one direction (just imagine this)

imagine what i write and it would feel so real to you. you will have dreams about this stuff.


8. @Isabelle

You get a text from Niall and it says to meet him at his house. So you get ready. You put on skinny jeans, a under shirt, a cardigan and your tan uggs.

Whe you get at his house there's a message on the door. The note say to go to the back of the house. You don't know what's going on but you just follow with what the note says.

So you go to the back of the house and you see a table. At the table you see that Niall is waiting for you. You run up to him and you run to him and hug him.

He sits you down in the chair an you tell her Happy Birthday. You smile and you kiss. You feel like your the happiest girl in the world.

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