The Wind Beneath My Wings

When almost sisters win x-factor and meets the famous boyband One Direction, what happens when 2 members start to fall for the 2 girls? they might just be the wind beneath each others wings.........


2. bad news


"Harry? Harry......HARRY!!!!" I yelled in his face. "what, huh? oh" he said still not loosing eye contact with Maddie. " HAZZA'S GOT A CRUSH, HAZZA'S GOT A CRUSH!!!!!" Louis shouted running around the studio. " That's it your dead Boo Bear" Maddie and Harry stated running after him. " soooooooooooooooooo....." Liam said looking at me, " sooooooooooooooo what??" " I think you are really-" he stopped. " you think i'm what?" I asked, before he could answer he was knocked over by Harry. I felt my phone vibrate so I told Maddie that I would be right back and I went into the hall."Hello" "is this Katelyn N" " yes..." "I have some news about your mother......" and thats when I started to panic.


Katie told me she would be right back, I said ok and went into the hall. "Is she ok?"Liam asked, "yeah shes fine, she'll be right back" "ok then can i talk to you?" he asked me, "sure, lets go into the sound booth" we walked into the sound booth. "so how have you been? I haven't seen you since you left Wolverhampton" he asked. See, what most people didn't know was I was best friends with Liam before he went out for x-factor in 2010. I was happy for him because he had told me he hadn't gotten through in 2008, so I was happy he was trying out again. When he had gotten through I was so thrilled, but as fame progressed we lost touch. " You mean you haven't seen me since YOU left Wolverhampton? I've been there since before Kate and I left for X-factor" before he could speak, Kate came in with a worried look on her face. I ran out to her. " Are you ok?!?!?!?" I asked, she instantly burst into tears. " I-I-It's m-mom"

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