Love doesn't hide

Liam's mom and dad got divorced when Liam was 11. He was a only child until one day his father remarried and then came along his beautiful step-sister Briana. They were around the same age and both very talented children by the time Liam was put into One Direction , Bri had her own hit disney show in America . They agreed that they would keep there relationship a secret because of the publicity. 2 years later they are both 18 and celebrities. When Bri gets hired to film a movie in the UK , Liam offers her a place to stay . Now the secrets out , Will the boys be like brothers to her or want to be something more ? With all of the secrets , rumors and fighting is there a chance that they will all end up happy? Keep on reading to find out how the life of these 6 very different people play out .


3. Your a lucky lad

Liam's P.O.V
Although I loved my sister and the boys are like my brothers I coudlnt have any of them like her ! It was my job to protect her and the last thing I needed was one of the, breaking her heart and me having to choose between the closest people in my life . I felt the warmth of bri's cheeks spread across the room ! I knew I had to snap back at the boys so they wouldn't get suspicious of our plan. " me and dani weren't really working and bri is just so perfect " I said while kissing her head . I could cutt the tension in that room with a knife ! When I met the eyes of Niall it looked like he was really depressed . I knew Harry and him liked bri a lot .. That's all they talked about when we were all talking about our celebrity crushed and it was kind of weird when they would talk about my sister in such perverted ways and I could only sit there and laugh. " well your a lucky lad than cause she is beautiful " Niall spoke as his Irish accent shined through . " why thank you Nialler " bri winked him . When zany was about to speak when we were all interrupted by my step mom " Liam you and your sister take the boys To the table " .. All of the boys turned to us with curious faces
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