I moved out of the doorway, so the two of them could come in.


Me: What would you girls like for lunch?

Amelia: Anything’s fine Lou.

Anne: Yeah, me too.

Me: Alright, well what do you want boys?


Me: Ham sandwiches it is then.


When I go on shopping trips I’ve always known to get ham.  Liam absolutely LOVES his ham sandwiches. 


Anne’s P.O.V:


When Harry, Amelia and I got to the door and Louis opened it, I couldn’t help but notice the way Louis smiled at Amelia.  Yeah, we’ve heard all about his crush and everything, but this was something more than that.  I mean, I couldn’t blame him.  Amelia has always been very, very beautiful, and I’ve always admired her.  I thought that she and Louis had a very similar personality, and they would definitely make a good couple. 


Amelia’s P.O.V:


I walked over to my laptop to see what Louis had come up with.  He sure was right when he said that he can’t build houses.  It was terrible.  I decided to take a screen shot of it, just to capture and remember how much he epically failed at it.  I got rid of what he had done then continued from where I left off.  When Louis, Harry and Anne came out with the platter of sandwiches I saved it, and shut down my laptop.


After lunch, the boys, Anne and I sat on the couches and talked for a while, and Anne left by 3pm.  We remained on the couch for about another 10 minutes.


Louis’ P.O.V:


Amelia: Who wants to go for a swim?


She was so spontaneous, which made me laugh.


Amelia: What’s so funny?

Me: Nothing, it was just pretty random.

Harry: I’m surprised you even want to go swimming here.

Amelia: Why wouldn’t I?

Harry: Our summers are like your winters.  No one ever goes swimming in winter in Australia.

Amelia: Excuse me?  Do you consider my dad and me no ones?

Harry: Fine.  With the exception of you two.

Liam: I mean we swim in these temperatures, but how come you and your dad do and hardly any other people do over in Australia?

Amelia: There is no way I could ever go a whole three months without touching the salt water.

Niall: Huh?

Harry: I thought I told youz that Ami surfs?

Zayn: Oh yeah, you did.

Amelia: Alright, so are we going for a swim or what?

Harry: But you can’t wear a wetsuit in the pool.

Amelia: 1, you never wear wetsuits in pools, 2, why would have even bought it with me?  And 3, I can put up with the temperature, because I’m not a wuss like you.

Harry: Excuse me?

Amelia: You heard me.

Harry: Did you even bring swimmers with you?

Amelia: Nah, I asked if you wanted to come for a swim because I bought no swimmers.  That makes a whole lot of sense.


It was so funny watching Harry and Amelia have these pretend arguments, but mainly because Harry would end being cut by Amelia, and therefore she would win.


Me: Well, I’m in.

Zayn: Lou, it’s only because you want to see Amelia in a bikini.


Zayn was sitting next to me at the time.  I looked him right in the eyes giving him a death stare, and then gave him a light slap.


Zayn: Hey, what was that for?

Me: Use your brains if you have any.

Zayn: Oh, that.  I was just stating face you know.


Zayn needed to be hit again, and before I knew it, I did.


Me: Quit it.

Zayn: Alright, I’m sorry.

Harry: Well, I’ll come in for a bit.  What about the rest of youz?

Niall: I would, but I don’t have boardies with me.

Harry: Youz can just borrow a pair of mine.

Liam: Awesome.

Amelia: Well, I’ll go and get my swimmers on, I guess.


Unfortunately, Amelia left the room and walked up the hallway.  I guess they sooner she left the sooner I’d see her in her bikini anyway.


Me: Boys, I’ll tell Ami when I’m ready.

Harry: Tell Ami what?


Oh, that’s right.  Harry didn’t know yet.


Liam: It’s amazing how when you’re only away for a day, how much you get out of the loop.

Harry: What loop?

Liam: Can I tell him?

Me: I will.

Harry: Tell me what?


It could soon become very awkward between my best mate and me.


Me: Um… I’m… I’m in love with your cousin.

Harry: Ami?

Me: Yeah, Ami.


I was worried, because Harry all of a sudden became very quiet.


Harry’s P.O.V:


Yeah, I was shocked, but also very happy about this at the same time.  I knew all along that Louis and Amelia would get on well, because of their similar personalities, but not this well.  If they ended up having a relationship, it could be awkward them kissing and everything in front of me, but I guess I’d get used to it.  It’d also be pretty cute at the same time though.


All this time I was quiet, and Louis looked like he was waiting an answer from me, but I didn’t know how to answer.


Louis: And if you say that I can’t be with her, then I won’t listen to you.  No one could ever fully understand how much I love her except me, because… I would go to the end of the world for her. 

Me: Do you really love her that much?

Louis: Yes!  You… you just don’t understand.

Me: No Tommo, tell me.

Louis: Ever since the moment when I first saw her yesterday at Heathrow I’ve been head over heels, and if I don’t win her over… I could never love anyone else again.

Me: But then you’d never have that son that you’ve always wanted.

Louis: Yeah, I know, but she’s the only person I can imagine being a parent with.  She’s… she’s the one.  I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell her all this by that way.

Me: I promise I won’t, but when will you tell her?

Louis: First I have to know if you’re okay with me being with her.

Me: Of course!  I think youz would be cute together.

Louis: So, you’re okay with it?

Me: Yeah definitely, but even if I wasn’t, would I stop you?

Louis: No way.

Me: Didn’t think so.  So when will you tell her again?

Louis: I’m not sure yet.  When the time’s right.  Anyway, we should go and get our boardies on.

Niall: Yeah, good idea.


Amelia’s P.O.V:


I walked into my room and got my three sets of bikinis out of the drawer, laying them on my bed.  It is such a tough decision to choose…


Obviously, the main person I was trying to impress was Louis, even though I doubt whatever I do, nothing will work.  He’s definitely worth a try.  After about 10 minutes of trying to decide I figured that the boys were probably waiting for me, I better hurry up.  In the end I picked a black pair that had a pink and green floral pattern on them, with a slight frill. 


I quickly put them on, and then tied my hair up in a messy bun.   I then grabbed my towel out of my suitcase (things like that were still in there) and walked up the hallway.  I hadn’t seen Louis with his shirt off since this morning, so I was keen to see it again.  I found Niall in the kitchen, eating of course.  He looked up at me, and gave me a cheeky smile, showing his crooked teeth.  I had to laugh.


Me: Do you ever stop eating?

Niall: Only when I sleep really.

Me: I’m surprised you even do then.

Niall: Lou would like you in that bikini you’re wearing.


I sat down on a stool opposite Niall, who was fiddling around behind the bench.


Me: Why does everyone keep saying things like that?

Niall: Because it’s true.

Me: I just can’t get my head around how someone as perfect, amazing and wonderful as him could feel like that towards me.

Niall: Well anything’s possible.  In my opinion, you’re just as amazing as him.

Me: Really?

Niall: Yep.

Me: Wow, thanks.

Niall: Welcome.  And just for the record, I think you and Louis would make a really cute couple.


Maybe it was true.  Maybe… Just maybe Louis was crushing on me.


Me: Thanks, I guess.

Niall: That’s alright.  Anyway, would you like to come and get in the pool?

Me: Yeah, sure.  Where are the boys?

Niall: Still getting changed.

Me: Seriously?

Niall: Yeah, we talked a bit before we went in to get our boardies on.

Me: About what?

Niall: Mmm, nothing.

Me: You sure?

Niall: Yeah.


Niall wasn’t a good liar.  I let that thought pass as we walked out to the pool and put our towels on the chair.  Niall jumped straight in making me laugh.  I sat down on the side of the pool, and slid in.  It was a bit chilly, but I wouldn’t show Niall I thought that.


Niall: Cold?

Me: Nope.


I put my head under; wetting my whole head, then came back up.


Niall: You really are unlike girls I usually meet.

Me: What do you mean?

Niall: Well, I usually if a girl got in water at this temperature they’d be like “Argh!  Get me out of here!” but you aren’t.  You’re different.

Me: I hope you mean that in a good way.

Niall: Of course.


I heard the sliding open behind me, so I turned around to see that it was Harry and Louis.  Harry was shirtless and that I had seen plenty of times before, besides, he’s my cousin.  To my disappointment, Louis still had his shirt on.  Hopefully he would something where he took his shirt off really dramatically right in front of me. 


I didn’t realise it, but as I was staring at him thinking all this, he was staring straight at me, looking as though he had seen a ghost.  Was he really was crushing on me?  I looked back at Niall. 


Niall: Told you.


I smiled, and then looked back at Louis, who still had his eyes glued to me.  Every other time one of the boys said something like that, Louis would slap them, but not this time.  It was as though he didn’t even hear what Niall said.  Louis Tomlinson really was crushing on me. 


Louis’ P.O.V:


Harry and I walked out into the pool area, and when I laid my eyes on Amelia in that bikini, I froze.  She was looking straight at me also, and she turned away looking at Niall behind her.  Niall said something to her in my ears all I heard was mumble.  Amelia was my number one priority right now.  She looked back at me, and our eyes locked.


Me: Holy shit.


My heart was racing at infinity miles an hour, and I felt so, so weak at the knees that I could have fell straight to the ground if I stood there long enough.  Harry being the idiot he is whispered something highly inappropriate in my ear.


Harry: Keep your pants on buddy.


I just completely ignored him, and concentrated on looking at every single detail of my girl.


Amelia’s P.O.V:


God, this was overwhelming.  I closed my eyes and ducked my head under the water.  From under there, I heard Niall and Harry laughing, and Zayn and Liam’s voices in the mix somewhere there.  All I could think was “Oh my god!  Louis Tomlinson’s crushing on me!”  This wasn’t just because of him being a celebrity and all, but to think that the guy I love as much as I do is actually crushing on me.  Wow.  I can’t imagine what’d be like if he actually loved me back.  I doubt that would ever happen though. 


I came back up to surface, to see Louis and Harry walking over to the chair and put their towels down onto of mine and Niall’s, and Harry ran over to the edge of the pool, jumping in, and splashing me.  Oh well.  Like I said to him before, I’m not a wuss.


I looked back up at Louis, and he gave me a half smile.  I kept my eyes on him, because I was not going to miss this. 


Louis’ P.O.V:


Amelia really isn’t that good at hiding things.  I was getting ready to take my shirt off, when I noticed her gaze on me.  I couldn’t be sure, but something was telling me she was waiting for me take my shirt off.


Amelia’s P.O.V:


Louis held the bottom of his shirt, and it all went in slow motion from then on, in my eyes.  As he pulled it up over his head, his whole top half flexed, showing his amazing muscles.  He through it on the chair also, and I was completely stuck in that position; my eyes on his chest.  I let out a quiet groan that nobody heard, luckily.  A groan indicating how desperately I wanted him, and how desperately I wished he would just approach me and kiss me.


Louis’ P.O.V:


Amelia, the boys and I stayed in the pool for god knows how long, but all I know is that it was really fun.  Putting all that aside, I couldn’t keep my eyes off Amelia’s… whole body.  She looked so, so fit in that bikini, and at one stage I was nearly tempted to swim up to her and whisper to her something about how hot she looked, but I stopped myself.  I didn’t want to turn into a Harry (aka a major flirt), but words couldn’t describe much I wanted and needed her in my arms.


After we had finished in the pool Niall, Liam and Zayn left, and Amelia, Harry and I had our showers.  We all got dressed into warmer clothes, and then walked down the street to the nearest McDonald’s for dinner, because we weren’t in the mood for cooking tonight.  We were spotted by a few fans there, and we took pictures for them and gave autographs.  They even recognised Amelia from Twitter, and said a quick hello to her.


When we got back to our flat, we got changed into our pyjamas and chilled for a while.  At around 8:30pm, Amelia said that she was feeling tired and she was going to go off to bed, to my disappointment.  Harry and I stayed out there talking about a few things, including Will’s party (the party that Harry went to the night before) and of course Amelia.


When it got to 10:30pm, we decided it was time for us to head to bed ourselves.  As we walked down the hall towards our rooms, I noticed Amelia’s door was left slightly open.  I pushed it open a bit more, and the light from the hallway lit up her face.  She was the most beautiful sleeper, and even had a slight smile on her face.  She would be the most perfect person to sleep next to.  Fingers crossed that would be possible soon.

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