one direction (just imagine this)

imagine what i write and it would feel so real to you. you will have dreams about this stuff.


4. @Emily

You get a text from Niall and it says get ready for our date. So you get ready and put on a black long cardigan, jeans and boots. Tou get in you car and go to Niall's house. You and Niall are going to Target to get some groceries.

When you go back Niall's place you see candles and plates. Niall tells you that you and him are going to make dinner. You start to laugh and tell Niall that your not a good cook. Niall says that it's ok because he's not so good  either, you both start to laugh at each other.

You start to make the dinner and you finally get done Niall and you go to the table and eat dinner. You both think that it's good but not great. After dinner you sit on the couch and watch Tv. while you watch TV Niall gets on the ground and says to keep a promise ring.

You say "I do and I promise that we will get married when we're 23 years old. Then you guys kiss. Niall takes you home and you smile but before Niall leaves you give him a kiss goodbye and just look at him before he leaves completely.

You go inside and fall to sleep dreaming about the wedding but your way to over your head but just dream about you Niall spending your life together forever.

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