The Wind Beneath My Wings

When almost sisters win x-factor and meets the famous boyband One Direction, what happens when 2 members start to fall for the 2 girls? they might just be the wind beneath each others wings.........


5. Mikala


It's been 1 year since everyone started dating and me,Niall, and Liam are still single....... yes, I said me. Me and Perrie broke up after I found her cheating ( NO HATE ON PERRIE!!!!) I was upset but got over it. We have a concert later and Maddie is inviting a friend named Mikala and I could not help but think that name sounded familiar......... I guess because I used to have a friend named Mikala back in Brandford......


                                               **1 HOUR BEFORE THE CONCERT**

It is 1 hour before the concert and I can't wait to see Zayn again!!!!!! We were best friends before x-factor. when he was in the beginning of becoming famous, he would call or text everyday, but over time he stopped. I understood that he was busy, so I let it blow over, but that's about it. I got a text from Maddie

Maddie- Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyy, want to go shopping before the concert with me and my sister????

Me- Heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy, sure, and wait, since when do you have a sister?!?!?!!?

Maddie- cool I will come get you and since I was 7 and I met her silly! Be ready in 15!

Me- ooooooooooooooooooooo, ok

I had 15 min until I had to go so I got a shower and got dressed in shorts and a " I <3 ZAYN"  tank-top

                                                              ** AT CONCERT**


I heard giggling and thought it to be Maddie and Katie so I did not pay any attention....... that is until Katie and Maddie walked in with a girl and you will never believe who it was...... it was...MIKALA!?!?!?!?!

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