Love doesn't hide

Liam's mom and dad got divorced when Liam was 11. He was a only child until one day his father remarried and then came along his beautiful step-sister Briana. They were around the same age and both very talented children by the time Liam was put into One Direction , Bri had her own hit disney show in America . They agreed that they would keep there relationship a secret because of the publicity. 2 years later they are both 18 and celebrities. When Bri gets hired to film a movie in the UK , Liam offers her a place to stay . Now the secrets out , Will the boys be like brothers to her or want to be something more ? With all of the secrets , rumors and fighting is there a chance that they will all end up happy? Keep on reading to find out how the life of these 6 very different people play out .


1. Thanksgiving dinner

Briana's P.O.V

It was this time of year again. It was the day before thanksgiving and I was flying back to the UK to spend the week with my family. I was exiting my flight when a whole crowd of screaming girls approached me . '' Briana please sign this i love you '' one girl screamed. '' your my idol'' her sister said . I stopped to sign a couple of things and took off when I saw my driver. Since no one knew that me and Liam were related I had to switch limo's so the paparazzi wouldn't follow. We pulled up to a beautiful white home were i grew up . I grabbed my bags and made my way to the front. '' hello is anyone there '' I heard my brother scream. ''OH MY GOD , LIAM '' I dropped my bags and charged towards him wrapping my arms and legs around them and kissing his cheeks. '' Bri i missed you '' . We made our way inside and put all my stuff down . I saw my mom and Geoff and greeted them with hugs and kisses. Me and liam made are way up to are shared bedroom and started talking . '' sooooo liam how have you been? '' i asked . '' well I have been good just having a nice time with the boys and Danielle and enjoying life , but how are you and Kevin ? '' . typical Liam I knew he would ask the question the second he could. Although no one else knew about me and liam's relationship kevin and Danielle did. Liam had always told me he didn't think me and kevin were good  for each other and him being the protective brother he is , he always kept an eye on me. I started to get chocked up but I answered the question the best I could '' well about that we broke up '' I felt the tears rolling down my cheeks . And before I knew it Liam was hugging me and informing me how he didn't deserve me . I knew he was trying to help but when he asked what was wrong I couldn't tell him. Cause I know if he knew the story behind me and Kevin , he would get the first flight to America and probably kill him .... 

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