The Wind Beneath My Wings

When almost sisters win x-factor and meets the famous boyband One Direction, what happens when 2 members start to fall for the 2 girls? they might just be the wind beneath each others wings.........


1. x-factor


" And the winner is...................... FAITH!!!!!" Simon said. "thank you so much!!!!" me and my sister spoke into the microphone. We were escorted backstage by Simon and taken to our hotel. We were so happy that we could not sleep........  SO WE DIDN'T!!!!!!!! We stayed up all night singing. " I WANNA STAY UP ALL NIGHT AND JUMP AROUND UNTIL WE SEE THE SUN" i sang into a perfume bottle " I WANNA STAY UP ALL NIGHT AND FIND 1D AND TELL THEM WE'RE THE ONES!!!!" my sister Katie sang into another perfume bottle. Before we knew it we were passed out on the couch.

I woke up felling like I haven't had a wink of sleep in ages. I grabbed a pillow and hit Kate with it " What the hell?!?" she said sounding almost as tired as I was. " We have to meet Simon in 1 hour!" I said looking at my phone, " Holy crap!!!" Kate yelled jumping up and running to get dressed. 1 hour later we were sitting in Simon's office waiting for him to arrive. When he did arrive he lead us to a recording studio that was bigger then my house!!!!!!! " Now girls, I know that you girls are in love with One Direction...." when he said that my stomach did a flip-flop and we motioned for him to go on. " Welllllllllllllll....." he said dragging the L, " there are 5 people that i really want you to meet!!!" and with that my stomach did a thousad flip-flops because right after he said that One Direction walked in looking hotter than ever!!!!!! " Hi we're-" " ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!" Katie and I said at the same time trying hard not to faint.


I walked into the room and my eyes instantly fell on a girl with brown curls, brown eyes, and...... Halloween colored braces? I don't know, all I know is that she was amazingly pretty, and I could tell that Liam felt the same way about the girl standing next to her. Wow! They look so much alike, only one has blue eyes. Uncle Simon introduced them as Maddie and Katie, and i can honestly say, I think I'm in love with Maddie.


I think I'm in love with Katie!


sorry this chapter kind of sucks, it my first story so no hate please :)

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