The Wind Beneath My Wings

When almost sisters win x-factor and meets the famous boyband One Direction, what happens when 2 members start to fall for the 2 girls? they might just be the wind beneath each others wings.........


7. 1 year later

(as you can tell by the title this is 1 year later)


we walked down the hall way and i could hear laughing coming from the living room. i could hear laughing along with Maddie and Katie yelling," HAROLD EDWARD STYLES STOP!!!!" and,"LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON IF YOU DONT STOP, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR INJURIES!!!" and just as i guessed, they were having a tickle fight, and obviously Harry and Lou were winning. "guys, guys, YO!" Kay yelled. They all looked up at us," we have something to tell you" I said, all i gained from them were worried looks," Don't worry, it's nothing bad" Kay tells them. we all sit down and stair at each other," Well? Spit it out you two!" Katie says," Me and Zayn are........"KAy begins," Dating" I finish. All they do is look at us," Well say something, cuz your driving me crazy" Kay says," Say something, cuz you're driving me wild" I say worried that they would disapprove of us, but i don't know why! Kay is a wonderful girl and i dont know what i would do without her. "Well....." says Louis


i am soooo sorry about the short chapter, i wish it was longer to. What do you think Harry,Louis.Maddie, and  Katie will think of Mckayla's relationship with Zayn?????

How did you guys like my Austin Mahone ( sorry if i spelled his name wrong :/ ) "Say Somethin" reference?? if you haven't heard that song...... GO ON YOUTUBE AND LOOK IT UP RIGHT NOW PEASANT!

lol, but seriously, do it!

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