Love doesn't hide

Liam's mom and dad got divorced when Liam was 11. He was a only child until one day his father remarried and then came along his beautiful step-sister Briana. They were around the same age and both very talented children by the time Liam was put into One Direction , Bri had her own hit disney show in America . They agreed that they would keep there relationship a secret because of the publicity. 2 years later they are both 18 and celebrities. When Bri gets hired to film a movie in the UK , Liam offers her a place to stay . Now the secrets out , Will the boys be like brothers to her or want to be something more ? With all of the secrets , rumors and fighting is there a chance that they will all end up happy? Keep on reading to find out how the life of these 6 very different people play out .


4. The big phone call

Zayn P.O.V

I was confused so Liam and Bri werent dating ? I knew Nialler & Hazza liked her and no doubt she was beautiful but I see her more of being like a best friend/sister ! " let me explain me and Liam are siblings not lovers ... Liam and I both got famouse and we promised to keep our family things secret not a person knows except for our parents and dani ! I live in America since that's we're my show is tapped so I only visit for holidays and here I am " briana said . I and the rest of the boys were shocked especially cause we would of never in a million years that he would be related to the girl that we al obsessed over it was still unbelievable

Louis P.O.V

Even though I just met bri I watched her interviews and I knew she was a great person I was excited that she was Liam's sister and I hope she didn't have to go back to america so soon ! I looked into her eyes and I saw something that I knew a lot of other people didn't and that was pain even though she wore her bright smile I knew that on the inside it was a frown . I finally snapped back into reality and walked over to the dinner table to the rest of the boys we all started eating when a phone rang .

Bri's P.O.V

I'm so sorry I said apologizing to everyone at the table I looked at my phone to see it was management , I excused myself from the table knowing that I had to take it or I would never hear the end of it . " hello " I spoke into the phoe " oh hello mrs. Nicole its Cindy we have some very fascinating news the next part of your hunger games movie is going tone filmed in the UK and we want you to take a two month break and get used to the area where you will be filming for a year " as soon as Cindy told me the news the biggest smile grew on my face I finally gotta spend time with my family and friends and enjoy the next two months of my teenage years . I hung up the phone and ran to the table with the best news I have received in months . " MOM " I said screaming from the kitchen . " I'm moving back to the UK " I could see everyone's face light up even the boys I explained how I would be filming here and how I got a break . " we'll bri we should go house hunting tommorow don't you think ? "" my mom asked I knew that I couldn't stay with her cause her and Geoff are always on monthly honey moons that me and Liam usually pay for but I truly didn't want to live all alone again. I was about to respond to my mother when Liam interrupted " well bri why don't you just stay with the boys and I ? We have plenty space and it would be fun catching up " I didn't hesitate at the question of course I would live with my brother and 4 other of his hot band mates . " as longed the boys don't mind I don't see why not " i gave a reassuring glance at Theresa of them and they all were very open to the idea that I would've living with them
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