Kiss You

Danielle has been looking for true love all her life, but she's had no such luck. until he came. Harry Styles, the flirty exchange student from the UK has come to Danielle's school to study the arts. She has been assigned as his welcome buddy and they immedietly become completely and utterly annoyed with eachother. Harry thinks she is self centered and that he will never have feelings for her, and Danielle thinks that he is a flirt and doesn't give a care about anyone but himself. that is, until they go to arts class. there they are assigned to write a song and make a music video together for a project. They learn to be friends and maybe even more, as Harry learns Danielle's talent for dance and music, and she learns of his special voice. will they learn to love eachother? or stay in the friend zone forever?


7. Anniversary gone wrong

Harry and I been dating for exactly two weeks now, and i could not've been happier. i loved the way Harry made me feel. we had been keeping it on a low profile. even Rhi didn't know. thats how low it was. since it was our anniversary, Harry told me he had a surprise for me at his friends house and that i had to meet him after school. he refused to give me the address before the end of school, and it was kind of annoying me  but i kept my annoyance to myself. i had finally gotten used to him doing my hair in English class, though it bothered me whenever he asked to do it all the time. let's just say that i've been really moody lately. and for you girls, you know what that means. yes it was that time of month again. i wont go into detail cause that would just be TMI. anyway. it was FINALLY the end of the school day and Harry FINALLY texted me the address. turns out it was just a couple of blocks from my house. i drove there imedietly after school to find that all the windows were dark and the door was hanging open. there was only one light on and it was downstairs. i was kind of scared that he had accedentally sent me to the wrong place, but i told myself that Harry would never steer me wrong and i went in anyway. as soon as i stepped into the house, i smelled his cologne and it made me smile. i followed the trail of flower pedals towords a closed door that had light spilling through the rims. i reached for the handle and opened it. It took me a minute to realize where i was. i was in a small room with walls like egg cartons. it was weird, but after a minute i realized i was in a recording studio. "in a house?" i asked myself. i guess so. but where was Harry? i stepped in and ran my hand along the walls. i walked into a booth and put a pair of headphones on and started singing Little Things into the microphone. as soon as i reached the part "You'll never love yourself half as much as i love you" another voice started joining in. i knew it was Harry. it was a low husky British voice. i kept singing, looking for him. i couldn't see him from inside the booth. suddenly two hands appeared behind the glass holding a piece of paper that said, "I LOVE YOU DANIELLE" i laughed. Harry was such a hopeless romantic. the hands replaced the first sign with the second one. it read "I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU DANIELLE" i smiled. then said ok Harry you can come out now. I saw a head slowly pop up and i gasped. it wasn't Harry at all.


It was Liam.


(Sorry it's short, but the next one will be longer. and better. i promise)


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