This is a story about a girl named nevaeh. She has a bad life at her old school so her mother moves and transfers her to a different school. She moved in her 2nd grade year. (This story is based in her middle-high starts with 6th grade.) She meets her bestfriend brooklynn. And later what she wants to be her true love. Does she get her true love? Who is her true love? Read this story and you will find out.


1. First day!!

        Today is the first day of 6th grade. I'm not that scared just nervous. I've all ways been scared that what happened in the past well happen again. I wish sometimes I could just disappear. No one would notice anyways. Why would it matter? I mean my mother doesn't even care about me anymore. She only moved a way because she found a guy. I mean she doesn't know what happened but all she does is yell at me. The only one that would notice would be my little sister. I was the only one who almost killed a kid for making fun of her. Oh! Did I mention I am Bipolar and very protective over my little sister. Anyways I'm waiting for the bus. I have no idea what bus I am suppose to ride so I get on the one that stops in front of my house. "Alexander Villa Middle?" The bus driver asked me with a curious face. "Yes ma'am." I said shyly and stood there looking down the aisle of the bus. "Take a seat." She said rudely. I walked all the way to the back where a girl was sitting she looked at me and put her stuff in the seat and had a devilish smirk on her face. I turned around and went to another girl and she got up and walked to the girl that was rude and I sat down. We went to a few more stops and then showed up at the school. I got out my schedule and saw Homeroom: Mrs. Payne~math. My least favorite subject was first I can tell this is going to be a long day.

          Once the bell rang I went into the class room and sat at a random table. This girl sat in front of me and two people I had already knew from Alexander Villa Elementary, Madison and Bobby. I really wanted get to know this girl because she seemed very nice. So I said "Hello I'm nevaeh. And you are?" "I'm brooklynn thankx for asking. I was just about to ask you the same thing." She said smiling. Then the teacher started to talk so we stop talking and listened.

 **After 4 classes(lunch)**   

     I got my lunch and sat at a table with brooklynn. "So what school did you got to before hear?" I asked. "I went to East Alexander Elementary. And you?" "I went to Alexander Villa Elementary and Mt. Zion." "Oh! Thats cool and tell me do you have any siblings?" "Um... yes I have six. Three sisters and three brothers." "Oh wow." "Yeah and you?" "I have a sister and a brother." The bell rang and we ran and throw our trash away. We had all classes together except two. I have band and extra help math and she has extra help math and gym. I think that she was very cool in our last three classes we talked about our lives i told her everything except what happened in pre-k through first grade. The bell rang and we walked to the bus together but I didn't  know witch bus to get on so I asked a teacher. She told me to go inside and I did so I went in and asked another teacher witch bus to get on and she told me to go back out side and by the time I did all the buses were gone. I had to go up to the office and call my mom. When she came I got in the car and we drove home.

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