one direction (just imagine this)

imagine what i write and it would feel so real to you. you will have dreams about this stuff.


7. @Olivia

You get up in the morning and you go down stairs. When you go down stair you see the TV on but you remember that last night you tured off the TV. You see the channel is on a jewely show.

When you go to the freezer you see that there's a ring. The ring has a note on it, it said "Will you marry me Olivia."

"So will you?" someone said. Then you see Zayn pop out. Then you go to the couch shocked.

Zayn is confused because he thought that she would say "Yes" right away.

"Well I don't know what to say Zayn."

"Well you just have to say no or yes." Zayn tells you.

"Ido, yes I will marry you Zayn. I want to live with you forever." You tell Zayn

You guys kiss. You think in your head your wedding and you having kids but you know that it's going to be while.

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