Love Story

Have you ever been told that you can not do something just because your parents don't like it? What if you are told that you can love a certain person because of some old revelry between his and your parents. What would you do?


3. How it started (George's POV)

'BEEP BEEP BEEP' my alarm clock rang telling me to get up. It was just another school day for me but one thing, I had to show around some new student. I was not thrilled about this. Why does are school even have this program? I think that everyone can find their way around around the school, this is high school for crying out loud. But the principle says it is a way to show that we are a leader school and that is why we do it.
I crawled out of bed and went to me drawers to find me an outfit. I just settled on some jeans, t-shirt, and some sneakers. It did not take me long to get ready, I'm not a girl so it don't take forever.
I walked down stairs to the kitchen to find my mom making breakfast.
"Good morning." she says while fixing eggs.
"Good morning." I say back.
"Father called this morning, he told me to tell you that he said hi."
"Oh,ok." See my father is out on a business trip like he always is. My father is a very big man in the business world so he travels all the time. I don't get to see him much bit when I do we don't always see eye to eye.
I looked up at the clock and saw that it was 7:30. School don't start 'til eight but I like to get there early so I can talk to my friends. I got up from the table, put my plate in the sink and gave my mom a kiss. With that I was out the door. I got to school ten minutes later and saw my two bit friends waiting for me.
"Hey, someone is a little later the usual." Ian says to me as I step out of my car.
"Sorry lost track of time." I say walking towards them.
"You ready to show the new kid around today?" Mason asked as we walked to the building.
"Not really. Why does the school have to did the anyway? I know it makes us look like good leaders but what is the point of that?"
"Beats me." Ian says as we step into the school.
We walk around the school and talk for a while about what the new kid might look like.
"Maybe it is some math geek. Wouldn't that bring your status down?" Mason said. See here at this school am pretty popular. I am head quarterback of the football team and head soccer player.
"That's not nice, but that would bring it down some." I said.
The bell rang for class and we all headed to our first period which was math. Mr. Winlslick wa the teacher and he was not the best teacher. He talked really slow and in a low voice that made it hard to understand.
"If George Langly come to th office, your menty had arrived." the ladie in the office said through the intercom.
"Good luck bro." Ian said as I started to get out of my chair.
"Thanks" I started walking to the office. My heart was beating out of my chest wondering who my menty would be. I got to the office, opened the door and went to the desk.
"You called for me?" I say to the ladie at the desk.
"Yes, your menty is sitting right over there." she said point to the chairs in the corner. I turned around to see who she was pointing to. Once I saw all I could think was, that's my menty?
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