Is This The End?

Rachel`s dad abuses her.Her mom and sister died in a car accident 3 years ago.Her dad is always drunk at he doesn`t let her go outside because he`s afraid he`ll get arrested.Rachel also cuts herself.When she finally escapes someone finds her and forces her to stay with them.What will happen?read to find out.


1. 1

My name is Rachel.I`m 18.I don`t go to school anymore.I haven`t been outside in 3 years.My dad abuses me.MY big brother louis is in One Direction.I also haven`t seen him in years either.Tonight I`m thinking of leaving when my dad falls asleep.It`s 12:00am so he should be asleep soon.I don`t have friends any more.================================================================2 hours later.I think he`s asleep.I`m not going to miss this place at all.i thought.I climbed out the window and walked to a nearby park.I  saw a boy with brown curly hair approching me.I backed away.He came over to me.Are you okay?he said.Umm actually no i`m not.i said.What`s wrong?he asked me.Well my dad abuses me so I ran away.I said.You could satay with me and my best mate if you would like.He sai.No that`s okay .I said.Oh and why are you here so late.I said.I really dont know.he said.Please come with me.he begged fine but only for one night .I said.Okay come on.I followed him to his car.the whole ride there was very quiet and awkward.When we walked into his flat there was another person sitting on the couch.Louis?I asked.RACHEL!he yelled walking over to me.we hugged for what seemed like forever.Why are you here?he asked me.Well umm dad abused me and I ran away.I said.Aww .he said kissing my forehead.I missed you so much lou.I said.I missed you to.he said.he grabbe dmy arm and pulled me over to the couch.OWWWW!I said.Whats wrong?he asked pulling up my sleeve.There were cuts everywhere.WHAT HAPPENED?WHO DID THIS ?WAS IT YOU? OR WAS IT DAD?he was me.i said quietly.WHY DI YOU DO THIS ?he asked meI don`t know.I said.Harry was just standing there lokking at my arm with his mouth wide open.I sat there crying into louis shoulder and I fell asleep.

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