Heart Attack

Things you can’t explain. Like, why these two particular humans fell so deeply and madly for each other. And why their relationship has to be such a hard one.

**A/N - The writer of this story is Sophie**


4. As Time Goes By...

Amelia’s P.O.V:


The next two weeks were the most amazing times of my life.  By the end Niall, Liam and Zayn had become like brothers to me, and I was even closer to Harry then before.  And Louis?  I loved and wanted him more than ever.  Leaving was going to be hard.


Every morning I woke up, and tea was waiting for me in the kitchen, along with Louis.  He was the first face I woke up to every time, and I hope in the future it would be a reality for longer than two weeks.  


I even got to meet Danielle, Liam’s girlfriend.  We became really close friends, and one day we even spent the whole day on a shopping trip; just the two of us.  When we sat down for lunch that day, I ended up pouring my heart out and expressing how much Louis really meant to me to her.  I told her that Liam was the only other person that knew, and she’s been really supportive of me since then.


When it had been a week since I was in London, Louis’ mum and four sisters came to stay with him, Harry and I for two nights.  I clicked with his family nearly instantly, especially with his eldest sister Charlotte, who’s currently 13.  The last full day that they were in London, Charlotte asked me if I could take her shopping.  I asked Jay if it was okay with her, and it was, so the two of us then spent the whole day out in London.


While we were out, Charlotte told me that she’s always wanted a big sister, and she felt that I was the closest she was ever going to get.  We ended up getting each other’s numbers, and I’ve added her on Facebook and am following her on Twitter, so we’re definitely keeping touch. 


The day they arrived, Charlotte, Felicity, Daisy and Phoebe were out in the pool with the boys, and Louis, Jay and I were inside talking.  At one stage I went into the kitchen to get Jay a coffee, and I heard the two of them talking.


Jay: Ami’s beautiful.

Louis: I know.


Wow, Louis thought I was beautiful, but did Jay know about Louis’ crush on me too?  I pushed that thought out of my head soon anyway.  The day that they left was difficult, because I had grew much attached to the four girls and Jay, but obviously Charlotte the most.  Daisy and Phoebe, being the 7 year old twins wouldn’t let go at me.  I remember when they did leave though, Louis told me how good he thought I was with his sisters.  That made me feel really nice inside. 


Over the time I was there, all the boys, Danielle and I went out a lot.  We went to see Big Ben, The London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Battersea Park, Hyde Park and plenty of other landmarks of the city, often getting snapped by the paparazzi.  Even though I went with all the boys and Danielle, Louis was still my official tour guide. 


I thought all the paparazzi stuff was rather funny, because it all got posted on the internet, then all my family and friends saw it and called me saying how jealous they were.  I also put up a lot of pictures of the boys, Danielle and I on Facebook, just to rub it in. 


About half the nights I was there, Louis, Zayn and I would go out to clubs, and obviously the others boys couldn’t come because they aren’t over 18.  Some of those days Danielle came too, and two other nights Louis and I went by ourselves.  These nights we had snuck out, so Harry never found out.  It’s our little secret.


I also ended up organising that call that Liam was gonna make to Maddy.  I definitely cheered her up a lot, and the two of them are now friends on Facebook, and Liam follows her on Twitter, but obviously Maddy already followed him.  Come to the think of it, they would actually make really great friends in real life.  Hopefully I could organise them to meet one day.


Being in London really got me thinking.  We would often drive past business buildings and things, and I thought a lot that one day I could end up working in one of them.  I absolutely loved London, and I decided that one day after I’ve finished uni that I wanted to move over here.  The whole city seemed so captivating, and it was just a bonus that I already had friends here.  Also family was only three hours away, so that’s always good to have.


All in all, my trip to London changed my life.  I meet so many amazing people here, but the thing over here that changed me the most, was Louis.  You want to know what the worst part of it all was?  Leaving.


The night before I was due to leave, Louis was in my room helping my pack my things.  To be quite honest, I was really struggling not to cry.  I was there watching him, and I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving him tomorrow.


Louis’ P.O.V:


I woke up the next morning and I spoke my first thought.


Me: Amelia’s leaving today.


I leaned across to my bedside table and looked at the time on my phone, which read 6:30am.  I decided I could sleep in for a bit longer. 


Last night when I was helping Amelia pack her things, I felt like I was about to cry, but I stayed strong.  That was until I went to bed anyway.  As soon as my head hit the pillow, it started.  Waterworks.  My pillow got that soaked by my tears that after my head having been layed on both sides, I had to change the pillow case.  That’s when I really started to put things into perspective.


I had been totally dishonest with Amelia.  All this time, she deserved to know the truth, but I didn’t tell her because I thought she was too good for me.  Then why had I spent all this time thinking that she was perfect for me?  I thought there was still time to tell her in the morning, but then again, she’d be angry at me for telling her at the last minute.  I was completely messed up.  Either way, I had done my dash.  She would never forgive me for all of this if she found out, which she’ll have to one day.


I walked out into the kitchen begin to make her and my tea.  The water was about halfway through boiling when she walked in.  That would be the last stunning morning entrance that she would make for a while.  She walked up beside me and leaned against the bench as she did every morning.


Amelia: Hey.

Me: Hey.

Amelia: Why do sound so sad?  It’s almost like I’m leaving today or something.

Me: I know right.


We had a little laugh, and then the mood went back to a grey one again.  I finished making the teas then passed one to Amelia.


Amelia: This is the last tea that we’ll be having together for a while.

Me: Unfortunately.

Amelia: Enjoy it.

Me: You too.


Before I knew it, three hours had past.  We were in Heathrow Airport on our way to Terminal 3, where Amelia was leaving from, which also happened to be the same Terminal that she arrived at.  This scene looked so familiar, as this was where I first met Amelia, and first fell for her.  I began to look around, smiling, and then Amelia approached beside me.


Amelia: This is where we first met Lou.

Me: Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing.


She remembers this to?  Weird.  I was about to say “And this is also where I fell in love with you”, but I stopped myself at the last minute.  We got to the Terminal, and then we heard an announcement over the loudspeaker.


Loudspeaker: Flight 101 to Sydney, Australia from Terminal 3, now boarding.  Flight 101 to Sydney, Australia from Terminal 3, now boarding.


Amelia’s P.O.V:


I had to be strong.  I gave Zayn a hug first.


Zayn: Promise me that we’ll stay in touch and you send me a picture of that drawing when you’re finished.

Me: I promise.  I’ll probably finish it on the plane you know.

Zayn: Even better.


Next, was Niall.


Niall: Keep up that humour Ami.  You wouldn’t be you without it.

Me: Alright, but you can’t let go of yours either.

Niall: That could never happen.


I gave Liam the next hug.  I had to whisper to him though.  You will see why.


Me: Take heaps of care of Louis for me.

Liam: I will.  For you.

Me: Thank you so much for all your advice you’ve gave me.  Everything.

Liam: You’re very welcome.

Me: Take care of Dani.

Liam: Of course I will.  I love her, just like you love Tommo.

Me: Yeah, I know.

Liam: Good luck with uni and everything.

Me: Thanks, I’m gonna need it.


Danielle was next, as she was obviously standing near Liam.  More whispering.


Danielle: Fate will step in.


I knew exactly what she was talking about.  Me and Louis.


Me: I should have told him.

Danielle: He’ll understand your reasoning.

Me: I don’t know about that.

Danielle: It’ll be fine, trust me.

Me: I hope you’re right.


Harry next.


Harry: Why do you have to leave?

Me: Uni and work.  I would stay longer if I could.

Harry: Good luck with uni.  I know how long you’ve been dreaming of being where you are.

Me: Only 4 months to go.

Harry: You know, fingers crossed I can make it to your graduation.

Me: Really?

Harry: Absolutely.

Me: Aww thanks.

Harry: Welcome.


One person left. 


Harry: Tommo, we’ll meet you in the food court.

Louis: Okay.

Danielle: I love you Ami!

Me: I love you too Dani.


The boys and Danielle left, leaving me and Louis standing in an awkward silence.  I wished I could tell him how much I loved him right now, but he’d hate me for not saying something before and leaving it until the last minute.  I feel like I’ve let him down, because he deserved to know.


Louis’ P.O.V:


If only Amelia would say those three little words to me.  Well, I can dream.  Don’t cry Tommo; don’t make yourself look like a wuss in front of the girl you love!


Me: I’m gonna call you like… every single day.

Amelia: Awesome, but make sure you take the time difference into consideration.

Me: 9 hours ahead?

Amelia: You got it. 


We laughed.  It felt weird knowing that would have been our last shared laugh.


Amelia: This is definitely the day I’ve been dreading since the minute I got here.

Me: Well, I hope you’ve had fun.

Amelia: Are you kidding?  This had been the best two weeks of my life!

Me: Really?

Amelia: Yep, and all thanks goes to one very special tour guide.  Yeah, expected that we’d get along, but I never thought you’d become one of my best friends.


Yeah, I thought of Amelia as a best friend too, but I still wished we had more than that.


Me: Yeah, me too. 

Amelia: Really?


I nodded, and a smile grew across her face.  She walked closer to me and pulled me into one of the tightest hugs I’ve ever experienced.  Her touch gave me this rush that I wanting to be experiencing for the rest of my life.  Its shame this couldn’t be possible right now anyway.  As we were hugging, there was another announcement over the loudspeaker basically saying the same thing as it did last time.  I let go for a second, and she gave me a confused look.


Me: Did you hear that announcement?

Amelia: Yeah.

Me: You should go.

Amelia: Nah, I have more time.


She hugged me again, just as tight as before.  I buried my face into the side of her neck, and she moved one of her hands up to my head, playing with my hair.  It gave me warm fuzzies, but also made me feel really disappointed at the same time, because she should be doing in circumstances.  She should be my girlfriend.


Amelia’s P.O.V:


I felt so bad.  Louis seemed like he really would be missing me, and of course I would be too.


Me: I’m really gonna miss you Louis.

Louis: Yeah, me too.

Me: You know, Styles said before that he would come across for my graduation.  Maybe you could come over with him?

Louis: When’s that?

Me: The 24th of October.

Louis: I will, but will I get to see you before then?  I don’t think I’ll be able to last that long without seeing you.

Me: Yeah, hopefully. 

Louis: Oh, good.


An announcement came over the loudspeaker saying that it was the last call for my flight.


Me: Well, I guess I better be going.

Louis: Just… take care of yourself.

Me: Yeah, you too.


Then, something I never thought would happen, happened.  Louis leaned right in and kissed me on the cheek.  My whole face felt numb, and butterflies filled me.  He lingered there for a while, and when he pulled away, he whispered into my ear.


Louis: You’re so, so beautiful, and please never forget it.


I didn’t know what to say.  I was speechless, and when he looked at me with that warm smile and those loving eyes it killed me knowing that these were our last moments together for a while.  Over the next 4 months at least, I would have to resort to photos and video diaries again, expect with a call a day.  I felt my cheeks burning.  How embarrassing. 


Me: Bye Lou.


He just smiled, as I turned and began to walk down the Terminal.  When I got to the end, I turned back to look at Louis one last time, and there he was, still smiling.  I blew him a kiss then walked around the corner and onto the plane. 


I took my seat in first class (because Harry had paid for my return tickets) then took out my phone, instantly seeing a picture of Louis and me in Battersea Park that I had set as my wallpaper.  Being without him was going to be harder than I thought.  I felt a few tears run down my face, and I wiped them away with my thumb.  Still, more came as I continued to stare at the picture.


Flight Attendant: Hey I’m Sarah, and I’ll be here for you during your flight.  Is there anything I can get for you before we take off?

Me: Nah, just a box of tissues.

Sarah: Oh, are you alright?

Me: Yeah, I’ll be fine.

Sarah: I’ll be back with those tissues.

Me: Thanks.

Sarah: You’re welcome.


Minutes later, Sarah came back with the box of tissues, and I sat them down on the seat beside me.  Lucky, no one was seated there.  The light came on indicating we were about to take off and we had to put our seatbelts on. 


The whole time on our way up, I just looked through pictures that we I had took of Zayn, Niall, Liam, Harry, Danielle, Jay, Charlotte, Felicity, Daisy and Phoebe and of course Louis over the past two weeks.  This was the first time I had managed to look through them all, and I laughed quietly at a lot of them.  They were all beautiful memories, and I decided that when I got back to Australia I’d get them all developed.


Looking at all these pictures lifted my mood a lot, and I knew that I had to try and get Louis out of my mind.  Of course I loved him and I wouldn’t stop, but every time I did I knew I’d just get upset.  I decided to change my wallpaper to a picture of Zayn, Liam, Niall, Harry and Louis making funny faces with The London Eye in the background.  That way I would think of all the boys, and not just Louis.


Louis’ P.O.V:


I got to the food court where I found the boys and Danielle waiting.  Seeing her and Liam together just reminded me that that’s how Amelia and I could be if I had have been honest and truthful.  Everyone had already got morning tea, so I walked over to McDonald’s and got a caramel sundae.  I then went back to the others and sat down at the table with them. 


Niall: Is it just me, or does it not feel right without Ami here?

Danielle: Nah, it doesn’t.


Danielle’s P.O.V:


I noticed the look of sadness on Louis’ face and how slow he was eating his sundae.  He never eats that slowly.


Me: Lou, are you okay?

Louis: No.  I miss Ami.

Me: Already?

Liam: That’s right, you don’t know yet do you baby?

Me: Know what?


Everyone looked over at Louis, and he looked back down at his sundae.


Me: What’s everyone not telling me?


Louis looked back up at me, and sighed.


Louis: I’m… I’m in love with your best friend.  Ami.

Me: What?!

Louis: I said I’m in-

Me: Yeah, I heard what you said.  It’s just that Ami…


I couldn’t say it.  I promised Amelia I wouldn’t tell him, or anyone.


Louis: Ami what?

Me: Don’t worry, it’s nothing.

Louis: Yes it is, tell me please.

Me: No, I can’t.  Just… will you tell Amelia how you feel?

Louis: I can’t now.

Me: Why didn’t you before?

Louis: I have no idea.  I feel like I’ve let her down, because she deserved to know how I truly felt.  She doesn’t deserve me.  She deserves someone that will be honest with her, no matter what.

Me: But Lou, you have to tell her!

Louis: What’s the point?  If I do I’ll probably ruin our friendship, because she’ll hate me for not telling her before.

Me: Lou, you don’t know that.


Louis’ P.O.V:


Danielle was right.  Amelia being the amazing, respectful person that she is wouldn’t be like that.  She should understand my reasoning for why I didn’t tell her.


Me: You’re exactly right.  I don’t know that.

Danielle: Why didn’t you tell her?

Me: Because I feel like she’s too good for me.  In my eyes, she’s the most beautiful girl in the whole entire world, and I don’t know what I ever did to even deserve to get to meet her, let alone be her boyfriend.

Danielle: Aww that’s really sweet Lou.

Me: Thanks.

Danielle: You need to understand that she definitely isn’t too good for you.  You’re both absolutely amazing people, and I think youz would do great together.

Me: Really?

Danielle: Really.


Why was Danielle so keen on us?


Danielle: You should definitely tell her.

Me: I would but she’s gone.

Danielle: So call her then!

Me: I can’t.  It’s not the same as telling her in real life.  As soon as I see her again, I’m telling her no matter what.

Danielle: That’s the Louis I know.

Me: Promise you won’t tell Ami all this?

Danielle: Promise.


Danielle’s P.O.V:


As much as I wished I could tell one another about their feelings, I couldn’t.  They should find out themselves.  Besides, I had promised them both that I wouldn’t.  When I really thought about it, Liam and I were the only people that knew about their mutual feelings.  I think he wanted them together just as much I did.


Amelia’s P.O.V:


After that 20 hour long flight I finally landed at the Sydney Airport.  Because of the time difference, it ended up being in the early hours of the morning (3:30am) on Saturday the 25th of June.  From there, I had to wait half an hour to board my flight from here to Grafton.  Luckily that would only be an hour. 


Therefore, I arrived at the Grafton Airport at 5:00am, and the sun was soon to make its first appearance.  Wow, this airport was tiny compared to Heathrow and Sydney.  It was only one of those really little ones that flights only went in and out to Sydney, nowhere else.  As previously organised, mum was there to pick me up.


I greeted her with a hug and a kiss, and then walked to the trolley to get my luggage.  We then went out to the car, and began our drive home.


Mum: So, how was London?

Me: It was absolutely amaaaaazing.

Mum: You didn’t want to leave, did you?

Me: Nope.  I wish I could have stayed there longer, but I have uni and work to attend.  I just found the city full of surprises, and there was always something new around every corner.  I loved it there that much that after uni I’m considering moving there.

Mum: What?  Really?

Me: Yeah.  I feel like being there could open so much more career options for me, and I guess it’s a bonus for me, since I already have friends there.  And besides, families only three hours away, so that’s always good.

Mum: Whatever you choose to do, I’ll support you all the way.

Me: Really?

Mum: Absolutely.  I’m so proud of everything you’ve done throughout your life, and you only deserve the best.

Me: Thanks mum.

Mum: You’re welcome honey.  So tell me, how’s Harry?

Me: He’s really good.  He seems so happy with everything in his life right now, and he said for me to say hi to you.

Mum: I’m glad that he still thinks of his Aunty even with everything that’s in his life now. 

Me: Yeah.


I ended up telling mum about my whole trip and she seemed really happy for me.


Mum: So, what do you think the best part of your whole trip was?


I knew exactly what that was.  I figured I would tell her the truth, because she’s my mum after all.


Me: Falling in love.


I ended up telling mum all about Louis, and how much I regretted not telling him how I really felt.


Mum: Funny this.  You’ve fallen in love at 19, as did I.  You seem to think he’s your true love, and obviously your dad is mine.

Me: But the difference is that Louis doesn’t love me back.

Mum: You don’t know that.

Me: Sure, he has a crush on me.  You know, since I’ve left he probably has seen another girl and has completely forgotten about me.

Mum: Stop being so hard on yourself.  If I was him, I wouldn’t have.  You’re way to amazing to forget about that easily.


My phone began to ring from my bag; I pulled it out and looked at the screen, smiling when I seen who it was.


Me: Ooh, speaking of the devil.

Mum: See, he hasn’t forgotten about you!

Me: Yeah, we’ll see.


I answered it, putting it up to my ear.


Me: Hey Lou!

Louis: Hey love, how are you?

Me: Good, I’m on my way out to home now.

Louis: Oh, okay.  How was your flight?

Me: Pretty good.  I got plenty of sleep so I don’t think I’ll have to do that when I get home.

Louis: What time is it there?

Me: About a quarter past 5 in the morning.

Louis: Right.  You know, we all miss you here.

Me: Tell everyone I miss them too.

Louis: Will do.  I better let you get back to catching up with your mum.

Me: Alright, have fun.

Louis: Doing what?

Me: I don’t know whatever you’re doing!

Louis: Oh, alright.  Say hi to your mum for me.


I had to laugh, because he didn’t even know her.


Me: You don’t even know her!

Louis: I know, but she has to be nice if she’s Anne’s twin, and you’re mum of course!

Me: Yeah, she’s a pretty awesome mum.


Mum looked across at me and smiled.


Louis: Anyway, I better let you go.

Me: Alright, well it’s good to know that you still care about and think of me.

Louis: Of course I do!

Me: Okay, well night Tomlinson.

Louis: Morning Tesla.


We both laughed as the line disconnected.


Louis’ P.O.V:


The next months were absolutely terrible.  Yeah, we filmed our first video clip and did a heap of awesome stuff with the band, but I missed Amelia like crazy.  Yes, we would call each every day as we said we would, but that still wasn’t enough for me.  All the spare time I got was spent staring at pictures of her, and the fun times we had when she was here.  The boys and Danielle missed her a lot, but it was clear I definitely did the most.  Even mum and my sisters missed her, and it felt good to know that my family got along with her well.  I never doubted that they would, because I don’t know why anyone would dislike her.


Me and the boys’ debut single that will be released on the 21st of September I think sums up Amelia perfectly.  It’s called What Makes You Beautiful.  It’s about a girl that is actually really, really beautiful and she doesn’t realise, but of course, we do.  Every time when she was in London or even when she put up a picture(s) on Facebook or Twitter and I commented on her beauty, she would often deny it.  Over the phone that was anyway.  When I told her to her face, she’d just blush and stare at the ground.  Although I must admit, she’s absolutely adorable when she blushes.  I decided every time that I get to sing this song on stage, I will be thinking of her.


Since that moment at Heathrow when we were in the food court and Danielle made me realise that it was still right to tell Amelia how I really feel about her, I’ve been busting to.  Throughout these months I was so worried that she’d get a boyfriend (it wouldn’t be hard for her), but luckily she remained single.  I guessed that it was because she was trying to concentrate on her last few months of uni.


My favourite day of these months was one that I received a very intriguing call from Amelia.  It was her asking what I, the boys and Danielle were doing from the 10th to the 17th of September.

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