The Wind Beneath My Wings

When almost sisters win x-factor and meets the famous boyband One Direction, what happens when 2 members start to fall for the 2 girls? they might just be the wind beneath each others wings.........


3. girlfriends and movies


"I-I-It's m-mum" Katie said. My poor baby, I wanted to wrap her in my arms and make it all go away, if only I knew what had caused her so much Payne ( see what I did there?;) ) Maddie took her into the sound booth and I put a glass cup to the door........


"Ok, now tell me what happened!!!!" I said worried. Our mum's were in Iraq so I was terrified of what I would hear. "Well, they were in the field and some how they set of a bomb and got caught in the blast" she explained, "Are they still alive?!?!?" I asked with tears in my eyes, "yes, but they are in critical conditions" I started crying just as the boys came in, "Whats wrong loves?" they asked. Harry and Lou came over to comfort us. When we told them what happened, their faces drained of color, "I am so sorry girls we nev-" Liam started, "It's ok Liam, really" Katie cut him off, "hey!" shouted Zayn and Niall at the same time, "What?" we yelled back, "Why don't we go back to the flat and have a movie night?" Niall said, "OK!" we shouted back.

                                                            *AT THE FLAT*


"What movie shall we watch lads and lasses?" I asked shifting though films. "SCARY MOVIE 3!!!" shouted Katie, "Yeah, scary movie 3!!!" agreed Liam,Harry, and Maddie. I popped in the movie and sat down.

                                                       * 2 HOURS LATER*


"That was HILARIOUS!" Zayn said, "Yeah, and I am beyond tired!" I said yawning. "Me too, you can sleep in my room if you want Kate." Louis said with a cheeky smile, "I would not want to impose..." I say teasingly. "NO, JIMMY PROTESTED!!!!" Louis yelled picking me up, "LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON PUT ME DOWN NOW!!!" "NEVERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!" He did not put me down until we reached his room. He gave me a change of clothes and I changed in his bathroom. I got in bed and he was next to me, "Katie, I know I have known you only a day, but I think I love you, will you be mine forever?" " W-What?!" I ask surprised, "Will you be my girlfriend?" I was sooooo happy.... and shocked, "YES!!!!" I finally managed to say. "You have mad me the happiest man alive!!!" Louis said, "I love you Lou" "I love you more" " I don't think that is possible!" He kissed me and we fell asleep in each others arms


"Maddie can I talk to you in the kitchen please?" " Sure Haz" we walked into the kitchen and sat down. " Maddie- " "Harry, I know I have known you for only a day and I know nothing about you- well I know a lot about you considering I am a directioner, but that's beside the point! Harold Edward Styles, I'm in love with you and all your Little Things"  WOW!!!I had no idea, well at least I know she feels the same way! "Well! Don't sit there like an idiot! SAY SOMETHING STYLES!" she said laughing, "I love you too"


"I love you too" those words made me so happy! "Will you be my girlfriend? It would make me the happiest man on planet Earth!" I looked at him shocked. "YES!!!!" I screamed so loud that the boys and Katie came in, "WHAT'S GOING ON IN HERE?!?!?!" they asked, "I AM DATING HARRY FRICKIN' STYLES AND I COULDN'T BE BETTER!!" I screamed. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!"  Katie screamed. "WHAT?!?!?!" I yelled, "ME AND LOUIS ARE DATING TOO!!!" "AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!" we yelled together.

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