one direction (just imagine this)

imagine what i write and it would feel so real to you. you will have dreams about this stuff.


3. @Rebbeca

You get a text from harry and it says meet at the school. So you put on a jacket,black jeans and uggs. you getin your car and start drivin then you think why he told you to go to the school. You get at the school and you see no one. then youo feel hands around your waist.

"Hey happy annivercary." Harry said. you started to smile then you turn and you kiss. when you kiss you feel like you just have everything in your life.

"This is where we first me."Harry said

"I know because I remember everything that happened that day" You told him. You both smile and laugh, you just feel so happy. Then al of a sudden you see Harry on his knees then he pulls out a ring. You think that he was going to propose. Then he says "will you take this promise ring and promise to love me forever." you say "I do."

You leave and go to dinner and then when you guys are done. Harry is so sweet that he pays the bill. After dinner he brings you home and you gie him a goodnight kiss.

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