Kiss You

Danielle has been looking for true love all her life, but she's had no such luck. until he came. Harry Styles, the flirty exchange student from the UK has come to Danielle's school to study the arts. She has been assigned as his welcome buddy and they immedietly become completely and utterly annoyed with eachother. Harry thinks she is self centered and that he will never have feelings for her, and Danielle thinks that he is a flirt and doesn't give a care about anyone but himself. that is, until they go to arts class. there they are assigned to write a song and make a music video together for a project. They learn to be friends and maybe even more, as Harry learns Danielle's talent for dance and music, and she learns of his special voice. will they learn to love eachother? or stay in the friend zone forever?


3. The Arts Challenge

Dani's POV:

"Ok well let's just get this over with then shall we?" i ask as i look at his schedule. crap! we had all the same classes. my guess is Olsen set it up like that so we could be best friends. "what is it?" he asked. "do i have bad classes?" "No, but now i do." i mutter. but i guess he heard becuase he smirked. "hey come on! we're supposed to be best friends remember?" he said, teasing me. "right. well good thing im a good actor" i responded harshly. "ouch" he said as i started walking off. "where do you think you're going?! you're supposed to be showing me around!" he called after me. "Just follow me! sadly enough we have the same classes" He grinned and ran after me.

English was terrible. not only did i have to sit in front of Harry, but he kept playing with my hair. i hate when people do that. once you get to know me, you'll learn that i hate other people touching my hair. i don;t even let Rhiana touch it. it took all my will power not to turn around and swat it out of his hands and yell "play with you're own hair curly!" at him. after English, it was off to Arts class. i loved arts class, and i would not let Harry ruin it. as i walked into the class room everyone turned to stare at me. most likely cause Harry was holding onto my shoulders and yelling "Ride Horsey Ride!" for no apperent reason. i sat down and ordered Harry to sit next to me. Man, this was the worst day of my life and it was only third period. "Good Morning class!" Mrs. Tanner our arts teacher called out to us. "Good Morning Mrs Tanner!" we all called back in unicin. "I have some special news for you. today you will be paired up and instructed to write a song with that partner. now this song must come from your heart. also i'd prefer no wrapping as you will need to come up with coreography for a dance to go with it in a music video. it can be any style of dance, but it's all up to you. alright i will call out a list of your partners. Jeff and Kristie. Hannah and Spencer. Emily and Kyle. James and Sophie. Michelle and Lucas. and finally Danielle and Harry. i have been instructed to put you two together as you are to be bonding. Alright class, get to work!" and with that she let us go. it was like i was being dragged to hell. the whole writing process was miserable. after every line that we wrote Harry would get out of his seat and come over and give me a large bear hug, each time practically suffocating me and deserving weird stares from the other couples. "Harry, could you stop that?" i asked as politely as i possibly could. "stop what?" he asked all to innocently. "hugging me like that! i have boundries and i do need my space you know" i answered. "Really? i thought since you only had one friend you would appreciate another one, but i guess not." ouch. he just had to hit me there. it's not my fault i don't trust people, i just get picky and well, ya. "whatever" i said, and continued writing the song while he started messing around with my hair again. ugh. i would've slapped him silly right there if Mrs Tanner hadn't been watching us.

"Ok Harry, so this is what we've got so far. ok?

"B-b-b-baby come on over, i don't care if people find out.

They say that we're no good together, and it's never gonna work out.

but baby you-oo-oo got me moving to fast, cause i-iii know you wanna be bad

and gi-iii-irl when you're lookin like that,

(Da-da, da da da)

I can't hold back

Cause you, you got this spell on me, I, don't know what to believe, kiss you once now i can't leave, cause everything you do is magic. but everything you do is ma-aaaa-gic."

Harry smiled. "we make a great team don't we?" he asked. "right. you mean i did a great job?" i say. "mhhmh. i did half the work. ill sing it!" he said. "um... we'll both be singing it." i replied. "fine, but you better not up-stage me" he said, winking at me. that probably wouldn't happen. i loved singing in the shower and i had been told by plenty of people that i had a beautiful voice, but i hated singing in front of cameras and in front of any other people. especially not people like Harry. "ok well now we have to set a tune." he grinned and started humming something. it was really good and as i started writing it down, i realized that it would fit the lyrics perfectly. wow. i hated to admit it but we did make a pretty good team. we walked over to Mrs Tanner and gave her the sheet. she read over it, smiled at us and handed it back. now was coreography. i was a good dancer and coreographer, but i had no idea about Harry. i started singing the lyrics quietly while Harry talked to one of the other students in the changing room. i imagined how the lyrics would portray an dance and i just started. i sang and moved to the music. i dipped my head and leaned in and just moved. i was a very talented dancer and i knew it. i jumped and started doing some improvisation on the floor, when i heard a slow clap behind me. i turned around to see Harry standing by the door. he was grinning and clapping. "that looked really good!" he said. "umh... thanks, i guess' i replied. he just looked at me and ran over "you gotta teach me how to do that! we would look amazing if we did that coreography" he said. "um, ok" i started teaching the first bit. he was so bad. he couldn't get the leaps or the turns right and it kinda lowered my confidence. but when he tripped over his feet and landed in a ball on the floor, only one thought came into my mind. this was gonna be a very long day.

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