Kiss You

Danielle has been looking for true love all her life, but she's had no such luck. until he came. Harry Styles, the flirty exchange student from the UK has come to Danielle's school to study the arts. She has been assigned as his welcome buddy and they immedietly become completely and utterly annoyed with eachother. Harry thinks she is self centered and that he will never have feelings for her, and Danielle thinks that he is a flirt and doesn't give a care about anyone but himself. that is, until they go to arts class. there they are assigned to write a song and make a music video together for a project. They learn to be friends and maybe even more, as Harry learns Danielle's talent for dance and music, and she learns of his special voice. will they learn to love eachother? or stay in the friend zone forever?


2. Meeting Dimples

Dani's POV:

As Rhi and i walked down the hallway, i heard a deep voice behind me saying, "Excuse me. i was wondering if you girls could show me the way to the front office?" he asked. he was cute. he looked 17, maybe older. he had dark brown curls, dimples and had a thick accent. i couldn't quite put my finger on where it was from. i also didn't know his name, so i figured dimples would do. "oh, um it's right down this hallway and to the left. we're actually going there if you wanna come. i have to meet some stupid exchange student from England." i said. "ahh.." he said. "i guess ill just follow you there." we walked to the office and i knocked on the door. Mr Olsen opened it and as always, we were greeted by his usual smiling face. "children! come it!" uggh. i hated it when he called us children. were not 7th graders. i said bye to Rhi and Dimples and i walked into the office. what was he doing going in with me? i closed the door and sat down in one of the chairs and asked Mr Olsen "so when is the exchange student getting here?" "Oh right!" he said he cleared his throat and looked at us. "Danielle, i'd like you to meet Harry. he's the exchange student from Holmes Chapel, England." wait what?!?! that was him? i looked over and eyed harry. he flashed me a smug smile. "cause i'm the stupid one" he said. man. that annoyed me. "are you serious?" i asked Mr. Olsen. "um... yes. is there a problem here?" i was about to speak when Harry beat me to it. "no sir. i'm sure Danielle is just as excited to show me around as i am to haver her show me." ugh. his British charm sickened me, but i put on a smile anyway and said. "of course. thats just it." "good. ill expect you two to be the best of friends by tomorrow then!" he said all to cheerfully. me and Dimples best friends? doesn't sound to promising.



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