Love doesn't hide

Liam's mom and dad got divorced when Liam was 11. He was a only child until one day his father remarried and then came along his beautiful step-sister Briana. They were around the same age and both very talented children by the time Liam was put into One Direction , Bri had her own hit disney show in America . They agreed that they would keep there relationship a secret because of the publicity. 2 years later they are both 18 and celebrities. When Bri gets hired to film a movie in the UK , Liam offers her a place to stay . Now the secrets out , Will the boys be like brothers to her or want to be something more ? With all of the secrets , rumors and fighting is there a chance that they will all end up happy? Keep on reading to find out how the life of these 6 very different people play out .


2. Hello UK , goodbye US

'' I understand '' Liam said with a smile as he left the room. My mom screamed from downstairs for me to get ready that we had guest coming. I threw on my white sweater with my black leggings and combat boots. I put on some eyeliner and mascara . I was about to put on my lip gloss when I heard a knock on the door. '' BRIANA'' i heard Liam screamed from the bottom floor . I came running down the stares and was about to greet the guest when I realized they weren't just any guest these were the boys that were in one direction 

Harrys P.o.v 

Liam's  Step-mom had invited The boys and I over for thanksgiving dinner , and we couldn't refuse the offer cause mrs.cristie cooked like a pro. Liam had informed us that he had someone he wanted us to meet. I was waiting by the door . When i heard footsteps coming down the stars. next thing you know I saw this beautiful girl . She was short and thin with amazing blue eyes and long luscious brown hair. Her smile was absolutely perfect and so was her body. Then thats the point I realized who that really was .... it was BRIANA NICOLE . the super famous actress in america. Why was she at Liam's house ? I was so confused but i still couldn't take my eyes off of her.

Niall's P.o.v

Oh My Leprechaun , As soon as I saw her step off those stairs it was love at first sight . I had this feeling that I had never felt before. I looked at her face to see that it was Briana Nicole the famous actress I had watched a couple of her movies and always noticed how beautiful she was. She was even more perfect in person. Wait what is she doing at Liam's house ? Are the dating ? Am i too late ? 

Bri's P.O.V

Ello love Louis said. I was still completely star struck even though I obviously knew everything about them. My little brother was in a group with them. '' Hi '' I responded shyly. I was so confused why were they here no one is so post to know . '' Liam can I talk to you '' he nodded at my request and we walked to the side of the room . He simply explained how that the boys were his best friends and they would keep our secret , We both agreed that we would tell the boys but have a little fun with it. We walked back over hand in hand pretending to be in love. I apologized to all of the boys for the delay and hugged all of them. Suddenley, Liam spoke '' WELL as you all should know this is Briana the american super star and she also is my ... girlfriend '' . They all were stunned when finally harry broke the silence by saying '' Liam what about Dani and how could you pull such a hottie''. I felt my cheeks get warmer and knew that they were giving off a pinkish color so everyone knew I was blushing. 

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