Love Story

Have you ever been told that you can not do something just because your parents don't like it? What if you are told that you can love a certain person because of some old revelry between his and your parents. What would you do?


2. How it started ( Carly Rose's POV)

It all started three years ago when I was sixteen. Oh wait I forgot to introduce my self to you my name is Carly Rose Langly ( it was Marten three years ago). I know live in London and not America any more it has been like that since three years ago. Wait, for you to really know way I am here I will have to tell first. Look at me think that you guys already know the story.
Well this is how it all started.
***** Flashback three years******
"Carly Rose come on you are going to be late for school!" my mom screamed up the stairs. It was my first day at Mingler High School. We had just moved here two weeks ago from New York and now we are in sunny California. I hated that I had to go to a new school, this was all dad's fault. If it wasn't for that job of his that keeps making is move, I would have aleast one friend for more then two months.
I got out of bed not that thrilled at what the day was going to bring. I walked over to my closet to try to find an outfit to look presentable for the first day of school. After looking through my closet for fifteen minutes I decided on a floral summer dress, I bright yellow camy, and light pink colored Toms. I looked at the clock I had forty-five minutes to finish getting ready. I decided that I would take a quick shower. After I got out of the shower I still had thirty minutes left. I through on my outfit and did my hair. My hair is naturaly curly so I just left it the way it was and did not straighten it. I put on some make up, not much though just some mascara and some lipstick because my mom says I have very pale lips.

I ran down stairs to find both of my parents in the kitchen eating breakfast and reading the newspaper. Who reads the newspaper anymore that is what the Internet is for?
"Good morning sweetheart." my dad says as he looks up from his paper.
"Good morning." I say not in the most exciting voice.
"You better eat you something real fast you have ten minutes 'til we have to leave for school." my mom said as she put her plate in the sink to be washed later. I grabbed a piece of toast and spreaded some jelly on it and poured a glass of orange juice to got with it. I finished my last bite just as my mom yelled that it was time to go.
" Love you sweetheart. Hope you have a good day." my dad yells from the family room.
"Thanks" I yell back " love you too."
Me and mom both got in the car and started off towards school. The school was about twenty minutes away from our new house. I did not know what to expect from this new school. All I was hoping was the I would fit in, but the new girl never fits in.
We finally got to the school and mon parked the car.
"I hope you have a great sweetheart. If you need either me or your father just give us a call. Ok?" she said as I opened my car door ready to step out.
"Ok" I said stepping out and shutting the door. I stated walking towards the building. As I did that mom started to drive off. I opened the door the the building and went inside. It was a very big building. It had two stories in it and it was at least the lengthy of one and a half foot ball fields. I started walking in hope to fine the office. I finally came to it and went up to the front desk.
"May I help you?" a women behide the desk asked. She look to be in her mid forties. She had long brown hair the she wore in a bun on the top of her head and piercing green eyes.
"Yes , I am new here. My name is Carly Rose Marten." I said in the most polite tone. The lady type my name into the computer.
"Ah yes, here you Carly Rose Marten. You are so posed to start today." she says ad she looks at the screen then at me then back at the screen.
"Yes ma'am." I say. She prints out my schedule for the semiester and hands it to me.
"You can have a seat over there." she say as point to a bunch of chair in the corner. " I have to call you mentor up."
"Mentor?" I ask with a confessed look on my face.
"Yes your mentor is going to be the person to help show you around for the first couple of weeks." she says smiling. I nod and go sit down in one of the chairs. I kept on think who my mentor will be. I just hope it is not one of the popular girls. The office door opened, which snapped me out of my thinking. I looked over to to see who it was. There was my mentor.
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