Truly, Madly, Deeply (A One Direction Fanfiction)

Dear Niall,
By the time you've read this letter, I have probably gone away to the US to think something over...I know you don't know what I need to think over, so I'm telling you through this letter. I've gone to think over my love for you.
You know, I really never really knew what love was.
Until I met you.
And to know you don't feel the same just kills me slowly every minute I'm with you. I've gone away so that, hopefully, I can come home with no feelings for you at all. Life can be like what it used to be. Just friends, always there for each other, able to turn to each other when we have problems, yet no feelings are flourishing between us. I know this letter probably put our whole friendship in jeopardy, but I just needed to get it off of my back for a long time...
I'm so sorry.
But then again, I guess leaving isn't the best idea after all.
Absence does make the heart grow fonder, doesn't it?
It doesn't matter.
I'm still leaving and no one can stop me.
Love, Lyann.


8. It's Too Late

     Then Kristiana did something I didn't expect at all. She let go of my hand, grabbed the razor blade, and made a cut on Lyann's wrist. Lyann cried out in pain as tears started flowing from her once glistening brown eyes. Her legs must have given out, because she suddenly fell to the ground, making her yelp in pure agony. She curled up into a ball and sobbed her eyes out. I slightly grimaced at the sight I had just seen with my eyes, ran over to them, pushed Kristiana to the ground, and knelt down with Lyann, comforting her.
     "Lyann...are...are you okay...?" I asked her, starting to cry a little myself.
     "Clearly I'm okay. Of course I'm okay, Niall, I just got cut on the wrist with a razor blade and nearly broke my leg when I fell," she replied sarcastically, making me feel bad about asking in the first place. She hugged her knees to her chest and cried even harder. "Wait, why are you crying?"
     "I'm crying because I care about you! That's why I came here! That's what I've been trying to tell you all along! I'm crying because seeing you in pain causes me pain you'll never imagine! And what makes it worse is that you don't believe me when I say I love you! I don't even know why I try anymore," I replied, tears now starting to flow from my eyes like a river.
     "Oh..Niall..I'm...I'm sorry..." she apologized, rocking back and forth.
     "Sorry? Sorry that what? Sorry that you don't want to love me? Sorry that I came all of this way just to see you? Sorry that you want me to leave? Well it's okay, because I wanted to go back home anyways," I replied, standing up and trying to walk away. I thought she wouldn't stop me, so I continued on.
     Then I felt her grab my wrist with her hand that was covered in blood from the cut on her own wrist.
     "Please don't go..." she pleaded, her voice cracking.
     "Why shouldn't I go?" I asked.
     "Because you what?"
     "...I need you..." she cried, lightly tugging on my arm so I could stay.
I realized what she was saying, so I sat down with her, and comforted her.
     "I'm sorry." I managed to choke out after a moment of silence.
     "Me too," she replied.
     Then I heard some objects falling off of a small table from behind me. I looked back and saw Kristiana helping herself up.
     "Aw, how touching, now I'd hate to rain on your parade, but I've got a girl I need to kill," Kristiana cackled, once again grabbing the razor blade.
     "Oh, don't tell me you're going to cut her wrist again. You are despicable, Kristiana, what has she ever done to you? Huh? What has she done that made you hate her so much?" I asked, enraged.
     "I thought I already told you, it's because you 'love' her, so I'll do anything to get rid of her so you can have me instead of her," she snickered.
     "So you think that getting rid of the one I love is going to make me want you?" I asked.
     "Exactly," she evilly smirked.
     "Your brain probably has problems, because getting rid of the one I love would make me want to avoid you," I sneered at her.
     "You're just being mean because you don't know how to approach me and say you love me," she sickly smiled.
     "For the last time, I HATE YOU." I yelled in her face, forcefully grabbing her arm, and dragging her out of the hospital room.
     "Go away and never return again!" I exclaimed before slamming the door in her face.
     She made a heart with her hands and smiled at me.
     I rolled my eyes and made my way to Lyann.
     "Are you going to go unconscious again?" I asked her.
     "No, hopefully I won't." she replied, smiling at me, a few stray tears falling from her eyes.
     "I think you should get back on your hospital bed, you've been through enough for today." I told her, helping her up and guiding her to her hospital bed.
     "Yeah, I think that's a good idea," she replied, laying down on her hospital bed.
Then the door opened and I whipped my head around to see if it was Kristiana. It was the REAL doctor.
     "I'm sorry, but only one of you can stay with Lyann overnight," he told us.
The boys stood there the whole time, witnessing every second of every moment. They looked at me, and I got the message.
     "I'll do it," I replied.
     "Okay, now the rest of you need to leave." the doctor continued.
     The boys walked out the door, along with the doctor, leaving me and Lyann alone.
     "I guess we're--" I turned around, and Lyann already had fallen asleep. "--alone." I continued, taking the sheets and covering her with them. "Goodnight, Lyann," I smiled, sitting down on the chair next to her bed and closing my eyes to sleep.
     When I woke up, I saw Kristiana standing next to Lyann's bed, with a knife in her hand.
     "Oh no you don't!" I yelled, but when I stood up to stop her, she had already viciously stabbed her several times. Lyann's heart stopped beating.

     It was too late.

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