The Wind Beneath My Wings

When almost sisters win x-factor and meets the famous boyband One Direction, what happens when 2 members start to fall for the 2 girls? they might just be the wind beneath each others wings.........


6. new girl

                                                          ** AUTHORS NOTE**

I am changing Mikala it Mckayla just so you know


That was a 1Deful dream!!!!! Now i have to get ready for the concert FOR REAL THIS TIME!

Today is my first concert! I get to see my next door neighbor sing with his best friends. You know them as one direction but i know them as the one that got away and the 4 boys that stole him. My favorite is Zayn (My lost love) Liam is my next favorite as I hate spoons also. My best friends Maddie and Katie got to meet them when they won X-Factor, but now it's my chance...... I'm gonna make my show stopping poster now.

A/N I have nothing against Perrie or Zayn and her together but i wanted my friend in the story and Liam and Zayn were left so she picked Zayn

I am glad Perrie broke up with Zayn so now he can be mine! <3


"C'mon people,we have a show to do!"I reminded the others. "We know!"They cried back in unison.Liam added,"It's my turn to choose a girl, don't forget."


I pick a girl this time. my turn. i get to kiss her,too. ahh... When we started to sing 'kiss you' on stage that night, i picked the cutest girl i could find. she was in the front row. she had golden blonde hair, and beautiful blue eyes. she had the funniest poster, too. it had a spoon in a circle with an line through it. i pointed to her.


They were singing my favorite song, 'kiss you'. I joined in at the chorus. Then Liam pointed at me. "is he pointing to me?"I asked Maddie who was sitting at the seat next to me. " Yea,well you better go find out what he wants." I squeezed down the aisle and went onto the stage. Liam bent down to kiss me and everything froze. Even the music stopped, and everyone stared at me. I whispered in his ear,"I killed a spoon."He laughed and the audience screamed. He kissed me on the cheek and I looked around. Zayn was still staring at me. "Kay?" He asked. That was his nickname for me and his was "Zay?" I asked back. He giggled because he knew I knew it was him.


"Kay?" I asked. What was she doing in London? I wonder if she still lived in Bradford. She looked up and replied "Zay?" I laughed at our nicknames for each other. I ran up to give her a hug. Everyone in the crowd said,"aww." "Hi, My name is Mckayla. Have we met before?" Her adorable voice rang through my ears. I laughed again. "Yea. Didn't we live next door to each other for like... EVER?" "I guess." She jokingly replied. The sadness I felt when Perrie left me washed away as i looked into her gorgeous eyes. I think I'm in love.


After the concert I cried. "Why are you crying? You just talked to Liam and Zayn, You're fine. I LIVE with them." No! Why was I crying? I didn't even know why. And why were Maddie and Katie so lucky. GRR. "You get to live with them?!"I asked. "Yea, I go out with Harry and Katie goes out with Louis. Haven't you heard?" I passed out after she said that. I dreamed something amaZAYN.(see what i did there). Zayn proposed and we lived happily ever after. I almost slapped Kate when she dumped a bucket of water on my face. She ruined my perfect dream. I restraied myself and instead I asked, "Where am I?" "At my house silly" Liam said, " Oh my gosh!" I said, "WHAT?!?!?!" Zayn yelled worried, I hadn't noticed him either. "Nevermind" I was to embarassed to say something else.


"Follow me then" I told Kay. "Sure, but no mice this time, right?" I laughed at our inside joke. "So you didn't forget me?" she asked. "Not in a million years!" I whispered. I took a breath in, "Will yuo go out with me?" I asked hopefully.


OHMYGOSHIAMSOHAPPYRIGHTNOW!!! OK! let me catch my breath!! I am screaming inside my head. "Sure" I repiled as if it were nothing. Zayn gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and led me downstairs so we could spread the wonderfull news.

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